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Commercial Digital Signage vs TV: Differences & Buying Guide

Digital signage displays are fast becoming one of the most preferred advertising solutions for marketers. 

A 2010 study on digital signage in America revealed that 135 million Americans were reached in a week with 19% purchasing the advertised items on impulse.

The numbers might well be even higher now with the advent of better digital signage components.

But what exactly are they, and how can they facilitate business growth? 

This article compares commercial digital signage vs TV displays, expounding on their individual pros and cons and which option is best suited for your business.

Digital Signage Display – Pros and Cons

Various types of digital signage displays exist. 

They include weather-proofed outdoor options, indoor options such as self-service kiosks and video walls, digital menu boards used to display enticing food offers/menus, free-standing options, and wall-mounted digital posters.

But before you invest in digital signage, the importance of weighing in on its perks and disadvantages cannot be over-emphasized.

One of the most popular business advertising options. Source: CustomerThink
One of the most popular business advertising options. Source: CustomerThink

Pros of a Digital Signage Display

1. Bright and Attention-grabbing

A notable reason you should consider digital signage solutions is they contain motions that instantly capture people’s attention, providing immersive experiences. 

There have been numerous reports that find people willing to enter new stores after seeing a digital signage ad. 

That is enough proof of digital signage as an effective marketing tool.

2. Extensively Customizable

This advanced technology allows you to customize commercial displays, showcase new offers, and communicate real-time information at a moment’s notice. 

Furthermore, you can use videos and presentations for a more interactive experience or opt for still texts and images.

3. Offers Interactivity 

Digital signage improves business establishments since consumers no longer have to wait for prolonged periods to receive services. 

By taking advantage of a digital signage display, they can, for instance,  opt for self-service options at restaurants.

4. Sustainable

Digital signage displays eliminate paper use and do not emit harmful greenhouse gases, making them highly sustainable.

5. Long Lifespan

A digital signage screen is built for commercial applications. They come with warranties of up to 7 years, so you can be sure to still use them for years, even decades down the line.

6. Remote Monitoring

Retail digital signage can be integrated with cloud computing systems, allowing entrepreneurs to monitor and control them remotely, without geographical limitations. 

Cons of a Digital Signage Display

While the benefits of digital signage displays are overwhelming, there are still some cons to consider.

1. Expensive and Costly

You might need to part with a couple of hundred dollars to enjoy the benefits of commercial displays, especially if you choose digital standee options.

Additionally, you will incur installation fees and need to purchase digital signage software, causing installation costs to tally up. 

2. Requires External Hardware

Apart from the screen, you will also need a commercial digital signage player, cables, and mounts. 

If you want different signage placements, you also need to buy additional monitors and tablets. 

3. Needs Software

Digital signage displays need a content management system to help admins better manage content. 

Providers like REV Interactive offer some of the best digital signage software Malaysia solutions to facilitate content creation, scheduling, and management.  

4. Requires User Training 

Unlike paper advertisements, this tech requires user training which might be time-consuming and expensive.

Bright and attention-grabbingExpensive
Extensively customizableRequires external hardware
Offers interactivity Needs software
SustainableRequires user training 
Long lifespan
Remote monitoring

Commercial TV – Pros and Cons

Businesses using commercial TV as displays is not unheard of.  They are similar to the consumer versions, only that they have more robust features and are built to withstand long hours of operations.

Commercial digital displays resembling a flat screen tv installed in a conference room. Source: MystiqueMuzik
Commercial digital displays resembling a flat screen tv installed in a conference room. Source: MystiqueMuzik

Pros of a Commercial TV Display

1. Built-in Features

Commercial TVs produce sound. Thus they do not need the installation of audio devices or any software. 

They also boast brighter displays, crucial for picture clarity and outdoor settings. 

2. Ease of Use 

Majority of people are accustomed to using TVs at home. Thus, they are familiar with how they operate, eliminating the need for user training and technical expertise.

3. Inexpensive Installation

Since they do not require additional hardware and software, commercial TVs attract lower upfront costs. 

They are also easy to install, ruling out the need for installation experts. 

Cons of a Commercial TV Display

1. Limited Warranty Options

Since most televisions are designed for home use, they often have 1-year warranties, which is nothing compared to warranties offered by digital signage screen companies.

2. Little to No Customization

Commercial televisions are programmed to undertake specific functions, making customization an uphill task. 

And the fact that they will not work with bespoke digital signage software that offers customization capabilities doesn’t help either.   

3. Not Sustainable

Businesses are intentional about using eco-friendly appliances and electronics. If your company is going green, commercial TVs are not your best fit as they have high energy consumption levels.     

4. Not Long-lasting

As a result of using more power, a TV screen does not guarantee longevity. Furthermore, they are meant to only operate for a few hours a day. 

Built-in featuresLimited warranty options
Ease of useLittle to no customization
Inexpensive installationNot sustainable
Not long-lasting

Commercial Digital Signage VS TV – Choose the Best Display

Here is a commercial display and television comparison to fuel your purchasing decision.


While a domestic television is specially designed for consumer use, a digital signage display is engineered for commercial use. 

Since they are specifically designed to operate for extended periods, they will not experience color fade. 

Furthermore, they contain fans and additional ventilation for optimal cooling.

Size of Display

Both tech solutions come in varying display sizes but digital display signage offers more size flexibility. 

You can easily find one the size of a tablet, and since they are made for commercial installations, the chances of finding larger options are high.

Digital signage displays can display information in landscape and portrait mode, unlike TVs. Source: viewneo
Digital signage displays can display information in landscape and portrait mode, unlike TVs. Source: viewneo


Consumer TV is specially made for home use. And even though some entrepreneurs will use them commercially, they cannot withstand the harsh outdoor temperatures. 

Digital signage displays, on the other hand, are weatherproofed, making them perfect for outdoor commercial setups. 

They also come in a protective covering that protects them from dust.


Choose interactive digital signage options that will allow customers to navigate the system and get the services they need.

Multi touch is an excellent example of an interactive feature of modern-day signage. 

The innovative feature allows multiple users to play games and undertake other tasks on the system simultaneously, creating a delightful experience.

TVs are not ideal for your store or restaurant if you want to offer interactive experiences. Source: Digital Signage Today
TVs are not ideal for your store or restaurant if you want to offer interactive experiences. Source: Digital Signage Today


Since they are tech gadgets, a TV display and digital signage are susceptible to hacking. However, the former is much easier to intercept.

Unlike consumer TVs, digital signage screens integrate with various software solutions to boost security levels. 

They can be password protected and their operating system secured against remote entry, deterring hackers. 

Cost, Installation, and Maintenance

While initial installation for commercial digital signage displays may soar high, they are easy to maintain. 

Unlike their TV counterparts, they do not use as much power and do not wear out as quickly.

Digital Signage Display Solutions by REV Interactive

As top digital signage Malaysia providers, we provide smart touch solutions to help you improve your business’s visual communication. 

We have a wide range of indoor and outdoor digital signage products with a particular focus on mounted digital signage and video walls.

Our products are designed to adapt to your unique needs effectively. Some of the features you can expect include:

  • An array of mounting options for optimal viewing experiences
  • Cloud integration capabilities to facilitate remote management
  • Displays with high-brightness capability for better outdoor viewing 
  • Automatic temperature control to ensure the device’s longevity
  • Quality covering for optimal protection against dust and water  

We adopt international standards to provide superior-quality digital signage. 

Some application scenarios that our high-tech products can be of use include gyms, research centers, schools, shopping malls, restaurants, offices, and public areas. 

To further improve their efficacy, our products come with a content management system that allows you to create, modify, and manage your content fast and easily. 

Final Word

Digital signage has proved to be a surefire advertising and communication solution. 

It has quickly become a successful marketing strategy, overtaking still boring texts and images.

Commercial screens can also be used for these purposes, but they do not match the robust customization and interactive capabilities digital signage offers. 

They are also costly in the long run and will not last as long. Contact REV Interactive today to kickstart your commercial digital signage campaign today!