Smart Touch Products

1. G4 & G5 Series

The Thinnest IR Touch Screen For The Slim Display

The PQ Labs G4/G4S Multi-touch overlay offers an elegant and accurate touch experience for both integration and as an overlay to an existing monitor.


• Finger Width Slim Bezel
• High Performance up to 200 fps
• Anti-Spill (Customizable to IP65 Waterproof)
• Patented Ultra-smooth Touch Screen  Glass (Mighty Glass)
• Robust, Plug & Play
• Supported Windows, Mac and Android

2. Skin Ultra

Flat & Curved Displays

A new revolution in displays is arriving, with curved LCDs becoming more and more common. Skin Ultra is shipped on a film, meaning that it is possible to apply it on both flat and curved screens.


• Flexible projected capacitive sensor
• 100 true independent touches
• Sizes from 30’’ to 105’’, 16:9 aspect ratio
• 5 milliseconds response time 
• XTR-ShieldTM Plus – Most advanced technology for noise filtering 
• Palm & arm detection
• Advanced calibration

3. Skin Ultra Fit

Customizable Touch Sensor

Skin Ultra Fit was designed to be as flexible and customizable as possible. The goal is to make the integration with the structure as simple and quick as possible.


• Flexible projected capacitive sensor
• 40 simultaneous touches
• Sizes from 20’’ to 105’’, 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio, custom formats
• 5 milliseconds response time
• Works up to 15mm glass thickness
• HID (Human Interface Device) – works with a wide range of Operating Systems 
• XTR-ShieldTM Plus – Most advanced noise filtering technology

4. Skin DualTouch

Through Glass Interactive Touch Foils

To work in conjunction with LCD/LED monitors; transforms any glass / acrylic panel or store window into an interactive touch screen display.


• 2 true independent touches 
• XTR-ShieldTM – Noise shielding technology, unique in large formats 
• Sizes from 20’’ to 100’’, in 4:3, 16:9 and custom formats 
• Palm and arm detection 
• Advanced Calibration

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Our business scope includes broadcasting, interactive digital signage, defence, geo-intelligence, education, collaboration, product presentation and gaming. We believes that Multi-touch solutions will bring a new way of interactive among digital device and fingers & gestures. We're excited if you have new business ideas. Tell us and let us plan for you!