Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

About Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

  • Saving Cost
  • On-time Precise Price Control & Promotion
  • Business & Operation Automation
  • Live Inventory System
  • Low-carbon

Benefits of Electronic Shelf Labels Platform

All Scales in One

1 ESL system to manage multiple stores or branches.

All Levels in One

1 ESL system to assign ‘Roles’ & ‘Duties’. Activities of all levels are organized in 1 platform.

Easy Maintenance

Centralized administrator to monitor all in-store ESLs in the system. Replicate existing template to new store easily.

ERP Integration

Real-time data display through ERP system via API, FTP service or other method.

Label Layout Design

Freedom to design & arrange screen space according to demand.

Activity Preset

Customized trigger condition for display change & LED flash according to demand.

Key Sustainability Functions

Low Consumption

2.4G Private protocol allows extraordinary low energy consumption

E-Paper Technology

Minimal to Zero consumption when there are no tasks


Saves paper and ink, reduces deforestation and industrial pollution


Normally decade-long lifetime of battery

Electronic Shelf Labels Platform

Private 2.4g Network

  • High Security & Stability (Anti-Interference)
  • Long Communication Distance (>20m)
  • Extremely Low Consumption


  • 1.54″ / 2.13″ / 2.66″ / 2.9″
  • 3.7″ / 4.2″ / 5.83″
  • 7.5″ / 10.2″


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