About S-Film

Production in Malaysia Stamp with Chiefway3

Product Features:

Transparent / opaque switching:
In combination with the liquid crystal and the polymer processing technology, S-film can switch the glass to transparent or opaque state by current control.

Environmental / convenient:
S-Film is a film with only 0.288mm thickness – as the world First & Most Thinnest PDLC Smart Film. It can adhere to any glass surfaces easily. With repeat repair function, it is also environmental and practical.

Case study 1: Smart Home ​

Combined with glass tables, chairs, interior drywalls, wardrobes, wine cellars, and all kinds of storage cabinets, collectibles can be hidden behind the frosted S-film and can be shown when S-film is transparent.



Case study 2: Smart Building

S-film can be applied in French windows, large doors and windows, glass patio, glass drywalls of buildings. 

The shading effects of S-film can be controlled by the temperature regulation of the central system to reduce indoor temperatures and retain sufficient brightness. 

S-film can effectively reject up to 70% of the total solar energy in the opaque state.

Case study 3: Smart Healthcare

S-film can also be applied to glass partitions of the operating room and the nursery room. The room is open when S-film is transparent, and the emergency medical procedure can be hidden behind the frosted S-film. The glass surface is easy to clean, which can avoid the allergy from other materials like cloth and curtains.

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