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Portable Digital Signage Display – A Space-Saving Solution

Are you looking to utilise a limited space for marketing and communication needs? 

Many businesses are embracing a portable digital signage solution: A versatile and affordable strategy applicable across industries. 

Read on to learn about the portable digital signage display.

What is a Portable Digital Signage?

Digital signage is evolving, and their applications are increasing as technology advances.  Portable digital signage is a freestanding display for promoting a brand. 

You can use the LED screens to target customers and communicate at the workplace. You can use them in visible places where there’s more people traffic. 

The technological devices will share different types of content, including text, images, and videos. They are lightweight, making them easy to move around to suit your needs. 

You will find them in public places like subways, shopping malls, stalls, and retail shops.  Also, businesses use digital signage in corporate meetings and exhibitions. 

Portable digital display screen.
Portable digital display screen.

If you want robust marketing material, invest in digital signage solutions

Digital signage improves business strategies and gives an edge over rival companies. There are different types to choose from, including the digital standee and kiosk. 

The components and features will depend on where you will place them: Indoors or outdoors. 

However, the signage should withstand harsh climatic conditions when using them outdoors. But, indoor signages do not need the components since you do not expose them to the factors. 

Their applications are numerous, but their operations are similar. The basic features include the following.


It showcases the content you want and forms the most significant part of the portable digital signages. 

The LED screens do not heat up if you use the displays for a prolonged time without switching them off. Brightness and clarity differ from one product to another, and it depends on the brand you buy.

Media Player

There would be nothing to show on led screens without media player integration. It plays content, and it is best to know the type of files a media player supports. 

You can input the marketing materials via a USB on the digital signage player or virtually if it is cloud-based.

Content Management Application

The software enables the hardware (display and media player) to work. On the other hand, the content management system for a digital kiosk provides a digital menu board. 

Benefits of Portable Digital Signage

Businesses can monetize digital signage by charging for advertising space. Still, the interactive kiosk will improve customer service and save on expenditure. 

They are replacing traditional signs, and businesses across industries are embracing them. You can find them in airports, hospitals, shopping centres, and outdoor spaces.

Companies use them for marketing and communication solutions. The applications include sharing promotional content, capturing customer attention, and wayfinding.

Adopting them offers a return on your investments as they have numerous benefits, which are not limited to the following.

1. Flexibility

Portable digital signage is flexible and can be used in different locations depending on your marketing needs. 

Their numerous applications make them an ideal marketing tool for enterprises. 

Portable digital signages are multifunctional and have several applications. It includes displaying marketing content, sharing information, for wayfinding, or as interactive kiosks. 

You can set them up in an indoor or outdoor environment. However, for the latter option, ensure the components are weatherproof before buying the product. 

If you are mobile, the portable models are ideal as they have wheels and can move them quickly. 

An outdoor advertising screen.
An outdoor advertising screen.

2. Highly Customizable

Changing the content to display on the digital signage is easy. You can change the content from a different location with a cloud-based system. 

Unlike traditional signs like banners and posters, you do not need to pull down the material to change the content. Therefore, portable digital signage can fit in varying environments. 

Depending on the target audience or your end goal, you can update what to display. They are highly customizable, making them adaptable to different environments. 

You can personalise the display through the content management system to help promote your brand to the audience. 

3. Easy Operation

Although you can find different models of portable digital signage, you do not need IT superior skills to operate the signage. 

Their operation is straightforward, making them suitable marketing and communication tools. The interface is friendly, making it easy to use them. 

In addition, installation is simple. First, identify an appropriate placement site and transport the unit to the place. 

Then uncover the product and power if it is the first time using the signage. 

You will need to load the content to display into the system using USB or virtually to use cloud integration.

Man ready to order via digital kiosks at a coffee shop. Source: TechWireAsia
Man ready to order via digital kiosks at a coffee shop. Source: TechWireAsia

4. Battery Powered and Mains Electricity

Consider a battery-powered device to use at a site with no electricity. Still, most can connect to the mains electricity making them functional in both settings. 

Therefore, they are versatile since you can use them in a location to capture customer attention with or without electricity. 

Ensure you check the duration the battery can power the digital signage. 

Most brands make batteries that can last close to 12 hours before recharging them: Meaning they can last you an entire day while working in a remote place. 

It is advisable to pick a device with a rechargeable battery that can connect to the grid to get the best out of your investment.

5. Easy to Relocate

Relocating portable signage is easy: The signages will have wheels to aid the movement on a flat surface. 

Using the brakes, you can lock the signage position when you relocate them to where you want. 

They are usually lightweight, making moving them from one location to another more manageable. 

The features are beneficial because you will not need much energy to move them, and it ensures there are minimal risks of damage to the components.

6. Maximize Customer Engagement

Businesses can appeal to customers through digital signage. In this way, digital signage improves businesses

Enterprises can place them strategically where potential customers can access them. 

It will help display your products or services and allow people to find you easily by giving them directions to your establishment. 

The interactive features will maximize customer engagement as you can use portable signages for customer service. 

Clients can utilise the self-service options for assistance and get relevant information regarding the company. 

Digital signage enhances the customer experience and will give an enterprise a competitive edge over similar companies to yours.

Interactive signage for customer self-service.
Interactive signage for customer self-service.

Portable Digital Signage Applications

The transformation in marketing strategies in several industries is mainly due to digitization and technology adoption. 

Investing in marketing and communication tools will give you returns on the investment. They are easy to use and customizable to fit your business. 

Here are some industry applications.

1. Corporate

Portable digital signage can play several roles for corporate entities. 

They are effective marketing tools: The content will attract customers from afar and make them aware of your brand. 

Besides advertising, corporations use portable digital signage for their on-the-go meetings and presentations. 

The displays are visible in conference and meeting rooms with lots of natural light.

2. Retail

The global COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the world, and customers do not want to spend much time in shops. 

Retailers can benefit from portable digital signage by displaying information about their products and services.

Displaying your business-related content will help engage customers and make sales conversions.

Shops use them on shelves to promote and display prices of stocked products. 

Still, you can place them at the storefront to make it easy for clients to find you in a shopping mall.

Digital signage in a shopping mall. Source: Digital AV Magazine
Digital signage in a shopping mall. Source: Digital AV Magazine

3. F&B Industry

Businesses selling food and beverages can enhance customer experience using digital signage. 

The small designs can display menus to customers and make it easy for them to select what they want. 

The management can maintain their menu current by adding and removing available food. 

At the same time, interactive portable digital signage on the countertops enables self-service and enhances efficiency in customer service.

Portable Digital Signage by REV Interactive

Rev interactive is at the forefront of developing and providing digital solutions to companies. Here are two portable digital signages to consider:

1. P2.5 Indoor LED Screen with Portable Standee

Property developers can benefit from the P2.5 Indoor LED Screen with Portable Standee functionality. 

The tool can help in creating brand awareness and engaging the audience. You can change what the signage displays remotely, thus making it flexible to your business needs. 

It will help capture a potential customer’s attention and generate leads.

2. Foldable LED Display Screen

Enterprises with large yet portable marketing tools get a competitive advantage. 

The foldable LED display screen by Rev Interactive is easy to carry as you can make its size smaller by folding it. 

You can use it to attract new customers through the content you share. It is a valuable and versatile tool for promoting your business to your target market. 

Final Word

Portable digital signage displays are flexible in the content you can share and where to use them. Rev Interactive supports enterprises in integrating technology into their operations. 

Our trained and highly experienced staff will take you through all you need to know and provide demos as needed.

We guarantee that we have the digital signage solution you’re looking for, whether that might be portable digital signage, interactive kiosks or wall-mounted signage.

Get in touch with Rev Interactive today to get started!