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Digital Signage Wayfinding with Smart Touch Technology

Digital signage wayfinding refers to a collection of visual maps and traffic management systems that help people locate kiosks (or other facilities), navigate large spaces, and get where they need to go. 

It is a system designed with interactive, attractive, and customizable digital formats that help give directions during events.

A good example is how patients are directed inside a hospital, travelers in an airport, or shoppers inside a huge mall.

Rather than rely on people for directions, all one needs to do is check out the digital wayfinding signs to know where they are going. 

We’re going to explore digital wayfinding in greater detail within the following sections.

An interactive digital signage screen. Source: Visix

The Rise of Digital Wayfinding

Digital wayfinding is a fast-rising digital signage solution that has helped make digital signage more interactive for people and businesses.

Some of the notable types include the following.

Digital Signage

Digital signage in use in a public space. Source: EcoDigitalMedia
Digital signage in use in a public space. Source: EcoDigitalMedia

Digital signage uses images, videos, and audiovisual material to help people find around a large area, and to navigate events locations especially. 

This digital wayfinding system reduces the need for customer service staff and ushers at every corner. 

People can reach their locations easily and independently as long as they know how to understand the signage.

Smartphone Maps

Wayfinding map on a smartphone. Source: 22 Miles
Wayfinding map on a smartphone. Source: 22 Miles

A digital wayfinding system can also be adapted for smartphone use. Apps can be used to provide the owner with a detailed layout of the area they are trying to navigate. 

They are usually interactive and easy to use, and they show updated landmarks combined with automated narration to increase their precision further. 

When it comes to digital signage vs static signage, wayfinding maps are much handier than any static signage since almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket now. 

Plus, these smartphone maps are user-friendly and allow you to personalize your trip by adding stops along the way. 

Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks

Interactive kiosks are convenient wayfinding solutions. Source: Pymnts
Interactive kiosks are convenient wayfinding solutions. Source: Pymnts

An interactive kiosk that uses wayfinding digital signage involves interactive touch screen displays with menus situated in malls, hospitals, campus grounds, banks, roads where users can enter the data of any place they want to quickly reach for quick and real-time directions.

Benefits of Implementing Wayfinding Digital Signage

Digital signage wayfinding has emerged as one of the most popular solutions for businesses.

So, we would like to take a deep dive into this type of wayfinding, and reveal all the benefits that go hand in hand. 

User-friendly Screen

User-friendliness is important for digital signage. Source: mvixdigitalsignage
User-friendliness is important for digital signage. Source: mvixdigitalsignage

Touchscreen wayfinding screens used for digital signage are very user-friendly. One can even say it is easier and smoother to get directions from an interactive wayfinding display rather than getting directions from a person. 

The instructions on wayfinding digital signage are clear and straight to the point, and that saves time and energy.

A user-friendly screen displays things more clearly using attractive colors that enhances the user-experience. 

Adding other interactive features like voice-overs that describe movements and directions can make it even more accessible.


You don’t have to worry about getting the wrong information since the touchscreen wayfinding digital signage system receives regular updates as the digital directory data changes. 

This feature inspires confidence as you are assured that you will reach where you are going without being misled. 

In the long run, the consistency and reliability of these systems help you manage your time better.

Real-time Navigation

Real-time navigation increases accuracy. Source: Airport Suppliers

Thanks to GPS technology, you can see the navigation data in real-time with all the other data displayed on the screen. 

Digital signage screens for wayfinding provide relevant and updated instructions to patrons.

Integrated wayfinding apps on the smartphone can also recalibrate on the move, giving you new routes if you take the wrong direction. 

Instant Updates

Whether you are using a smartphone or any other digital signage wayfinding solution, you receive quick updates regarding building layouts or any other changes that may have been added to your display. 

This is very useful as it helps you find your way around things faster to avoid getting lost in the maze. 

When using 3D floor maps, for instance, you can see real-time representations of your surroundings and destinations, even company name changes, making it easy to pick out structures and landmarks.

Mobile Integration

Wayfinding apps work on mobile phones. Source: Innovation Origins
Wayfinding apps work on mobile phones. Source: Innovation Origins

As mentioned, digital signage can be integrated with mobile phones, tablets, a computer, and any other display medium that can execute smart touch commands and run the proprietary software behind the solution. 

This feature means you can be on the go at all times through your phone, saving yourself valuable time that would have been wasted if you got lost if there were no digital kiosk signs.

Easy Installation

It matters not the display platform visitors are using digital signage wayfinding solutions; installing and running the software is easy. 

For smartphones, all you would need is a GPS-enabled phone to install Google Maps from the App or Play Store, and you will be running it within minutes. 

You don’t even need a manual or any external help from someone else to figure touchscreen wayfinding systems out as they are adept at providing directions to different locations.


Accessibility makes things more user-friendly. Source: Visix
Accessibility makes things more user-friendly. Source: Visix

Accessibility is also at a high level with digital signage wayfinding software. Visitors can switch to any language across multiple platforms that fits their needs better using menus. 

Where voiceovers are used, they can recalibrate the type of voice you are comfortable with for your touchscreen maps. This allows you to manage navigation a lot easier, and visitors can do it on their own without help.

Some smart signage options even allow easy access by scanning QR codes directly from the screens.


The software that runs interactive wayfinding solutions and the compatible hardware is very modern and will continue to be used in the future. This means unlimited support for all these map tools. 

It is highly responsive, engaging, easy to control, and in line with the current outlays and screens being used to create navigation apps.

These multi-touch solutions help in improving the visitor experience.

Less Staff Required

Digital signage wayfinding helps reduce manpower. Source: Crello
Digital signage wayfinding helps reduce manpower. Source: Crello

Interactive digital signage wayfinding effectively eliminates the need for multiple in-person staff and ushers. 

If you can get to your destination using the vicinity’s digital signage or using your smartphone, there would be no need for engaging employees or setting up a full-fledged department to just get this done. 

Digital signage tools boost user experience significantly.

Personalized Welcome Messages

Visitors can get personalized welcome messages with wayfinding digital signage that act as notifications that you have arrived at your destination or located the building you may have been looking for. 

This is how digital signage software has made things a lot easier for users and businesses and improved visitor satisfaction, even when using free demo versions.


Wayfinding digital signage is essential for modern businesses, hospitals, or campus grounds that receive huge numbers of guests.

Anyone wishing to create the most out of this should invest in digital signage wayfinding. 

If your company is thinking about implementing digital signage wayfinding, REV Interactive is the solution provider for you. Get a consultation with us as soon as possible! 

REV Interactive provides great options for interactive touch screen kiosks, and we’re here to help you find the best solution for your business.

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