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Double Sided Digital Signage – Dual-Sided Windows Display 

Ultra-slim double-sided digital signage is a leading trend in the digital signage industry. 

This futuristic digital signage device is used for displaying dynamic, high-resolution content to the general public. 

The primary functions of double sided digital signage are advertising and branding.

The two main types of double sided digital signage are ceiling hanging (or mounted) and floor standing (freestanding). 

Benefits of Installing Double-sided Digital Signage for Windows Displays 

Nowadays, technology is at the core of every business advertising and marketing initiative. 

Digital signage supports campaigns and brings life into places. Integrating different types of displays gives retailers an edge over competitors. 

Digital signage has more opportunities to explore, which was impossible a few decades ago. 

As we look forward to future innovations, the industry has come a long way, from static signs to double-sided digital signage interactive displays. 

Let us consider the benefits of double-sided digital signage. 

1. Attention-grabbing and Impactful 

One significant reason for installing double-sided window displays is to enhance business exposure to potential customers. 

Retail digital signage makes information easily accessible to passersby and patrons. 

Double-sided LCD panels grab the audience’s attention and help customers become aware of your establishment. 

The bright and high-resolution devices make a business’s storefront stand out from the rest. 

Unlike static signage, shops can display different media types with digital signage advertising, including videos and animations. 

These moving graphics significantly impact the audience more than advertisement materials incorporating text and images.

The HD android media player can help share eye-catching visuals to attract potential customers and generate leads. 

Retail store digital signage - Double Sided Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
Retail store digital signage.

2. Double the Exposure 

Double-sided digital signage improves business advertising by offering two separate screens to capture an audience. They are cost-effective and help with target marketing. 

The side facing outside is brighter than the inward-facing display. This makes the display content clear to outside passersby. 

It is a one-time investment and saves money on printing costs, especially when you need to change content frequently. 

Previously, retailers had to invest in two screens to showcase messages inside and outside their shops. 

The double-sided screens function similarly to most single-sided displays; it just kills two birds with one stone! 

3. Super-Slim Design 

Double-sided hanging digital signage displays can be integrated into any business premise, especially because of their ultra-slim design. 

New window displays have internal flash memory and remote control. They are lightweight and easy to install. 

Their super-slim design saves space and makes them visually appealing.

Freestanding window display digital signage offers maximum flexibility as you can move them around with minimal effort. 

You can keep the window displays interesting by changing the screen placement. 

In fact, most LCD panels have an integrated wire system or a casing to hide unsightly power and data cables.  

Sleek hanging window displays - Double Sided Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
Sleek hanging window displays.

4. Extensively Customizable 

Digital window display applications are popular in exhibition halls, restaurants, retail shops, and shopping mall signage

They are extensively customizable and are made to suit different commercial spaces. 

These double-sided displays can also be worked into interactive displays for self-service kiosks.

The double-sided LCD displays help in information sharing, marketing, showcasing products, and promotions. 

Additionally, businesses can display their operating hours, contact information, and locations on the screens all day long. 

Digital signage solutions customization helps create brand awareness and consistency. 

With an integrated ceiling mount, you can place it strategically where it can be viewed by many.

5. Convenient Real-Time Updating 

Cloud-based double-sided windows displays have content management software for immediate content sharing and updates. 

The screens are accessible remotely, and the administrator can edit content whenever necessary. You can also use a USB memory stick to upload content. 

The double-sided digital signage real-time content editor has templates for content creation, and users do not need design skills to make professional advertising materials. 

There are lots of ideas and concepts for marketing or brand awareness campaigns. You can choose designs depending on the target audience and marketing goasl. 

Floor standing signages or standees - Double Sided Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
Floor standing signages or standees.

For example, restaurants can customize their menu boards depending on the time of day. 

They can switch between breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials in the morning, afternoon, and evening respectively. 

The content management system makes it easy to update the menu depending on the real-time availability of items. 

6. Durable and Good Longevity 

The durability and longevity of a device ensure your return on investment. 

Ideally, the digital displays remain functional and appealing for many years to come. 

The commercial-grade LCD panel lends itself to this ideal as it’s built to withstand all environmental and external factors. 

Its components are resistant to the elements like water and direct sunlight, protecting the screen from wear and tear. 

Unlike standard screens, digital signage allows constant (sometimes 24-hour) usage without overheating or causing significant degradation. 

If you hang the double-sided window display outdoors, use an integrated ceiling mount and enclosing to increase its service life. 

Tempered glass offers an additional protective layer for the screen, which may be necessary for high-traffic areas. 

Dual-sided window displays are durable, helping you save costs on repairs and maintenance. 

If you’re stuck on the commercial digital signage vs TV debate, check out the specifications of each device and consider the screen placement.

Digital signage for storefronts. Source: Pinterest. 
Double Sided Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
Digital signage for storefronts. Source: Pinterest

Dual-Sided Ultra Slim Windows Display by REV Interactive 

Rev Interactive’s double sided window displays bring content to life for businesses in all industries. 

You can get the best hardware and software from an established service provider in Malaysia. 

We have wrapped up hundreds of successful projects for clients all over the country and beyond. 

With innovative and transformative products, businesses can leverage Rev Interactive digital tools to streamline various business processes. 

Our customizable plan enables enterprises to choose display options depending on industry and budget.

Discuss your pending digital signage campaign with skilled and professional technicians at Rev Interactive.

Our expertise and client services will help you make the best decision for your business. 


Digital signage improves brand reach and diversifies a business’s marketing opportunities.

The new double-sided digital signage is taking the world by storm, and REV Interactive’s is perfect for storefronts. 

Rest assured that if you’re looking for something dynamic and different, our technology has what it takes. 

Consult Rev Interactive today or check out our product catalogue of the best digital signage solutions in Malaysia!

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