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What is a Smart Video Wall?

What comes to your mind when you hear about a smart video wall system?

For some people, this is a group of screens tiled together to create a single, large display surface.

The smart signage display provides a large-scale, high-resolution visual canvas for your content. The system provides clear global communications, facilitates critical decision making and improves customer impact.

Video walls display content in a way that is unique and captures the attention of target audiences. They come in a large range of display technologies, including LED, LCD blended projections, and much more.

Each display type provides unique advantages and limitations depending on the user specifications. Depending on the display type and the mounting system selected, smart video walls can be built in flat, curved, or three-dimensional shapes.

About Digital Signage Video Wall

A digital signage video wall. Source: Matrox - Smart Video Wall - Rev Interactive
A digital signage video wall. Source: Matrox

From local restaurants to airports, so many businesses are taking advantage of the benefits of using smart video walls and digital signage solutions.

What is digital signage? Digital signage can be described as the screen you see in a waiting room that displays news and traffic updates or menus in a restaurant.

With the digital signage system, one can easily schedule different monitors to display signs based on the time of the day. You don’t have to reprint your content and you can simply update your information remotely from a personal computer or server.

Tiling several displays together may create a massive multi-HD display surface, which is becoming a popular technique to capture clients with stunning pictures.

The distinction between a smart video wall and digital signage solutions is that smart video walls have four components: displays, controllers, senders, and streamers, whereas digital signage has three: content, hardware, and software.

With smart video walls and digital signage solutions becoming more popular and affordable, it will certainly become more commonplace in every industry.

This article will provide you with a general overview of smart video walls and provide relevant information required to understand the basics of smart video walls and the digital signage system.

Reasons You Should Invest in Smart Video Wall

Smart video walls are one part of the audio-visual business that has grown steadily over the last decade, and the trend is expected to continue.

Research indicates that the global digital signage market is expected to hit $29.8 billion by 2024. More businesses are choosing the digital signage system to static displays because they bring that magic solution in improving customer experience and provoking an emotional response.

With digital signage system Malaysia products, businesses can streamline communication with their employees and customers which improves productivity, engagement, and profit. The adoption of digital signage solutions is on the rise, with 60% of companies without digital signage in their stores planning to invest in the technology within the next two years.

So, what are some of the reasons why businesses and companies are investing in smart video walls?

The Benefits of Investing in Smart Video Wall Solutions

Better Quality of Content

The quality of content displayed is the main reason why people and businesses go for smart video walls and digital signage solutions.

Smart video walls allow for higher screen resolutions which amplify your digital content thus catching your viewer’s attention. 

If your company is in Malaysia, you can ensure that your content matches the screen size and resolutions by adjusting your digital signage software Malaysia to display content that fits your video wall.

You don’t have to worry about sunlight affecting your video wall, so feel free to place it in natural lighting.

Flexibility and Versatility

Do you have a company in Malaysia but don’t know how to share content with your customers? Then you should adopt digital signage Malaysia.

To start with, a smart video wall provides flexibility as well as capturing signals in various formats and resolutions from a wide range of devices.

Unlike video projectors, a video wall can display content from multiple sources simultaneously and keep changing the content in real-time.

Interactivity – Multi-touch Functions

A smart video wall is a great way to get people involved and this is because most people love to watch videos. Research indicates that the brain responds to visuals faster than other kinds of learning. In response to a growing number of applications in businesses as well as educational settings, smart video walls are incorporating more and more interactivity. If you are using digital signage in Malaysia for video walls with collaborative applications such as in a conference room, then interactivity is the key. Here, the company can maintain a constant display of content because it will be used by several people in the conference meeting.

Customer Engagement

Do you know that digital signage improves your business? Using interactive digital signage in your business can help improve and increase your customer engagement level. Customers prefer personalized services that align with their needs and preferences.

Businesses are now using digital signage to target customers with personalized content and offers. You can easily display relevant video wall advertising based on customer data and encourage purchasing decisions.

People are more likely to buy products or services when they are promoted based on personal requirements.

Customers Remember Content Better

What better way to retain your customers than by using an interactive glass wall? According to FedEx, believe it or not, almost 80% of customers have entered a store because the wall-mounted display solution caught their attention.

Your smart video wall is sort of your business ambassador. Indoor digital signage can be used to share new information with customers which might influence their buying power.

Smart video walls provide a dynamic shopping experience with relevant information and engaging visual content.

Communication Efficiency

Companies and other educational institutions are increasingly heading towards video wall advertising for making communication with their customers effective.

In many places like Malaysia, video walls are integrated with rich software from a digital signage supplier in Malaysia to display real-time data to create customer targeted and engaging content.

Video walls allow organizations to express their brand like no other medium. The organization can pass images and messages to its consumers while reinforcing the brand attributes.


Since its introduction, smart video wall technology has made a great impact on how information is conveyed in a wide range of event environments.

Businesses can now provide relevant information to their users using video walls for a long time. You don’t need to keep on updating or reprinting the content because the video wall keeps the record for a long time.

Depending on the video wall software used, the processor used can allow the content window to show 24/7. However, you need to be careful because the displays may easily burn out.

Companies can easily maintain the lifespan of their video walls by powering off displays when not in use.

Modern User Experience

From large-scale graphics to the multi-touch video wall, there are so many options to adapt visual technology that will interest and inspire your clients. Video wall technology is transforming and creating truly immersive digital experiences.

Businesses thrive by posting captivating content however more is needed than just displaying content.

For a company to fully enjoy the benefits of using a smart video wall, it needs to consider how viewers interact, ingest information, and the type of content that will create an impact.

All About Smart Video Wall Applications

Where can you find smart video walls? They can be found in both large and small-sized companies.

Video walls can be an extremely important tool for customer engagement, mission control, employee collaboration, and impressing clients.

Most companies are adopting the use of video walls to help them differentiate their business from their competitors and forge a strong connection between your brand and your potential customers.

Based on the type of content to be displayed, the company works with their digital signage supplier Malaysia to decide which video will work best.

Below are key examples of smart video wall applications;

Interactive Education in Museum Exhibits

A smart video wall at a museum exhibit. Source: LamasaTech - Smart Video Wall - Rev Interactive
A smart video wall at a museum exhibit. Source: LamasaTech

No matter what you are focusing on, museums with video walls make your stimulating exhibits even more enticing.

Most people visit the museum to see and learn something new and adding a video display can lead to a more memorable learning experience that will keep people coming back.

By installing video walls in exhibits, you can easily run an educational video of historical images that accentuate the display piece.

Presentations in Conference Rooms

The video wall in a conference meeting, Source: Pinterest - Smart Video Wall - Rev Interactive
The video wall in a conference meeting, Source: Pinterest

There are video walls specifically made for conference rooms.

These information display tools allow the meeting participants access to graphic information. The viewers can see and read the text easily from any point in the conference room, see presentation slides and see the content in the smallest details.

As the meeting organizer, you have the opportunity to create a screen of any size depending on its purpose.

Product Display for Retail Advertising

Video wall for product display. Source: AdcentsMediia - Smart Video Wall - Rev Interactive
Video wall for product display. Source: AdcentsMediia

The video wall system can be utilized in different settings to make your advertising more effective.

Without a question, using an attractive video wall to deliver targeted content and capture the attention of consumers and visitors is a high-impact strategy. In a retail shop, video walls are used to advertise items or services sold in the shop. They display the product, its features, and details on how you can easily acquire the item. 

Video walls help to show the true size of the product and the routes customers can use to buy the product.

Entertainment Industry

The smart video wall in a cinema. Source: DisplayDaily - Smart Video Wall - Rev Interactive
The smart video wall in a cinema. Source: DisplayDaily

In movies and casinos, there are different types of digital signage, including basic screens and interactive displays. Using their content management system, cinemas can update content for a large network of screens in seconds from any location.

It can be utilized in the lobby to promote forthcoming films and increase ticket sales, as well as to broadcast humorous snippets to pass the time before the game or movie begins.


The smart video panels in a hotel lobby. Source: 3CinnoDisplay - Smart Video Wall - Rev Interactive
The smart video panels in a hotel lobby. Source: 3CinnoDisplay

Hotel lobbies are mostly packed with people who have gathered to wait for their turn to be served.

It is also the first place to set the tone for the hotel. This is the perfect place for putting the video wall and displaying eye-catching display content.

Hotels use smart video walls to inform and entertain their guests. It can even add a sense of class to the property.

Healthcare Industry

A smart video wall in a hospital. Source: Ledeca - Smart Video Wall - Rev Interactive
A smart video wall in a hospital. Source: Ledeca

From donors’ appreciation to people who contributed to any successful project in the hospital, there are numerous applications for the use of a digital signage system.

Healthcare facilities of all types including clinics, hospitals, and wellness centers can better engage patients and improve their experience with face recognition display technology. Visitors can immerse in wellness education and receive inspiration from other patients as they wait for their turn to see the doctor.

A vibrant display canvas also gives the healthcare providers and other staff working in the facility a unique way to express their mission and values.

Educational Institutions and Universities

A smart video wall in a university. Source: Businesswire - Smart Video Wall - Rev Interactive
A smart video wall in a university. Source: Businesswire

Using video walls in an educational institution has proven to have many benefits to the teachers, students, and the institution at large. Instructors can use these tools to bring a powerful visualization to the classroom thus creating a powerful impactful impression on students or donors.

The video walls can be fitted in different rooms for example the locker room where the players can review a game footage or training program before they go to the field. Using digital signage video walls in educational institutions is a perfect way to boost your school’s modern visual appeal and attract new students.

Digital Signage Video Wall in Malaysia

Are you looking for a digital signage system in Malaysia? Look no further!

The world is becoming more visual and whether in a corporate, hospitality, or entertainment setting, audiences expect an immersive experience that makes them feel like an integral part of their environment.

At Rev, we bring you the best and latest digital signage solutions. Rev Interactive offers a complete 360 degree-approach to all your video wall solutions by providing AV installers with the industry’s most comprehensive range of hardware and software products to meet any video wall or digital signage project.

In terms of signage, we offer two types of digital signage products including a content management system and smart signage. The content management system helps you control the content on your digital signage network.

Experience a comprehensive showcase of the latest Rev Interactive digital signage solutions and deliver groundbreaking services to your customers. Other benefits of using our services include; working with a trusted and recognized digital signage supplier in Malaysia, providing endless possibilities for a creative expression of your business, achieving ROI faster than before, and much more.

Work with Rev Interactive today and enable your business to deliver refreshing content that informs, entertains, and engages.

Your business video wall needs to be specific to your business and working with a digital signage solution provider like Rev can help bring your organization’s vision to life.

Product display on a Smart Video Wall

Check out our portfolio of successful smart video wall installations and dream big for your business as well.


We hope that this article has shown you how much potential a smart video wall has. This state-of-the-art technology helps you convey your message while interacting and engaging with your clients. 

Even though investing in the video walls may be costly, it is worth the investment and will directly help you achieve your business goals. 

Contact us today to get creative with smart video wall technology!

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