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Digital Signage Security Considerations – Top Essential Tips

In recent years, digital signage usage has been increasing in different sectors. As enterprises integrate them into their operations, there are questions the management needs to answer. 

Is the plan ideal for the business? Are there threats? And what strategies can enhance digital signage security?

Types of Digital Signage Security

Digital signage is versatile and has many applications. However, you must be wary of the threat the internet poses. 

A breach of the company database can be damaging to the entity and its stakeholders. It is best to consider the problem and find ways to mitigate it. 

Despite the digital signage devices you will use in your business, here are the risks you must consider.

1. Physical Security

When using digital signage advertising, securing digital space will not be adequate because you must safeguard the hardware from external access. 

Someone can break into the location you are hosting the server and plug malware into the system. So, it is essential to put security measures to limit access to the room. 

Also, digital screens in public places are prone to vandalism and theft. It would help to have strategies to secure the assets and ensure you get investment returns through longevity.

LED screen displays in shopping malls. Source: Campus Life Security
LED screen displays in shopping malls. Source: Campus Life Security

2. Software and Application

Cybercriminals will look for all ways to infiltrate the system’s firewalls. 

The hardware and software you will use in your digital signage network will make the system vulnerable if you do not secure them. 

It includes all devices that connect to the media player to change the digital signage content

At the same time, hackers can target the digital signage player to access the main framework if they do not have adequate digital security.

3. Network

The most significant threat exists on your network as hackers target companies with weak firewalls. 

They try all possibilities of penetrating the company’s digital framework, which would help to take a proactive approach to its security. 

Securing other digital signage elements will positively impact your network security. It will be easier to monitor the main framework without worrying about connecting devices.

How to Secure Your Digital Signage Network

Although the internet is a valuable tool for businesses in their operations, it poses risks to the organization. Connecting digital signage devices to a network poses risks of a breach. 

Taking a proactive approach to mitigating the risks will prevent them from occurring. Consider the personalization vs privacy factor for your digital signage security.

 A lot is at stake when investing in technology, as it makes you a target of hackers. Doing the wrong things will negatively impact your enterprise and stakeholders. 

Extensive digital signage at a public square.
Extensive digital signage at a public square.

1. Physical Security Considerations

Continually evaluate the security of the place you want to install your digital signage before settling on the location. The physical security measures in the area will determine the right action to take. 

Some factors to consider when choosing a secure place to install digital signages include security at the entry, access to the site, and a suitable place for the screen. 

Think about the security of where you will be hosting the servers. Monitor IT and service providers to ensure that they take all measures to restrict physical access to their facilities. 

You should implement digital signage industry standards. Ensure you do the same if you have digital assets in-house. 

Some common strategies include having 24-hour surveillance, biometric identification, password or keycard access, motion detectors, and authorized access during maintenance.

Elevated Double-sided LED digital signage.
Elevated Double-sided LED digital signage.

When using your digital signage in public areas, you must make them inaccessible but visible to the audience. Mounting digital signage screens in an elevated place makes it hard for people to reach them. 

At the same time, use screws and bolts to hold it against the wall firmly. Also, you can build a metal box with a lock to house the system to prevent tampering or theft. 

It is best to limit access to digital components to prevent content manipulation. Ensure the players are not visible to the public by enclosing them in secure boxes. 

Also, hide or disable ports so hackers do not plug devices to upload malware into your signage network. You can opt for the portless models as you can operate through a content management system

Installing cameras to monitor the signage will also deter people from trying to access the items. 

2. Software and Application Security Considerations

After securing your system’s physical location and hardware, it is necessary to safeguard the software. Most devices will connect to the internet, making them vulnerable to hackers. 

Therefore, operating system security protects the system from malware and other online attacks. At the basic level, you should have applications to protect the network from spyware and viruses. 

In addition, have an additional firewall to deter cybercriminals from accessing the system. Since hackers devise new ways to hack into systems, ensure you continue upgrading the security measures to get maximum protection.

On the other hand, you must secure the accounts that you create for users. Apart from using strong passwords, you can consider two-factor authentication as it offers additional security measures. 

Also, the account should lock for a period or permanently when there are several failed login attempts. Users must contact the system administrator to log into their accounts. 

Having clear policies on cybersecurity will help set the standards and best practices. Users must not share their login credentials with others by having clear guidelines. Still, it is necessary to change the passwords frequently. 

Ensure you implement the pull technology to prevent hackers from getting information from your server. 

A user will need to initiate the request for information or specific action from the server: An automatic process through push technology will expose your network to manipulation. 

Strong firewalls help deter hackers.
Strong firewalls help deter hackers.

Evaluating the security measures is essential to ensure you maintain the required standards. Routine checks will help identify threats and ways to improve security protocols. 

Also, it helps identify suspicious activity in your network, and you can take necessary action. Updating the systems is essential to enhance digital signage security as hackers devise new techniques to breach systems. 

Data encryption through using virtual private networks prevents access to sensitive information. The features make data private to third parties and unusable even when a breach occurs. 

Additionally, using SSL certificates enhances security when using the internet for commands using the digital signage CMS

3. Network Security Considerations

Hackers try to find back doors to penetrate networks, and it is critical to limit your exposure to criminals by using VPN. The application will hide your data while using the internet. 

A third party cannot use the information as it is encrypted: Meaning it is unreadable and useless. 

Still, the management should monitor if the media player connects to the authorized server and is working on a secure network. 

Troubleshooting the media player can help you identify vulnerabilities and take action. 

Since it is essential to keep the system updated, you can program the applications automatically. It will download and install security updates after working hours.

Still, sending technicians to the physical location will be costly to accomplish the tasks. 

A person updating their computer system.
A person updating their computer system.

Consider the tools to help you monitor your digital signage infrastructure and get security alerts. The technology will track network activity, detect unauthorized connections, and flag suspicious activities. 

Also, it can alert on various indicators as you like, including battery levels and the digital signage player status (online or offline). 

In case of issues, the administrator will get automated alerts to ensure quick resolution to problems and swift action to limit online threats. 

Businesses need not have personnel on the computer following the system’s performance. Also, it will save money on maintenance tasks. 

Cloud storage offers a singular and secure platform to store data. Choosing a service provider with security measures like two-factor authentication, VPN integration, and regular server maintenance is beneficial. 

These measures minimize the risks of data loss and make it inaccessible to other parties. 

Ensure you select a cloud-based system for your digital signage. It will enhance network security and safeguard sensitive information. 

Consider the additional features that service providers need to provide for data security.

REV Interactive as a Trusted Service Provider

To get a headstart on ensuring you have a secured digital signage system, choose from a reputable service provider.

A reputable provider will be able to supply the best digital signage software Malaysia and they will be well-informed about security measures. 

REV Interactive is a leading digital signage vendor. 

Their futuristic view of the industry makes their services superior and holistic. The company aims to provide clients with interactive digital hardware and supporting software.

 Digital signage solutions by REV Interactive suit all kinds of business models, and it is advisable to use their expertise throughout the process. 

You can trust REV Interactive with your digital signage needs as it is an established brand in the sector and will help with your business goals.

Final Word

Data signage security shields your business from online attacks. Partnering with Rev Interactive will ensure you set up according to industry standards. 

We will customize a plan and offer support, giving you a competitive edge over rival companies. Contact our experts today to get started!

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