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Smart glass, as its name suggests, is operated by a simple electrical switch, controlling the opacity of the glass from clear to translucent. Smart glass works on an electrical principle switching from frosted to clear when power is applied.

The switchable optical layer is factory-coated using UV light to any thickness of glass.

Smart Glass panels and windows offer a next generation alternative to blinds or privacy glass making it the ideal choice for commercial or residential installations.

It can easily be integrated into automation systems too, giving you even more control.

Smart glass also offers thermal, solar and sound insulation benefits, helping to keep rooms cool, comfortable and quiet. And it removes the need for fiddly, awkward privacy blinds or curtains.

Smart glass offers instant privacy at the flick of a switch! 

  • The Smart Film is being larminated onto glass uses a low-voltage electrical current to arrange liquid crystal molecules into pattern that makes glass transparent when turned power on. When being turned power off, the liquid crystal molecules revert to a random pattern, diffusing the light and causing the glass to become opaque.
  • Green building with energy saving materials: can effectively reject up-to-70% of the total solar energy in the opaque state to save energy when transmitting light but not heat.
  • Multimedia display window or glass panel with intelligent materials: user can switch arbitrarily between multimedia creative materials, transparent display windows, and TV screen modes.
  • The glass combined with “Smart Film” is no longer a simple glass, but a new material of intelligence, green energy, privacy control, display application, security, and energy saving in real life.
  • Safety and security operate off of ordinary AC Voltage (220VAC/110VAC), require very little power ( <6 watts per square meter ).
  • Smart Glass categories are available:-
    1. Standard Clear Glass
    2. Hollow Glass
    3. Brilliant Color Glass
    4. Fire Proof Glass
    5. One-Way Glass

Main Functions


With a simple ON-OFF mode switches the glass from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque)


Smart Glass can act as an excellent projector screen and display well under suitable lighting


Smart Glass can act as sound insulator, effectively insulate any noise from disturbing.


Equipped with Top-Notch Security features, it doesn’t splinter or create jagged shards that hurts people.


Effectively reject up to 98% of Infrared and 99% of Ultralight, Smart Glass can effectively minimize sickness caused by sunlight exposure.


Effectively reject up to 98% of Infrared and 99% of Ultralight, Smart Glass can effectively minimize sickness caused by sunlight exposure.

Technical Principles of Smart Glass

Smart Glass Technical Prinicpal
DATA SHEET Highlights
Physical & Performance Parameter of PDLC SMART GLASS
Items Operation Mode PDLC Smart Glass (S-Glass)
Operation Status / Privacy Control Positive Type Opaque (Power Off)
Transparent (Power On)
S-Glass picture Clear Glass / Hollow Glass / Brilliant Color Glass / Fire Proof Glass / One-way Perspective Glass
Glass Thickness 5 + 5 mm
Total Thickness (included PDLC Film) 12.5 mm
Max. Width 1,200 OR 1,500 mm
Max. Length 3,000 mm
Working Temperature Power On -20 °C to 100 °C
Life Span Power On > 100,000 Hours
Switching Time Power On / Off > 2 million times
Switching Speed Power On to Off 6 ms
Power Off to On 2 ms
Display Application (Projection Screen Power On / Off Rear
Optical Performance Visible Light Transmittance Power On ≥85%
Power Off ≤60%
Parallel Light Transmittance Power On ≥85%
Power Off ≤60%
Haze Power On ≤6%
Power Off ≥90%
Viewing Angle Power On >150° Degree
UV Blocking Power On ≥83%
Power Off ≥98%
Infrared Blocking Power On ≥55%
Power Off ≥90%
Sound Insulation Power On/Off ≥35dB
Heat Resistance Power On ≥20%
Power Off ≥38%
Electrical Operating Voltage Power On AC48V + 5V (Volt)
Power Off 0V (Volt)
Power Consumption Power On <5W /m²
Frequency Rate Power On 50Hz / 60Hz
Power Off Power On 0.1 Ampere /m²
Power Converter Input Voltage AC220V / 110V – 50Hz / 60Hz
Output Voltage AC48V – 50Hz
Size 180 x 120 x 47 mm
Remote Control 1-unit
Warranty Period Manufacturer Defect Production in Shanghai, China 2-years

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