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Hotel Digital Signage Ideas for Best Guest Experience

Digital signage solutions are widely used in the hospitality industry for high customer satisfaction rates.

These innovative communications platforms often comprise digital signage screens or boards that display appropriate text, images, or icons important to clients.

With its robust tourism economy, Malaysia has rapidly embraced hotel digital signage displays.

Hotel welcome digital sign. Source: Pinterest. Hotel Digital Signage - Rev Interactive.
Hotel welcome digital sign. Source: Pinterest

Types of Hotel Digital Signage 

Depending on your target audience, budget, and objectives, numerous digital signage solutions are available.

Here are some of the popular types of digital signage for hotels.

1. Digital Standees

A digital standee is an innovative and interactive communication medium with stand-alone electronic displays usually positioned at high-traffic points like hotel lobbies and elevators.

These lightweight and customizable digital signage for hotel with high-definition digital displays and multi-touch capabilities are used for intelligent directories, temperature control, and much more.

2. LED Display Screens

Using an LED display screen for hotel signage is quite common and is vital in transforming hotel guests’ experiences.

Using high-resolution digital screens, hotel LED display screens create a soothing background, project a hotel’s brands, and display important information like time, weather forecasts, digital menus, and flight information.

3. Smart Video Walls

A smart video wall is a unique piece of hotel digital signage solutions comprising four main components; streamers, controllers, senders, and displays.

Smart video walls can be as small as a flatscreen tv or as massive as a billboard and are used to provide hotel backgrounds, traffic updates, and news coverage, especially in the lobby area.

4. Multi-touch Interactive Kiosks

As the name suggests, multi-touch interactive kiosks mimic a smartphone interface, allowing hotel guests to interact more personally with this digital signage solution.

Hotel multi-touch interactive kiosks, including self-service, wayfinding, and informational kiosks, are found in high-traffic hotel locations, allowing hotel clients to engage with them and enhancing user experience.

10 Ideas for Improving Guest Experience with Hotel Digital Signage

Digital signage software and solutions, if done right, offer numerous benefits both to the business and hotel guests.

Here are a few ways in which digital signage improves business.

1. Automate Check-In Process

Contactless check-in via digital signage interactive boards is becoming more popular in this age of social distancing and improved customer service.

Automated check-ins are especially helpful when check-in queues are long, or hotel guests are in a hurry.

Hotels can also reduce the need for physical interactions, especially for guests worried about human contact or awkward social interactions.

Additionally, automated check hotel signage boards can act as digital concierges or wayfinding solutions, providing additional assistance to guests.

Self-check-in/out counter. Source: Pinterest. Hotel Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
Self-check-in/out counter. Source: Pinterest

2. Enhance Personalization

The best part of using digital hotel signage solutions is the ability to quickly and effortlessly change the display message.

A critical advantage of customizing digital signage displays is the ability to personalize display messages for your hotel guests.

A stroke of genius would be to personalize your “hello,” “welcome,” or “goodbye” for each guest, including their names or other personal attributes.

Use hotel digital signage real time functions to display personalized flight times, menus, facilities opening hours (restaurant, movie hall), check-in wait time, or local travel updates.

3. Wayfinding Kiosks

Displaying self-help directories and touch screen maps on wayfinding kiosks is convenient and necessary for your guests’ safety and maximum pleasure.

Wayfinding kiosks, usually in the form of hotel lobby digital signage, often display famous tourist destinations, bus stops, local entertainment spots, ATM locations, food joints, local guides’ contact information, etc.

If the hotel covers a large area, in that case, wayfinding kiosks should be placed at strategic junctions showing the different hotel wings and amenities’ locations.

Interactive touch map. Source: Pinterest. Hotel Digital Signage - Rev Interactive.
Interactive touch map. Source: Pinterest

4. Promote Hotel Facilities

The hospitality sector is cutthroat, and failing to invest in aggressive marketing, could lead to massive losses.

One of the most effective ways hotels can promote their property highlights and new additions is through digital signage.

To best use digital signage, consider pairing high-quality photos or images with detailed information about your pool, spa, gym, conference rooms, banquet halls, and other amenities.

Use split screens containing the image on one side and pertinent information on the other side of the screen. 

Also, consider including the contact information and images of facilities in other branches of your hotel or business.

Positioning these digital signages in high-traffic areas will help your facility get more client visits, increasing your revenues, popularity, and customer satisfaction.

5. Digital Concierge

The hospitality sector is rapidly embracing technology looking for every avenue to improve customer experiences at hotels and facilities.

One of the rapidly growing hospitality technological innovations is the digital concierge, which has taken the hospitality world by storm, and with good reason.

Like the traditional human concierge, the digital concierge aims to provide clients with relevant, factual, and real-time information to make their stay more enjoyable.

A digital concierge often features an interactive signage kiosk that allows guests to view relevant weather, check-in/out, local transport, or flight time details.

The digital concierge kiosk should feature a touchscreen interface that clients can use to scroll through the available concierge offerings quickly.

Consider using audiovisual cues, including photo slide shows to pass relevant concierge information to guests. 

Hotel digital concierge. Source: Pinterest. Hotel Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
Hotel digital concierge. Source: Pinterest

6. Real-Time Updates

Clients now demand more from their hotels, including real-time updates for their flight information, check-in/out times, local travel, restaurants, shuttle information, etc.

To keep their clients in the loop, hotels use interactive digital signage to update clients on the latest information that is important to them.

Digital signages for real-time updates help hotel guests to keep up with their schedules leading to a positive customer experience and customer reviews for the establishment.

The real-time updates on digital signage solutions allow hotels to better manage their booking and check-in/out systems.

7. Create Ambience

Creating a feel-good atmosphere and the right ambiance is no mean feat, especially for big hotels with tons of space.

Fortunately, using large LED screens and advanced digital signage solutions, you can turn bland walls and spaces into a warm and welcoming environment for your guests.

The added advantage of using hotel digital signage displays is that you can quickly and easily change the display background to instantly fit the mood and occasion of the space.

Consider using wall art on several tv screens or LED displays to alter the mood and feel of your hotel space at any moment.

Smart video walls along corridors, check-ins, elevator waiting bays, spa or restaurant walls with soothing colors or images, and soft music also work wonders for guests.

Hotel lobby ambiance. Source: Pinterest. Hotel Digital Signage - Rev Interactive
Hotel lobby ambiance. Source: Pinterest

8. Improve Communication

Hotels cater to guests of varied nationalities, ethnicities, and languages, which makes communication difficult.

One of the most innovative ways of overcoming this communication challenge is by using hotel digital signage displays in multiple languages or with translation options.

The digital signage should be tourist friendly for the best results and feature easy-to-understand words, images, or videos.

A hotel’s digital signage should educate, entertain, inform, and answer the client’s queries.

It’s critical that the messaging on the digital signage for hotels uses an upbeat, friendly, and positive tone.

Consider updating your content management system to represent the hotel brand’s voice and objectives when communicating with clients.

9. TV Show/ Movie Streaming

Hotel guests need something stimulating and engaging in whiling away the time during their stay at your hotel.

And streaming exciting movies and TV shows is the perfect way of helping them chill and let loose occasionally.

Consider subscribing and airing the latest shows on Disney, Netflix, sports, cartoons, and Hulu to your guests, which makes them feel comfortable, especially at the spa, check-in, bar area, restaurants, or children’s sections.

Streaming movies in a hotels. Source: Pinterest. Hotel Digital Sigange - Rev Interactive.
Streaming movies in a hotels. Source: Pinterest

10. Social Walls or Reviews

Social media is a powerful tool that can elevate your business and improve your online ratings.

A social media wall displaying real-time social media feedback, reviews, awards, and testimonials is a nice touch that will increase user-generated content.

Consider running a digital signage system that allows users to view their feedback and comments in real-time on your hotel’s social wall.

Displaying your social media handles on the social wall enables clients easily air their thoughts, experiences, suggestions, and complaints.

If done right, the social wall is a powerful advertising tool to help your brand reach more clients, especially if they share positive feedback.

How Hotel Digital Signage Boosts Revenue

Hotel digital signage has the potential to grow a hotel’s revenue organically without too much hassle.

Here are a few instances of how digital signage can boost your hotel’s revenue.

1. Upselling Hotel Services

Due to limited information, guests often leave hotels without utilizing the numerous services hotels offer.

Invest in digital signage solutions to ensure guests use all available services and increase hotel revenues.

These signages will inform clients of the hotel’s extra services or products, like weddings, conferences, birthdays, party packages, VIP services, special offers, or discounts.

Hotel and convention center ad. Source: Pinterest. Hotel Digital Signage - Rev Interactive.
Hotel and convention center ad. Source: Pinterest

2. Increases Returning Customer Rate

Returning customers are vital in the hospitality space and provide a steady flow of extra income for the business.

A sure way of increasing return customers is by offering superior products and services thanks to an optimized digital signage campaign.

Hotel clients satisfied with digital signage’s setup, efficiency, and usefulness will often return.

3. Additional revenue via Advertising

Running promotional videos highlighting the unique products and services the local business community offers is a smart way of increasing revenue.

Craft personalized ad campaigns that target specific groups of hotel guests and match existing local products and services for the best results.

4. Customer Insights from Integrated Analytics

Digital signage solutions provide valuable information and analytics critical through your content management system.

Digital signage software Malaysia helps you understand your client’s characteristics, interests, and behaviors, allowing you to create personalized products and services.

Customer insights collected from digital signage are critical in boosting hotel revenues.

REV Interactive as Malaysia’s Top Digital Signage Solution Provider

REV Interactive is a top-tier Malaysian company with the experience and expertise to deliver top-notch, high-quality multi-touch solutions in interactive digital signage.

With over 15 years of tried and tested experience in smart city signage and a hoard of satisfied clients choosing REV Interactive is a decision that will save you money and disappointments,

And while there are dozens of digital signage Malaysia companies, REV stands towers above the competition due to its advanced innovative products, experienced employees, and customer-oriented support. 


Digital signage solutions can transform the hospitality sector and grow hotel occupancy and revenues.

Hotel digital signage improves user satisfaction, brings in more returning clients, and alerts hotels of their guests’ pain points.

For the best outcome, employ REV Interactive, certified professionals in the digital signage space who guarantee quality.

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