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11 Innovative Ways of Using Digital Signage for Events

Do you know the benefits of using digital signage in business events, marketing, and ecommerce? 

Many industries utilize technology to appeal to potential customers and improve service delivery. We will offer you insights into different uses of digital signage for events. 

You can implement the strategies in your event to gain a competitive advantage over other businesses.

Types of Digital Signage Solutions You Might See at Events

Although digital signage is commonly found at events nowadays, many organizers may not use them effectively. 

Digital signage displays are, in essence, tools for communicating with an audience and engaging with them through interactive technology. 

Brands will use them to promote themselves at events and attract new customers. Here are the common types of digital signage solutions you might see at events.

1. Mounted Digital Signage

Mounting screens in strategic locations during your event will help enhance guests’ experience. 

Digital signage for events offers an effective way of sharing content with the audience. It can be a great source of information for your event. 

You can use content management software to produce digital signage real time content

Screen specifications and size will depend on where you will place the display. You can opt for single or multiple screens covering an extensive area with a seamless presentation. 

Ensure to check the functionality and the standard features: The ideal choice should enable remote access through internet connectivity to change digital signage content virtually. 

Also, it needs to have interactive technology for a better experience. It should give a high-resolution image to capture the attention of people passing by.

Digital Display for Wall mounting.
Digital display for wall mounting.

2. Interactive Kiosk

You can monetize digital signage by taking advantage of businesses that would want to display their information at your event. 

It helps to use smart touch displays for the signing-in process at your event. 

An interactive kiosk can perform various functions as it is customizable to fit businesses from different industries. 

The content management software is customizable to fit your needs and budget. It makes self service kiosks versatile digital signage solutions. 

These tools can help businesses collect data from people when launching a product. They can showcase a brand’s achievements or display promotional content to the guests.

Interactive Kiosk.
Interactive kiosk.

3. Smart Video Wall

Smart video wall uses led displays to project high-quality images and videos.  They are extensive displays of multiple screens, and you can customize them to varying designs. It is standard practice to use a smart video wall indoors or outdoors. 

You can effectively market the sponsors, display the itinerary schedule, give guests directions, and display promotional materials at your event using a content management system.

An interactive smart wall for corporate meetings.
An interactive smart wall for corporate meetings.

4. Indoor LED Screen

They are bright displays using led lamps to display messages. The indoor screen is seamless and offers high-resolution images. 

Its calibration will ensure the digital signage fits into spaces regardless of the light in a room. 

Unlike alternative displays like projectors, an LED screen is bright and will be visible even in a bright environment. 

Also, you can set it up in straight or curved styles depending on your desired effect.

LED screen for indoor advertisements.
LED screen for indoor advertisements.

Innovative Uses of Digital Signage for Events

Digital signage is replacing print media in corporate events. You will no longer find cardboard in a trade expo or seminar.  Digitizing the process is a valuable investment and will positively impact an event. 

Although you will invest considerably in the initial stages, the initiative will be profitable in the long run. Unlike the printables, you will not need to change the items used. 

With digital signage, you will have to create new content to display and can update the screens in real-time using content management software. 

At the same time, businesses will save money and achieve more efficiency in their communication. 

Digital signage is a versatile tool, and you can use it differently to achieve a particular effect. Here are some innovative ways to use them for events.

1. Branding

Guests at a corporate event will rely on signages for several reasons meaning they will look at the displays when they are in the place. 

Therefore, businesses can create brand awareness for themselves and other stakeholders using the tools.  It is advisable to avoid being too promotional in the content you share on the screens as it will not serve the purpose. 

Remember, the objective is for the signage to enhance the experience and not appear only as a marketing tool. 

Consider using varying media content in your brand awareness during an event. Pictures, videos, and GIFs effectively engage guests during a corporate event.

Clothing store advert on digital signage. Source: Liqvid
Clothing store advert on digital signage. Source: Liqvid

2. Wayfinding

Digital signage is dynamic in helping with navigation during an event. You may probably think of writing the directions on paper, but it will be ineffective when you change the schedules. 

Digital signage will be more effective in helping guests find their way, especially when hosting the event in a large venue. 

With digital signage, you can remotely change the messaging depending on the schedule. 

The real-time updates will help guests go where they need to be immediately. Still, digital displays are more visible from far away than using print. 

You can use them indoors and in an outdoor environment. On the other hand, you can extend the accessibility of information on the signages to the guest’s smartphone by having an application and providing an internet connection.

Digital displays for wayfinding. Source: Arreya
Digital displays for wayfinding. Source: Arreya 

3. Itinerary Events

Informing guests about what is happening in an event will make it more successful. Digital signage can display the itinerary and convey relevant information about the event to the guests. 

Incorporating an audio extension to the digital display will help communicate changes effectively. You can update the itinerary in real-time and alert people on the schedule. 

At the same time, it helps make necessary announcements and share important messages with guests. Displaying the itinerary events will help you observe the timelines and save time.

Event itinerary on screens. Source: Cadmium Blog
Event itinerary on screens. Source: Cadmium Blog

4. Livestream

Livestreaming is a game changer for corporate events. It enables the audience to access different types of content as you can access the internet to display what you want. 

If it is a large gathering, it helps share what is happening in a particular section with the entire group. It minimizes the need for people to move from their stations or crowd at a single point to listen to a talk. 

On the contrary, digital signage can provide the screen for streaming internet videos and live recordings of an event. 

It ensures guests do not miss the day’s important events since you can stream them across the venue using LED screens.

LED screen livestreaming soccer at a bar. Source: AV Custom systems
LED screen livestreaming soccer at a bar. Source: AV Custom systems

5. Social Feed Displays

It is beneficial to share hashtags for your event on social media like Twitter and Instagram. As guests enjoy an event, they can post and share it with friends over social media platforms. 

It is an excellent idea to display the social media feeds during the event as it prompts people to engage more. 

Guests will engage more with a brand on the platforms to feature on the screens. Doing so creates brand awareness as internet users learn about the event. 

Upcoming businesses can get their breakthrough by trending on social media. 

At the same time, you can evaluate the comments to know ways to improve the experience in subsequent events.

Social media feeds on display. Source: Modern Marketing
Social media feeds on display. Source: Modern Marketing

6. Self-Service Kiosk

Interactive kiosks are applicable in events as you can use them for guest registration and to provide essential information on arrival. 

It makes the registration process hassle-free and will guide the attendees on the next steps.  Apart from signing in, the interactive technology can print tags or badges and scan barcodes. 

You can automate ticketing with people paying via the stations. The self-service kiosks give the best first impression to stakeholders, including sponsors and guests. 

By including details on the events and schedules, guests can search the information conveniently using the stations. 

At the same time, you can create a gallery with event posters and upload photographs taken. Guests can print photos on the stations and view them on their smartphones through the app.

Self service kiosk.
Self service kiosk.

7. Leaderboards

Games and contests make events more engaging. It is interesting for people to compete as individuals or as a group. 

Digital signage can help display the individuals doing well in the activities. A leaderboard will help improve the activities and enhance the competitive spirit, showing who the person to beat is.

The atmosphere will make the event fun and memorable. After the game, you can recognize the winners by displaying their names and the awards on the digital screens. 

Leaderboard at an event. Source: Social Point
Leaderboard at an event. Source: Social Point

8. Virtual Games

Digital signage can be a source of entertainment in events if you integrate interactive technology.  A cloud-based system can support virtual gaming, and you can consider them for a corporate gathering. 

You can install different applications for entertainment at a corporate or social event. Also, it can help bring people together in an event and enhance team building through their interactions.

Another exciting thing interactive digital signage can do is conduct polls and live audience response sessions. 

Projecting the results from virtual polls in real-time will make events more engaging, and people will contribute more.  

Interactive signage with gaming features. Source: The Drum
Interactive signage with gaming features. Source: The Drum

9. QR Code Display

You can use QR codes if you want the people attending your event to take a particular action.  The digital signage can display the information to guests, and they can scan it using their mobile devices from a screen near them. 

It eliminates the need for people to queue to access the service. The QR code should give them access to products and services. 

Businesses use it during product launches and for promotions. Still, you can integrate QR codes in marketing content where people can scan to view details about a product on display.

Outdoor digital signage displaying QR code. Source: LinkedIn
Outdoor digital signage displaying QR code. Source: LinkedIn

10. Augmented Reality Exhibitions

Creativity with digital signage can give your enterprise a competitive advantage in an exhibition. 

Augmented reality marketing enhances the interactivity between brands and consumers.  Its transparent smart screen will display graphics over elements from the real world to make it real. 

Customers can view items in different dimensions and conceptualize the idea better. Augmented reality exhibitions are accessible via smartphones as you can download the application to experience them. 

Augmented Reality Exhibition. Source: Ergon Informatik AG
Augmented reality exhibition. Source: Ergon Informatik AG

11. Digital Survey

Getting feedback from the audience is beneficial in understanding the market and strategic planning. 

Interactive digital signage can assist in conducting surveys and customer reviews. It is critical to be objective when coming up with the questions to ask. 

The event’s content should be appealing and engaging if you want the audience to respond. 

A digital survey is less cumbersome than physical questionnaires and will take less time to generate a report.

Woman looking at data from a digital survey. Source: DatabeatOMNI
Woman looking at data from a digital survey. Source: DatabeatOMNI

Choose a Trusted Service Provider For Best Digital Signage Products

Rev Interactive specializes in interactive digital signage and serves clients from across the globe.  With over 15 years in the sector, you can trust their services. The experts have varying skills to offer holistic solutions. 

At the same time, the company can customize its standard plan to fit your needs.  Finding the right service provider for digital signage will determine the results and investment returns. 

Consider the latest tech in hardware and software for improved functionality. Ensure you carefully choose the ideal interactive digital signage service provider.

Final Word

Digital signage applications are many, and you can improve corporate or social events using them.  You can be creative with the different ways to utilize the displays as outlined in this reading. 

Rev Interactive offers multi-touch solutions to businesses. 

Get in touch with our company representatives today and boost your next event!

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