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Smart Mirror Malaysia – Smart Touch Screens of the Future 

A smart mirror Malaysia features a two-way glass panel mirror with a small computer/tablet and smart mirror app connected to the internet. 

The smart mirror uses an interactive mirror effect and advanced multi touch screen technology to switch between a multi-touch interface and an ordinary mirror.

An interactive touchpad smart bathroom mirror. Source: Pinterest. Smart Mirror - Rev Interactive
An interactive touchpad smart bathroom mirror. Source: Pinterest

Benefits of the Smart Mirror & Interactive Touch Screen Solutions

The smart mirror touch screen offers a wide range of applications and advantages to users.

Step out into the digital of smart mirrors and enjoy the following practical and fulfilling benefits.

1. Interactive Experience

Smart mirrors feature highly responsive digital displays, which enhance their interactive smart touch functionality.

The attached computer systems enable smart mirrors to offer an interactive experience allowing users to access the smart mirror system via touch and speech.

Touch screen smart mirror.Source: Pinterest. Smart Mirror Malaysia - Rev Interactive
Touch screen smart mirror.Source: Pinterest

2. Clear Images

Since most smart mirrors use dielectric mirrors that reflect light from external sources but allow light from internal sources to pass through, the images on these systems are often quite clear.

So whether it’s a smart mirror for bathroom or other places, expect crisp and clear images.

However, it’s important to note that the clarity of the smart mirror depends on the materials used since some DIY smart mirrors featuring acrylic or plastic parts produce fuzzy images.

Clear images on smart mirrors. Source: Pinterest .Smart Mirror Malaysia - Rev Interactive
Clear images on smart mirrors. Source: Pinterest

3. Increased Efficiency

For people constantly on the go, the smart interactive board of a smart mirror is highly convenient and improves efficiency.

The smart mirror is connected to the internet and provides real-time traffic updates, current news, a clock, weather guides, and other information per your needs.

Having this information at your fingertips is critical in reducing time wastage and improving efficiency.

The information delivery is also quite advanced, with the option to set alarms, alerts, and timers.

Much like on a phone or computer, a description of services is available, which is necessary to guide you through the smart mirror offerings.

Smart mirror with real-time weather updates. Source: Pinterest. Smart Mirror Malaysia - Rev Interactive
Smart mirror with real-time weather updates. Source: Pinterest

4. Multimedia Compatibility

Smart mirror Malaysia offers multimedia compatibility allowing your smart mirror to play music, stream videos, recognize voice commands, and more.

Since smart mirrors are connected to the internet via Bluetooth or wireless connections and have processors from the attached devices, they can beam audiovisual signals, as is the case of smartphones and computers.

5. Futuristic Appeal

Like in sci-fi movies, a smart bathroom mirror looks futuristic in its design and functions.

What sets a smart fitness mirror apart from other digital signage is its dynamic message delivery and eye-catching visuals that mimic a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Smart mirrors’ futuristic look and display of interactive digital signage are entertaining and captivating, capturing the viewer’s interest.

REV Interactive – Smart Interactive Touch Screen Provider

Smart interactive bathroom mirror. Source: Pinterest. Smart Mirror Malaysia - Rev Interactive
Smart interactive bathroom mirror. Source: Pinterest

REV is a premier Malaysian-based interactive museum digital signage and multi-touch solutions company famous for its award-winning products.

Besides digital signage and content management system, REV prides itself in projected capacitative touch technology and Infrared touch overlay.

These two advanced digital signage software applications are at the core of REV’s work.

Projected capacitative touch technology measures the change in capacitance of two-layer touch screens. In contrast, an infra-red touch overlay depends on an infra-red mesh to measure changes in pressure on touch screens.

Check out the interactive magic mirror in action!

Final Word

A smart mirror is the newest and most futuristic fixture for commercial and residential spaces.

If you’d like to install interactive touch solutions, contact certified digital signage Malaysia professionals like REV Interactive. With top-notch products and excellent service, you’re sure to get your money’s worth!

Contact REV Interactive, the undisputed leader in the digital signage space, for interactive solutions and digital signage software Malaysia needs.

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