Transparent LED Display Screen

About Transparent LED Display Screen

Transparent LED screen refers to to its unique light transmittance, when the screen is displayed, the scene behind it can also be seen through the screen. Therefore, it has received the love of many consumers. 

What is Transparent LED Display Screen

The screens have a glass-like surface which provides high-definition results for users. These screens are becoming increasingly popular for different reasons, and for starters, they can be installed anywhere with sufficient space.

These LED screens are ideal for large areas and outdoor advertising, often like a glass curtain wall.

Many people are also using these screens as digital signage screens or for a transparent video wall. A fine led display screen offers a better display, and people use it for advertising media and products.

Benefits of Transparent LED Display Screen

Simple to Use

The display device connects to the computer system, Users can update the content on-screen anytime they want, making it best for outdoor advertising.

Energy Saving

The transparent led displays have a low power consumption rate, which enables the audience to use them commercially without a problem.

Safe and Convenient

The maintenance is carried out with a lot of care. There are plug-in light bar designs, rear maintenance modes and support fronts that are quite easy to operate and detach at the time of maintenance.

High Transparency Rate

More than 60% of the transparency of the glass when the information is displayed on the outdoors, viewers can even see everything from inside without any sort of interference.

Application of Transparent LED Display Screen

Large Shopping Mall

Construction Media

Science and Technology Museum

Retail Glass Showcase

Types of Transparent LED Display Screen

Conventional Transparent LED Display

Adhesive Transparent LED Film Screen

LED Glass Display

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