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Drive Thru Digital Signage – McDonald’s, Starbucks & More! 

Restaurants can greatly improve their service by installing digital signage. 

The digital signage strategy already works wonders for Mcdonald’s, Starbucks, and more businesses in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry. 

Are you looking for an effective way of advertising your quick service business? 

With drive-thru digital signage solutions, eateries can gain a competitive edge and improve customer experience! 

The end of the drive-thru circuit - Drive Thru Digital Signage - REV Interactive
The end of the drive-thru circuit.

How Does Drive Thru Digital Signage Work? 

Technology plays a significant role in business success through digitization and brand awareness. 

This is why many enterprises are doing away with static signage and switching to digital displays. 

However, how does drive-thru digital signage work, and are there ways to optimize the QSR drive-thru circuit?

1. Vehicle Tracking and Motion Detection 

Customers can receive service quickly and efficiently thanks to this detection technology. 

Drive-thru systems can track customers to the delivery point. 

Computer vision links orders to registration numbers letting staff know who ordered what depending on their car. 

Besides visuals, digital signage for franchises incorporates motion detectors that trigger the system to display digital menu boards afresh as a customer reaches the order point. 

Once it detects vehicle motion, the screen lights up. This can also save energy over the long term.

2. Strategic Screen Placement 

Most drive-thru circuits consist of digital menu boards and an order box with a digital screen, microphone, and speakers attached. 

As people approach the ordering point, they can peruse the digital menu boards and decide what to order. 

Aside from decreasing perceived wait times, good screen placement reduces turnaround time. 

It also reduces the likelihood of wrong or misheard orders. 

Customers can see their order get logged into the system in real-time and confirm it before they progress any further.

Strategic screen placement enhances the user experience and enriches customer satisfaction. 

As more patrons visit the drive-thru, QSRs might want to look into increasing the number of screens in the drive-thru circuit. 

3. Scheduling Menu Items 

Restaurants can schedule the content to display on drive-thru digital menu boards to suit the time of day. 

Showing relevant information appeals to customers. For instance, in the morning, digital menu boards can be calibrated to display the breakfast menu. 

Alternating the items on the digital signage menu board according to the times of day helps the restaurant stay relevant no matter the hour. 

How Drive Thru Digital Signage Improves Business 

Digital menu boards are an excellent investment in improving quick-service restaurants. Here are ways it enhances growth and profitability. 

1. Easy to Read 

Menus on LED display screens are easy to read, which makes them efficient. 

If the content is not visible enough, customers will take longer to decide what to order. This might stall operations and cause a long line. 

Digital menu boards for a quick service restaurant are vivid and bright, making them easily visible during the day or at night. 

The high-resolution displays are easy to read even from a significant distance. They also look more captivating to customers. 

Drive-thru digital displays act as the face of a business for quick-service restaurants. 

Well-designed digital menu boards create the best first impression to prospects, encouraging loyalty through customer satisfaction.  

Customer checking out drive-thru menu board. Rev Interactive
Customer checking out drive-thru menu board.

2. Speed Up the Ordering Queue 

Thanks to digital signage, restaurants with drive-thru ordering systems are able to satisfy many clients. 

Digital signage is efficient because it encourages automation.

In fact, a survey found that over 70% of customers would like more automation, personalized menu boards, voice assistants, and AI technology to help decrease perceived wait times. 

Interactive digital signage solutions speed up the ordering queue and keep customers engaged. 

Additional features like QR code scanning makes digital menu boards accessible on the customer’s phone. 

For instance, restaurants can display a QR code that allows access to a digital menu. 

This would make viewing the menu much easier for customers who are already in the drive-thru circuit, but nowhere near the ordering station. 

Clients could even order and pay on their devices, significantly speeding up the queue. 

Queue at a drive-thru restaurant. Rev Interactive
Queue at a drive-thru restaurant.

3. Dynamic Digital Signage Menu Board 

Displaying images of meals offers the ultimate convenience to indecisive customers. 

Customers who often have a hard time choosing can be presented with a dynamic menu complete with vivid colors and the best deals. 

The drive-thru digital signage software can be integrated with other digital tools that the QSR uses for business management, enhancing supply chain management.

Integrating digital displays with an inventory management system helps restaurants know products to promote and remove out-of-stock items.

This integration and automation is also a testament to smart city digital signage

Aside from that, the dynamic visuals and brand colors in well-designed menus also help to reinforce brand image.

Outdoor menu board with restaurant specials. Source: Alibaba. Drive Thru Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
Outdoor menu board with restaurant specials. Source: Alibaba

Restaurants can capture customers’ attention by displaying high-quality images of specials and limited-time promotions. 

This high-resolution dynamic signage also makes the food look appetizing, encouraging customers to “eat with their eyes first,” and this influences their spending. 

QSRs can also improve appetite with these displays, encouraging customers to order more than they initially would.

4. Real-Time Menu Updating  

A cloud-based system enables real-time digital menu board updating as staff can remotely change display content using the content management system

The software allows users to edit templates on the platform, making menu updating and price updates easy. 

Restaurants can manage content from multiple devices in different locations from a single platform. 

Digital screens help create consistency in the brand image by promoting the same message on other platforms.

Digital board showcasing promotions. Source: Drive Thru Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
Digital board showcasing promotions. Source:

5. Encourage Impulse Purchasing 

Digital menu boards allow restaurants to encourage impulse purchasing by displaying special offers and ongoing promotions. 

By factoring in the season and market dynamics, businesses can trigger customers into purchasing certain items.

If it is summer, the system can display ice cream on the side panel. Similarly, it can suggest hot drinks for the cold season. 

Creative images that are relevant to customers can successfully trigger impulse buying. 

The strategy generates more revenue for a business as customers spend more than they intended.

6. Reduce Printing Costs 

By using the drive-thru ordering process, quick-service restaurants can save thousands of dollars annually on printing costs. 

Printing posters and flyers are costly for QSR businesses because it is a recurring cost. 

There will be no need to purchase printers, ink, papers, or laminating machines. Forget about using costly printing services. 

Unlike static signages like banners that require restaurants to print the material afresh whenever changing or updating menu boards, digital displays have no such costs. 

It saves workers time to pull down materials and set up new ones. 

Quick-service restaurant outdoor menu boards may have a significant initial investment but offer excellent returns in the long run by significantly reducing printing costs. 

7. High Performing 

Drive-thru menu board manufacturers optimize the displays for the outdoor environment. 

Despite their sleek screens, they can withstand outdoor temperatures and sun exposure. 

An enclosure protects the device against major external factors, ensuring the durability and longevity of outdoor digital menu boards. 

The best drive-thru outdoor signage should be resistant to prolonged sun exposure, overheating, and water penetration to ensure optimum functioning across seasons.  

The quality of the hardware itself plays a big role. Invest in the right products from highly-rated suppliers, and that’ll save you repair costs in the long run. 

However, it’s worth noting that frequent maintenance and software updating are necessary for increased service life.  

Rev Interactive As Your Trusted Digital Signage Solution Provider 

Finding a one-stop shop for digital solutions is ideal. Rev Interactive is a reputable digital signage solution you can trust. 

We partner with businesses globally from across industries in their digital transformation strategies.

Rev Interactive’s services include supplying digital signage Malaysia for all industries and interactive touch devices for commercial spaces.

We leverage technology advancement and innovation to offer transformative digital solutions.

We can customize the right package for your business, taking into account software and hardware. 

Our professional technicians are at the ready, and you can expect continued support. 

Rev Interactive installs indoor and outdoor digital displays, including digital menu boards, industrial LCD monitors, self-service kiosks, video walls, digital standees, and sanitizer displays. 

Rev Interactive adopts next-generation technology to enhance the customer experience and provide user-oriented products, making us an industry leader in digital solutions.  

Self service signage at a food truck. Drive Thru Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
Self service signage at a food truck.

Final Word

Restaurants utilize drive-thru menu boards for quick service and to generate more revenue. 

If you’d like to install drive-thru digital signage, we advise you to invest in the best hardware and software. Consult an industry expert for maximum longevity of your products. 

Rev interactive is your trusted digital signage software Malaysia service provider. 

Contact us today, and let’s talk about how digital signage can help your revenue and customer satisfaction levels soar!

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