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How to Use Digital Signage to Safely Transition to Normality

Digital signage is basically any type of digital installation that conveys multimedia content for informational or video wall advertising purposes.

It uses a computer component that decodes the information and transmits changing visual messages to e-paper, LEDs, LCDs, projection screens, or plasma displays.

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected how people live their lives. Technology has helped them to effectively cope with most of the changes that life has thrown their way during these trying times.

In this article, we’ll explore the potential of digital signage Malaysia and how to use digital signage to safely transition to normality. 

Digital signage helps businesses attain the next level of marketing interaction. Source: Leadership and Motivation Training

Post-Pandemic Life – What Really Matters?

When a pandemic sweeps through society, it overturns even the most basic structures such as education, economic structures, medical treatments, family life, fundamental office arrangements, social communication channels, etc. This is not different from the COVID-19 outbreak.

Experts predict that the ‘new normal’ will be largely tech-driven.

The new world is described by many as a ‘tele-everything’ world. This is because large segments of the population are now relying on digital connections for work, education, healthcare, commercial transactions, and essential social interactions.

Digital engagements and permanent installations are all part of post-pandemic changes. Source: Ravepubs

Some of the lifestyle changes that are already evident everywhere include educating the public and working from home.

Most of the long-term changes are still difficult to imagine, but we can expect to see major changes in the future touching on healthcare systems. Sitting arrangements in hotels and restaurants will also be reshaped as well as that in offices and other workspaces.

Here’s a list of some healthy habits in the new normal:

  • Regularly sanitizing of hands
  • Avoiding touching our mouth, eyes, nose, and face in general
  • Self-isolation if one starts feeling sick or tests positive
  • Social distancing and minimal physical contact

How to Use Digital Signage to Safely Transition to Normality

Most people from different parts of the world are gradually going back to work after living in lockdown for a long time.

To successfully go back to normalcy, people should use digital signage to ease stress, minimize disruptions, and keep everyone else around them safe.

Organizations are looking to utilize all available resources in their content management system before employees can start trickling back into the workplace. There are different ways we can help in fostering a smooth transition to normality with digital signage.

1. Wayfinding in Enclosed Spaces

Just as the name suggests, wayfinding signage helps visitors know exactly where they are and how they’re supposed to get to where they’re going.

They’re more effective than arrows on the floors or staircases, especially in large workplaces, because they’re eye-catching, simple, consistent, and easily accessible.

Physical setups are being adjusted to minimize the risk of contagion in enclosed spaces. On your room signs, put messages that list things like current seating capacity and maybe include the spacing recommendations.

Policies about how to enter and exit enclosed spaces will go a long way in avoiding crowding around doorways.

Digital signage to assist in wayfinding to a preferred location. Source: Freespace

2. Quick Communication With Public

As organizations start relaxing COVID-19 rules and restrictions, the regulations can get pretty confusing for most people since different institutions may have their own practices.

By using the influence of digital signage, you can ensure that the public will always be well-informed.

You should always update the public with the latest news so that they know the steps they’ll need to take in order to maintain their health and safety. 

We all know that people tend to interpret and remember visual representations better than written facts.

A person who is in a hurry will easily get the message being communicated in a picture form than that written down in wordy paragraphs.

All sorts of updates are going digital. Source: Enplug

3. Effective Public Education

Instead of printing out posters and hanging them, digital signage is a useful resource in displaying informational messages and crucial visual cues.

Visual signage helps educate the public better because it has a higher retention rate.

Don’t forget to reinforce the positive inspirational, motivational, or funny messages to counteract all the negativity created by COVID-19.

Even after the restrictions have been lifted, it would help a lot if you let people know that they’re dealing with the situation well and you’re proud of them.

Digital signage boosts both internal and external communication that’s educational. Source: Digital Signage Today

4. Improved Communication With Institutions

One of the biggest advantages of digital signage is how easy it is to create, change, and share. This makes it very easy to communicate with people in workplaces and schools.

Putting a message up on the digital signs to serve as a reminder to your audience that things are a little different keeps them on their toes.

At the back of their mind, they know that there are some changes that they need to pay attention to.

Digital messages can help reinforce your educational or professional institution’s policy on mask-wearing and social distancing.

If some areas have hygiene stations, a frequently appearing digital message that reminds employees or visitors to wash their hands would be very effective.

You can also set up a digital sign near elevators to encourage people to sanitize their hands before and after they touch the buttons. 

Organizations can use digital signage to create informed workplace cultures. Source: Seenspire

5. Increase In Touch Screen Transactions

Touchscreen transactions are transforming the face of retail industries thanks to how it enhances their in-store experience.

To reduce how frequently people touch money, you might consider adding a policy or two about making touch screen transactions compulsory.

This glass interactive smart display system keeps the interactive option while minimizing risk to your audience.

Digital signage can guide people on the steps to follow by including simple directions on the screens.

This will go a long way in keeping people updated to avoid confusion or frustration.

Ensure that you have sanitizer next to the multi-touch video wall and a reminder to wipe them down after use to minimize transmission.

Self-care digital kiosks to reduce human interaction. Source: Ansi

6. Artificial Intelligence / Censors

In places that require visitors to register upon entering a building, AI-powered reception screens and censors will simplify the process by minimizing contact.

These provide instructions on how to register in case one isn’t very familiar with their usage.

Artificial intelligence takes smart digital signage a notch higher by personalizing messages in real-time to stay relevant to seasonal factors.

Every customer wants to feel important and having AI tools enables the digital signage platforms to function in a very dynamic way.

These learn their audience and deliver relevant customized content when coupled with a face recognition system.

AI-enabled digital signage can be harnessed to understand human behavior. Source: Scala

7. Queue Management

Digital signage enhances queue management in various ways.

For example, rather than just waiting in line bored, it’ll keep you entertained by showing you relevant information until the estimated waiting time passes.

The information could be stored in a digital information kiosk. It also presents an opportunity to nudge people in the right direction instead of policing their every move.

For buildings, elevators, or other enclosed spaces that have a maximum capacity, digital signs help keep track of how many people are currently on site. Data sources like Microsoft Excel may be used because they update automatically on screen as numbers are entered in the spreadsheet.

Once some people leave, others in the queue can move forward.

When customers perceive their wait time to be greater than their actual wait time they tend to get impatient. Source: Riana Group

8. QR Codes

QR stands for ‘quick response’ and is basically a two-dimensional code that embeds data. People can read these codes by simply scanning them from their smartphone’s camera.

You may consider adding a QR tag that allows people to access an extensive list that might otherwise have been printed e.g. a digital menu board or a brochure.

With this little trick, you make your digital signage interactive without requiring a touchscreen.

It’s more effective, more convenient, and safer to use QR codes as the data can be remotely managed, updated, and accessed without needing to touch any interactive glass displays.

QR codes are a great way to minimize contact. Source: National Seniors

Implementing Digital Signage Solution in Malaysia

Smart marketing strategies include investing in solutions that not only give you value for money but also focus on the needs of technology-oriented customers.

As we’ve already seen, living through a pandemic is causing consumers to have different priorities.

Are you considering investing in digital signage solutions for your business? Are you looking for a trusted digital signage supplier in Malaysia?

Before implementing digital signage in Malaysia, make sure that you think about the location, product availability, and how your marketing messages are communicated.

Rev Interactive is a leading global developer of Multi-touch solutions and digital signage is one of their core expertise.

What are some of the benefits of having Rev Interactive implement digital signage in your organization?

1. Effective Communication

This is one of the biggest advantages of implementing this interactive gateway. Your digital signage supplier in Malaysia allows you to communicate effectively with your customers when they come to your business premises.

2. Cost-effective

After the digital signage solution is installed, businesses can reduce other costs related to traditional campaigns. Digital signage software Malaysia saves money on printing, distribution, and materials that are discarded shortly after the campaign is over.

Digital signage usage in a fast-food restaurant. Source: qsrweb

3. Boosts Sales

Are you looking to influence your customers’ behavior and persuade them to make a purchase? How about you create eye-catching smart signage products that give your prospective customers an extra push to complete a transaction?

You can never go wrong with these when it comes to driving sales and boosting profit margins on how digital signage improve your business.

Digital signage systems are very important for businesses because they advertise directly to potential customers during critical moments – when they’re contemplating a purchase.

4. Customizable Displays – Anytime and Automatically

Digital signage is a very versatile interface for getting different messages to customers. The graphics are very easy to control, can be modified quickly, and as often as you want.

If you own a chain of businesses in different locations, you can change them all at once, from a remote location. Your digital signage supplier in Malaysia ensures that they’ll all have the exact look you intended. Consistency is key for branding purposes. Otherwise, without a consistent smart signage system, the brand’s identity will get lost in the myriad of communication touchpoints.

5. Attention-Grabbing Displays

Depending on the season, you can create attention-grabbing displays. This can be very useful especially during holiday shopping time when different competitor stores try to outdo each other. The digital signage content management system will help you promote flash sales during certain hours.

These LCD displays are useful in attracting passersby who would have otherwise entered a competitor’s store. While other types of traditional displays like mannequins can also attract passersby, digital signage can leverage motion – something that the others can’t.


Digital signage impacts our lives by helping us safely connect and interact better in real-time.

It is everywhere we look and sometimes we don’t even realize it.

There are endless uses supporting different user needs. Some of its areas of application are in airports, fast food restaurants, bus ticketing, etc.

The fact that more and more people yearn for convenience fuels reliance on digital tools. As everything moves online, the digital signage market is expected to grow exponentially.

The pandemic has caused people to invest in digital signage and seek out smart gadgets, apps, and systems that will speed up the adoption of new work patterns and ultimately change community structures.

Is digital signage worth your investment? Absolutely!

Digital signage lets your customers know about the different products and services you’re offering and also informs them about new releases, sales, and discounts.

It also promotes safety which is a key concern during these trying times. At the end of the day, it increases sales hence driving growth for your business.

Browse our website for more ideas on how to use digital signage to help the transition from life in lockdown to the new normal.

Take that leap and upgrade your institution or business with Rev Interactive’s state-of-the-art digital signage products today!

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