Our Warranty Terms


Service Items (Warranty Period: One Year)

  • Within seven days from purchase, if the product has any performance or quality problem (non-artificial damage), we guarantee refund and bear the freight.
  • Within one month from purchase, if the product has any performance or quality problem (non-artificial damage), we guarantee replacement and bear the freight.
  • Note: Customized products don’t follow the replacement-refund items above.
  • Within 12 months from purchase, if the product has any performance or quality problem (non-artificial damage), we provide free repair service and bear the freight.
  • During the repair period, we provide substitutes for standard dimension products; non-standard dimension products are not ensured substitutes, but we’ll still try our best to serve the customers.
  • During the warranty period, if the product’s damage is caused by the customer, the customer will have to bear part of the maintenance cost, with the concrete proportion depending on specific circumstances. Only when the cost is approved by the customer will we begin to maintain the product.
  • For products out of the one-year warranty period, Rev provides paid maintenance service, charging some maintenance and material expenses; and the freight has to be borne by the customer.
  • For products in the replacement service period, if there is no same type in the company due to production halts or some other reasons, Rev will provide replacement with new products of the same level (or higher level if there is no same level, and the customer has to make up the price difference).

Notes: The price difference is calculated according to the market price of the replacement date; the “same level” is measured in terms of technical specifications, having nothing to do with the price. The same below.

Exceptions of Free Repair:

Under warranty and normal circumstances, for any wearing, damage, or defect caused by the product’s own quality problem we provides free service. But in case of any one of the following cases, free service will not be provided:

  • The customer cannot show the warranty card.
  • The customer installs accessories, or maintains the product, or removes or replaces any component of the product without authorization.
  • Damage of the product is caused by force majeure factors, or by the customer’s not following the requirements in the instruction while installing, using, maintaining, or keeping the product.
  • Defect of the product is caused by accidental damage or by the customer’s abuse, misuse, carelessness, etc.
  • Damage of the product is caused by overloaded mechanical, physical, or electron pressure.
  • There is cratch or dent in the product.
  • For the loss or damage of such perishable components as cables, butts, or connectors, we provide paid replacement service at any time.

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