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Low Engagement? How to Improve Digital Signage Content

The use of digital signage is becoming increasingly common. The global market for digital signage is anticipated to be worth about $16.3 billion in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.2 percent over the following five years.

As more digital signs appear in companies and public areas, we are noticing some intriguing trends in how these signs are being used. If you are already utilizing digital signs or are intending to introduce new bespoke digital signage in your facility, you can check out the trending digital signage trends to help you make your signs as engaging and current as possible.

Digital signage is a type of electronic sign that is used to communicate information to audiences and consumers. It employs an LCD, LED, or projection screen to display films and images that educate, engage, and enlighten surrounding viewers.

Types of Digital Signage

There are two main types of digital signage: indoor and outdoor. They are utilized at a number of consumer touchpoints, and their uses are nearly limitless.

Indoor signage typically helps customers who are already in the business location. Outdoor signage contains more attractive material, like promotions, to convince potential customers to visit your business.

Invest in digital signage for the smoothest content display for your advertising needs.

Why Use Digital Signage Content at All?

Digital signage content may help you spread your message, but it will only have an impact on your company and team if it is relevant and interesting. Fortunately, transforming your content management system strategy into unique images that get seen does not have to be expensive or time-consuming.

Do you want to know how to create amazing content even if you don’t have a graphic designer on staff? Make use of the appropriate tools. That’s why our beginner’s guide on digital signage content creation is a must-have for anyone managing signage content.

The advantages of digital signage content are numerous and diverse. Depending on how you utilize signs, you can accomplish one or more of the following advantages:

Brand Awareness

A brand is more than just a logo in a single graphic element; a brand is a great way to embody a company’s values, philosophy, and personality.

Rather than merely grabbing the attention of the passersby for a few seconds, digital signage delivers information that genuinely connects with your target audience, and provides an engaging brand experience.

When well crafted, digital signage content turns your brand into a destination that customers learn to trust and depend on, resulting in increased viewing and increased interest from advertisers.

Customer Engagement

Digital signage can enable businesses to interact with your customers more directly with tailored messages and integrated social media. These two aspects work to resonate with your customers and build long-term partnerships.

Digital signage displays are no longer used to display static information; instead, they have evolved into interactive appliances that employ full-motion video and touch to simulate interactive digital experiences.

This is a great way to boost product browsing, and in some circumstances, facilitating online buying. They are ideal for attracting new consumers, improving the in-store experience, and increasing sales.


Digital signage content is crucial because it provides for maximum flexibility — information on one or all screens can be altered in a second, increasing audience engagement as they spend more time in your business.

Audiences are more inclined to interact with material that is tailored to their own needs and desires. Playlists on digital signage dynamically change to fit diverse audiences, real-time events, and even outdoor circumstances by using day, time, and weather separation choices, ensuring your information is always relevant and helpful.


Digital signage is a great and the most versatile option for your advertising needs in today’s modern environment. When it comes to real-time advertising, the digital signage display is a great way to promote something that is only accessible for a limited time.

A radio station, for example, may like to advertise to commuters. It may do so successfully by altering the message based on the time of the day. This is obviously difficult with print advertising, but for a digital signage system, it allows marketers to change their layouts as needed.

How to Spice Up Digital Signage Content

We’re going to discuss the top ten digital signage content ideas for increasing audience engagement. If you’ve already installed digital signage for your business, or if you’re thinking about it, you’re sure to find these tips helpful!

1. Brand Story

Cadbury amplifying hashtag campaign using digital signage. Source: - Digital Signage Content - The Rev
Cadbury amplifying hashtag campaign using digital signage. Source:

Increasing brand exposure with digital signage content is something that no firm should overlook. It enables you to showcase your business and its identity on dynamic and aesthetically appealing screens.

There are several methods to do this, but we advocate incorporating your brand’s logo wherever feasible, generating content that provides emphasis to your brand’s color palette whenever practical, and to share your brand’s narrative and guiding principles through video content.

Always keep in mind that while creating material for digital signage content, basic and clean is the best way to go. So keep any unwanted noise and clutter to a minimum.

2. Social Media

Display social media walls on digital signage. Source: Digital signage content - The Rev
Display social media walls on digital signage. Source:

A social media signage is simply the display of user-generated content gathered from various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and others. GIFs, pictures, text, videos, and anything else in between may all be used as content. It works in real-time, which encourages users to interact with your content, increasing your customers’ engagement and improving the user experience.

Businesses should always consider incorporating social media into their digital signage. Combining social media to your digital signage accomplishes the following:

  • Enhances brand visibility
  • Encourages participation and interaction
  • Allows companies to promote user-generated material such as positive feedback or buzz.
  • Promotes word-of-mouth marketing
  • Brands are given a more contemporary appearance as a result of this.
  • Increases client loyalty
  • Creates an online following

But don’t just display your social media feed and call it a day. Display brand interactions with the customers, highlight noteworthy customer tales, and promote amusing content with the entertaining postings of your company. Make it intriguing, in a nutshell. Try not to display looping sequences of social media posts that can be easily dismissed.

3. Live Updates

Digital signage display of live updates. Source: broadsign - Digital signage content - The Rev
Digital signage display of live updates. Source: broadsign

Informing your customers about what is going on around them is always essential, and digital signage can be used in this regard.

You may send out quick sale notifications, new arrival announcements, or communicate any other vital information about your products to your audience. Giving users reminders about deals, promotions, and other changes may keep them informed. You can also motivate them to connect and engage with it.

You can use a News Ticker to keep your audience up to date on what’s going on around the globe. It can contain weather updates, local news, or any breaking news that you believe is important.

4. Recognition

Digital signage integrated into donor recognition wall. Source: arreya Digital Signage Content - The Rev
Digital signage integrated into donor recognition wall. Source: arreya

Give a shout-out on your digital signage when someone or a team does well. This makes individuals happy and costs the company almost nothing.

Recognition is especially important to millennials (and will undoubtedly be the most important to Generation Z when they enter the workforce) because they’ve grown up with the internet and social media, and are used to receiving “likes” and comments on things they post almost immediately in their daily lives.

Rather than waiting for the end-of-year evaluation, start using your digital signage to your advantage, to make recognition a normal aspect of the workplace.

Recognize birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones both within and outside the office, provide accolades for meeting a goal, or just say thank you for a job well done — you can’t go wrong as long as the acknowledgment is genuine.

5. Infographic How-To’s

Digital signage display of product details. Source: avitor - Digital Signage Content - The Rev
Digital signage display of product details. Source: avitor

A digital signage supplier can assist you in determining how to utilize the digital signage content to inform, entertain, educate, and communicate with consumers in your shop.

Consumers can be informed about new releases, promotions, and product information through signage for digital signage to display. It can be used to keep you entertained with films and interactive activities.

An infographic enables the presentation of a wide range of complicated information in an easily consumable, clear, and accurate way too. The primary goal of an infographic is to deliver information quickly and in an interesting manner through your digital signage system.

Why should anyone be interested in infographics in the first place? Of course, an appealing design can be important for making a good first impression. However, if the reader discovers that the infographics do not give them any fresh information, they will lose interest fast.

So, before you design an infographic, consider what advantage it will provide to the audience. The infographics are designed to display complicated concepts in an easy-to-understand format, and should thereby give the viewer a significant added value.

6. Videos

Video wall display. Source: visix - Digital Signage Content - The Rev
Video wall display. Source: visix

Remember that photos and video material tend to draw more attention than text, so the more visuals you can include in your content is a great way to attract visitors. Just to make sure you use graphics to complement and enhance your message rather than distract from it.

The way to do this is ranging from TikTok short-form videos to social network integrations. You probably already know what kind of material your audience prefers. You just need to figure out how to include it in your digital signage content plan. Once you’ve gotten their attention, you can go on to more traditional advertising.

7. Celebrity Endorsement

Lamar Advertising and recycle across America. Source: globalnewswire - Digital Signage Content - The Rev
Lamar Advertising and recycle across America. Source: globalnewswire

Celebrity advertising is difficult to ignore, whether it is a pop artist pushing soft drinks, or a celebrity influencer showing items on social media. Celebrities inherently attract attention, and celebrity endorsement or celebrity branding is no exception.

Celebrities in digital signage advertising may quickly capture attention and improve a brand, and as a result, it has always been a high-impact marketing technique.

8. Interactive Quizzes

Interactive quiz at National Science and Technology Week convention. Source: i.pinimg
Interactive quiz at National Science and Technology Week convention. Source: i.pinimg

People enjoy taking quizzes. We enjoy them, whether on the personality test or determining our favorite type of pizza. One of the main reasons for this is that the quizzes play on our natural vanity as humans. We want to know more about ourselves.

Touchscreens allow you to show massive quantities of information on a deeper level, and interactivity allows your audience to select their own path in the search, resulting in a more personalized experience.

Outgrow. co contains templates that can be used if you want to make your own user-generated content quizzes. This platform also contains a variety of interactive material, such as chatbots and exams.

9. Inspirational Content

Motivational graphics for signage. Source: enplug - Digital Signage Content - The Rev
Motivational graphics for signage. Source: enplug

Displaying measurements and KPIs in the dynamic, easy-to-read graphics may rapidly convey a lot of information. Allow individuals to understand where key projects and goals stand, as well as if they are on the right track or falling behind schedule.

This will boost morale if you are making significant progress. If not, it may inspire your audience to work toward the objective.

You might display energy dashboards on the screen to encourage recycling and power consumption if your business is committed to sustainability. Show progress toward your objective for digital signage indicators if you want to have more Facebook followers.

The possibilities for what you can present are nearly limitless, so make sure you display user-generated content to your digital that is especially relevant to your audience.

Gamification may also be used to induce behavioral changes, you can also use it to convey progress to get to be what you need to. If two teams are working on a project, instill some friendly competition by awarding a prize to the team that completes the goal first.

Reward the department with the highest recycling rate. If you hit that Facebook target, you can offer a food truck day.

Whatever the goal is, display progress toward that goal, and the incentives for achieving it on your digital signage will undoubtedly attract visitors through your displays.

10. News in Your Niche / Industry

An example of industry-specific elevator news. Source: Screencloud - Digital Signage Content - The Rev
An example of industry-specific elevator news. Source: Screencloud

Keeping up with the latest news is critical nowadays, and digital signage is the most effective method to keep big groups of people updated on a regular basis. All you need is the hardware and a service provider to offer the software and keep things working properly.

By including the news app in your digital signage playlist, you’ll always be up to speed on the latest news. Your clients will be occupied and informed while drinking their morning coffee and they’ll be comfortable in the welcome lobby.

You can make your digital signage more specific than just broad news. RSS feeds are the key to accessing whatever information you want to have, from Buzzfeed to your corporate blog to niche news.

Bonus Tips To Enhance Your Digital Signage Content

11. Campaign Strategy

Strategy infographic for branding and marketing. Source: venngage - Digital Signage Content - The Rev
Strategy infographic for branding and marketing. Source: venngage

Digital marketing campaigns are the building blocks and actions that comprise the digital marketing way to lead you to a specified end goal.

Having at least one long-term campaign running on your digital signage system is an excellent way to keep people interested. People will pay attention to the next chapter of a tale that unfolds episodically across numerous messages (and maybe days or weeks).

The most effective campaign strategies include a mix of your content formats to pique the attention of the audience from the many different aspects. Articles, eBooks, movies, emails, infographics, podcasts, testimonials, and other content formats are some examples.

12. Analytics

Digital signage analytics. Source: Embed Signage - Digital Signage Content - The Rev
Digital signage analytics. Source: Embed Signage

It is hard to target your messaging if you do not know who will be consuming your material. You’ve already taken the first step toward success if you know who your target audience is.

But if you don’t know who you’re attempting to reach out to, it’s time to conduct some research. To begin, gather basic demographic information on your target population.

When you have a better understanding of who you are aiming to target, you can adapt to your content approach accordingly. Remember that not every member of your audience will respond to the same type of material or even the same distribution channel, so produce tailored, engaging content for each audience group and distribute it through the right channels.

You should be monitoring your achievements, analyzing your failures, and modifying your digital signage offering on a regular basis.

Looking at ROI and call-to-action responses can help you understand which messages are engaging and which aren’t. A/B testing may reveal which formats elicit the best reaction, allowing you to fine-tune all of your messages for maximum impact and audience engagement.

13. Right Place, Right Time

Understanding location-based digital signage. Source: dailydooh - Digital Signage Content - The Rev
Understanding location-based digital signage. Source: dailydooh

Businesses and organizations sometimes ignore proper screen placement during digital signage implementation, yet a strong placement plan is needed to achieve success.

Find a site where there is the natural waiting period of your customers (e.g., check-out lines, subway platforms, ticket booths, etc.) or where there is a lot of traffic (e.g. elevators, escalators, entryways, etc.). Any area where customers must wait for an extended length of time is an ideal site for digital signage.

Install retail digital signage to share promotions on a certain product near that product in a retail or in-store setting.

Place the signage approximately 10-15 feet from the entrance and to the right, inside the main door, to share content for visitors, you need to share in real-time is an excellent idea. People have a habit of not seeing the front door since they are preoccupied with their objectives.

14. Brand Voice

Wondering how to create your brand voice? Source: tailor.brands - Digital Signage Content - The Rev
Wondering how to create your brand voice? Source: tailor.brands

What exactly is a brand voice? It is essentially the company’s personality. Brand voice (also known as brand tone or brand personality) is how the rest of the world perceives and interacts with you.

Images, music, colors, phrases, and even the individuals who work in your company may all be used to create or reflect on your brand’s voice. It is a component of all social media postings as well as of your company’s content strategy. A distinct brand voice assists clients in organically qualifying themselves for your products and services, making the entire sales process much easier.

Consider who your brand serves as a starting point for developing its voice. Who exactly are they? What are their usual demographics (age, gender, location, occupation, and so on)?

Following that, you can begin to get customers to discuss how your business connects with them. How can your brand demonstrate to your customers that you are approachable? Do you use the same terms that they do? Do you have a look and feel that is comparable to those of other firms that customers currently use?

15. Get Digital Signage From The Trusted Provider

The Rev is a trusted digital signage solution provider. Digital Signage Content - The Rev
The Rev is a trusted digital signage solution provider.

We’re all accustomed to seeing smart signs, and a business without one is beginning to stand out! Rev Interactive Smart Signage is a leading global developer of low-cost, high-performance smart digital signage solutions that may take on your project’s signage needs to new heights!

Smart signage material, particularly in-store, is now much more than just fixed images and text, and with Rev Interactive, you can easily and rapidly alter your designs by integrating third-party content that you can create a customized digital experience to show.

Offering a complete digital signage solution that includes an industrial-grade interactive display, a floor standing kiosk, an industrial LCD monitor, a face recognition display, an indoor and outdoor wall-mounted display solution, a curved touch monitor, digital menu boards, and a sanitizer display.

The REV Interactive Multi-Touch sensors allow users to interact with a computer interface directly by using their fingertips and gestures. The primary technical emphasis of the firm is on producing the next generation of natural user interface solutions to see that are extensively used in the digital industry.

Broadcasting, interactive digital signage, defense, geo-intelligence, education, cooperation, product presentation, and gaming are all part of the company’s operations.

Final Word

It’s high time to start introducing new engaging methods to show material on your digital signage and reap the benefits of higher conversions and income for your company.

We really hope that this guide has helped you better grasp what digital signage is and how you can use the tips provided above to realize the full potential of your digital signage content.

Rev Interactive is reinventing digital signage and navigation with unique, full-service solutions that improve your guest experience while increasing to your business line. We will assist you with implementing digital signs, interactive digital wayfinding, multi-touch technology, and our mobile-friendly apps to improve your business.

Contact us today to learn more about our end-to-end digital solutions.