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Be smart…Get SMART touch

About Smart Touch

Smart Touch is REV Interactive’s official touch screen brand with the focus on providing a cost effective range of interactive products and solutions, with a marketing campaign based on Be smart…Get Smart Touch

REV Interactive has been designing and developing its own range of touch screen technologies for more than 5 years. These products are based on two specific technologies – Projected Capacitive (PCAP) and Infrared (IR).

Projected Capacitive Touch Technology

Projected capacitive touch technology works by accurately detecting and locating touch, sensing peak change in frequency.

When a user touches the screen, capacitance occurs between the finger and the sensor grid, whereupon the sensor’s electromagnetic field is disrupted. The peak change in frequency is measured, and by determining which row and column is closest to this peak change in frequency, the position of the user’s touch can be very accurately determined.

This product is available as either a Flexible foil (Nano Touch Foil) or rigid glass panel and is ideally suited to through glass touch applications which includes outdoor kiosks, touch tables and advertising / information displays in store windows.

We offer both single/dual touch and smart touch solutions (up to 32 touch points). REV Interactive brings you the future of smart touch today, with a range of solutions designed for new installations and retrofit applications.

Infrared (IR) Touch Overlay

Infrared touch overlays are embedded in a frame around the display and emit vertical and horizontal rows of infrared LEDs and sensors.

The infrared light in the overlay creates an invisible grid of infrared beams and sensors detect touch when the plane of the grid is broken by a finger touch or other solid object such as a pen/stylus.

Infrared touch technology is more economical and scalable than projected capacitance, allowing us to create large format touch screen solutions. Another major feature is that it works with any type of display technology and does not compromise the image quality of the screen.

This smart touch technology is available as 3, 6, 12 and 32 point touch and offers excellent touch accuracy and fast response times making it ideal for high resolution displays. Designed for internal applications on kiosks, monitors, video walls, projection screens & whiteboards.

Products include – Retrofit interactive frames, smart touch projection screens, large format rear projection screens, touch screen monitors, interactive whiteboards, transparent LCD/OLED touch screens, mirrored interactive displays, interactive glass overlays and interactive kiosks.

Our Products

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Our business scope includes broadcasting, interactive digital signage, defence, geo-intelligence, education, collaboration, product presentation and gaming. We believes that Multi-touch solutions will bring a new way of interactive among digital device and fingers & gestures. We're excited if you have new business ideas. Tell us and let us plan for you!

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