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Retail Digital Signage – Benefits of Digital Signage Solutions for Retail Stores

Retail digital signage is one way retailers have brought the digital experience into stores.

Digital signage is becoming increasingly common. The global market for digital signage is anticipated to be about $16.3 billion in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.2 percent over the following five years.

Digital signage (also known as electronic signage) refers to display technologies such as LED screens (or video walls), and projectors. LCD monitors are used to show web pages, movies, instructions, restaurant menus, marketing messages, or digital photographs in vivid detail.

These visuals might consist of the most static pictures or text, moving images, movies, or interactive menus. The options for using signage retail digital are virtually limitless!

Because digital signage is such a vast category of displays and signs, there are virtually limitless applications you can install.

Digital signs are far more versatile than traditional printed retail signage. They can be interactive, which increases consumer engagement.

You can have complete control over every sign in your business, ensuring that it is constantly correct and how up to date. Because digital signs are so simple to set and modify, they allow for more real-time and seasonal retail digital displays.

Types of Digital Signage

There are two types of retail digital signage for retail stores: indoor and outdoor digital signage trends.

Indoor Digital Signage

Indoor signage refers to any sign that is put within a business. They are aimed at those who are ready to decide to investigate what a business has to offer.

These signs are meant to entice the audience to do the desired action, such as entering a store to shop, signing up for new ways to use credit cards at the bank, or ordering a larger meal at a restaurant.

Today, there is a definite trend toward interactive digital signage in retail kiosks that give tourists and travelers information and allow your customer to make an order at quick-service restaurants.

These signs allow the restaurant to create and save money on manpower while also reducing long queues at the register.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Any sign located outdoors of a business is referred to as outdoor signage. Businesses can be ready to utilize them for a variety of purposes, including promoting a drive-thru and the showing of promotional information. In general, the aim is to entice more people to physically walk into stores after they see the signage.

The three primary forms of the outdoor digital signage retail solutions are as follows:


LCD displays are ideal for interior signage. They may, however, be utilized for outdoor signs with extra technology. They provide excellent resolution at a low cost. Make sure you use the proper protection to safeguard them from extreme weather conditions.

REV Interactive’s Ultra Stretched LCD Display for instance provides an attention-grabbing wide display which can be used to show current promotions.


Projectors are used to project pictures or words onto huge surfaces such as metal, ice, stone, and others. They may be utilized anywhere, making installation easy to. They cover a bigger area at a lower cost than LCD and LED alternatives.


These digital signs are larger, more durable, and brighter. They offer a variety of programming possibilities and work best in outdoor settings. They also need more basic easy to fittings and enclosures.

Retail Application of Digital Signage

Digital signage retail is utilized in a variety of areas, including education and human resources.

Digital signage products may be used to lead visitors to specific product information, upsell things, direct your customers to restrooms or assistance points, and even broadcast emergency information.

This minimizes personnel expenses while putting your customers in control of your own experience. Furthermore, digital signage may be changed in seconds.

11 Benefits of Retail Digital Signage Solutions To Boost Your Stores Digital Presence

Let’s take a look at the benefits of having digital screens in store.

1. Attract Customers

Use of cloud-based to digital signage as a creative tool to attract of customers. Source: Pinterest - Retail Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
Use of cloud-based to digital signage as a creative tool to attract of customers. Source: Pinterest

The ability to attract customers into your business location is a significant feature of retail digital signage.

Our screen-obsessed society has been really beneficial to certain businesses. We are naturally drawn to screens, and they hold our interest.

According to statistics, 8/10 visitors approach a business because a retail digital signage piqued their curiosity.

2. Personalized Experience for Customers

Tilting Stand featuring content management signage software. Source: Pinterest - Retail Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
Tilting Stand featuring content management signage software. Source: Pinterest

Many end-users are seeking more than simply digital signage that you can use to display simple advertising messages. They also require systems that can deliver a range of information to various sorts of consumers and employees, and in order to do so, tailored content is required.

By providing tailored in store experience, your retail digital signage software companies are assisting in addressing this issue.

3. Flexibility

Digital signage billboard mockup. Source: Freepik. Retail digital signage - Rev Interactive
Digital signage billboard mockup. Source: Freepik

Retailers can alter what they are promoting quickly using retail digital signage and Digital Out of Home, whether it is in your shop or as part of an outdoor advertising network.

Advertising to people based on the season is not new. The ability to automate the timing of when you have to advertise based on specific weather conditions is a feature that has only recently become available to small businesses.

These advancements have been made possible by digital signage and content management solutions.

4. Cost-Efficient Price and Promotion Display

LCD advertising promotion display. Source: Pinterest. Retail Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
LCD advertising promotion display. Source: Pinterest

One advantage of digital signage is the ability to set your displays to alter throughout the day.

The beauty of digital signage contributes to its cost-efficient price in the advertising sector.

Surely conventional signage is attractive; nevertheless, it lacks the flexibility of a digital sign, which can display a large amount of material.

5. Hygienic

Nike digital retail experience. Source: Vimeo. Retail Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
Nike digital retail experience. Source: Vimeo

Many companies have added interactive non-touch digital signage and virtual makeup try-on functions to their existing digital signage system. Virtual try-on technology now includes face mask recognition, gesture control, voice activated functions.

The virtual try-on technology is a major boost for retail stores selling makeup. Customers can try on lipstick, eye shadow shades, foundation and much more.

It works on enhancing the in store cosmetic buying experience while guaranteeing safety and obeying hygiene measures.

6. Improve Brand Identity

Branding and logo design for Miami Baywalk. Source: Pinterest. Retail Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
Branding and logo design for Miami Baywalk. Source: Pinterest

Your brand is more than simply a logo or design element; it symbolizes a company’s fundamental values, philosophy, and personality.

Customers may be given your brand message when you employ intelligently designed digital signage with well-crafted content for your retail business.

Attracting and engaging the proper target audience is critical to the success of any organization.

7. Integrate Social Media

Multitouch wall. Source: Pinterest. Retail Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
Multitouch wall. Source: Pinterest

Digital signage connects the digital presence that is happening online, on social media, and elsewhere and brings it into the real environment.

You can utilize your digital screens to display anything that is happening on the internet. From tweets to a website, YouTube channel, or even a social media dashboard, there is something for everyone.

8. Analyze Consumer Behaviour

Digital signage wayfinding design. Source: Therestudio - Retail Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
Digital signage wayfinding design. Source: Therestudio

Customers’ surfing history and transactional data from digital signage might be utilized as input for decision-making to derive customer behavior patterns.

Customers’ browsing history and transaction data were collected in real time by the real-time data processing system.

9. Reduce Manpower

Digital touch screen kiosk. Source: SignboxShop - Retail Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
Digital touch screen kiosk. Source: SignboxShop

In retail, digital signage may be used to lead visitors to specific products, upsell things, direct customers to restrooms or assistance points, and even broadcast emergency information.

This minimizes personnel expenses while putting customers in control of their own experience.

10. Aesthetic Quality

LED digital signage wall. Source: Pinterest. Retail Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
LED digital signage wall. Source: Pinterest

When digital screens with interesting content are added to retail stores and other commercial locations, customers feel like their wait time is reduced because they are entertained while watching high-quality information that is tailored to their interests and requirements.

Keeping customers occupied and entertained increases customer satisfaction.

11. Entertainment

Digital signage can be entertaining. Source: Architonic. Retail Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
Digital signage can be entertaining. Source: Architonic

Digital signs are an apparent source of entertainment since they allow you to share everything from social media to news, videos, and dashboards.

This contributes to the “retailtainment” trend by allowing you to expand your brand in the store.

Implementing Digital Signage in Your Store

So, how can you obtain digital signs and displays for your store and what factors should you consider?

1. Cost

Digital signage options can cost a few thousand ringgit depending on what you purchase. However, despite that price point, digital signage is actually a useful and cost-effective long-term approach to utilize to further legitimize and attract people to your business and its products or services.

If your brand advertises often, in the long term, investing in digital signs saves on marketing costs.

2. Goal

The retail digital signage carefully presents the current product so that customers are enticed to walk around the business.

Visual merchandising, from window displays to new-age, technology-aided store digital signage, is a way of creating a brand identity and assisting in the creation of a smooth and satisfying shopping experience for customers.

3. Content

You can show additional product information for customers to reference to get using retail digital signage.

Customers may also be engaging you to interactive displays that provide you with the information they want.

4. Target Audience

Digital signage is one of the best types of advertising to get and a virtual assurance that the message will be viewed by its intended audience in your store.

Merchants may utilize the same digital platform to affect consumer behavior by developing visually appealing displays. They can use this signage to draw attention to specific brands or services which in the long run, increases profit margins and overall sales.

5. Success Tracking

Getting the most out of retail digital signage does not stop once you can install your digital signage system in the store.

The good news is that your digital signage retail system can track your messages regularly to see if they are successful and attractive to your audience. This will provide you with the data you need to calculate ROI when it comes to digital signage success.

6. Service Provider

Every retail business requires access to a reliable high-quality digital signage solution provider. If you are looking for one, look no further than Rev Interactive!

With many years of experience in high precision technology as the manufacturer of a wide range of digital signage options, you will be sure to find an option that best suits your business needs.

Final Word

Introducing digital signage into your business offers up a whole new world of possibilities for marketing items, servicing customers, and improving the overall retail experience.

REV Interactive is a global leader in the development of digital signage and Multi-Touch technologies, including cutting-edge hardware and signage software.

REV Interactive assures high quality digital signage solutions along with speedy and safe delivery of digital signage options customized for your retail business needs.

Contact us for a consultation today!

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