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What Is Digital Signage? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Digital Signage Malaysia

What is Digital Signage? We see them around us every day, all thanks to technological advancements.

Signage has come a long way from the rudimentary forms that transformed how people interact with advertising and information to the current varied forms that are available for businesses that rely on signages.

But what exactly is digital signage?

Digital signage is an extension of the signage business that leans heavily on the technology side.

It makes use of LCD, LED, and projection screens to display all the information related to products, businesses, and other pieces of information that are relevant to the growth and sale of the said businesses and products.

They are used in public spaces where visibility is maximum in the hope that they would catch the attention of people going about their business.

In a nutshell, this is a form of advanced video wall advertising, exhibition, marketing, and wayfinding that modern businesses and individuals can use to increase brand awareness.

A video wall display with interactive solution that make good presentation screen

Why Digital Signage is Rising in Popularity

As the ease of doing business or running a venture becomes more accessible to people, the competition is heating up.

With consumers exposed to so many options, getting their attention is the difference between survival and the demise of an enterprise, and this is why digital signage Malaysia has become quick to catch on with people these days.

The reasons why this is the case include the following.

  • They add a dynamic angle to content display as they do more than the traditional static forms of signage which contain both informational and entertaining.
  • They are cost-effective as their prices continue to fall as their influence continues to sky-rocket, the perfect combination for business owners.
  • There’s improved retention among consumers as they have been found to remember digital signage Malaysia more than they would a static billboard on the road.
  • There are multiple options for business owners and manufacturers to utilize, and this gives the range they need to get to a wider audience.
A multi-touch smart display screen at an exhibition in display

Elements of Digital Signage Solution

Like any other form of advertisement, digital signage also has its own set of specific elements that have to work together to achieve its intended purpose.

For success to be attained, you have to pay attention to the three elements of digital signage in Malaysia that include the following.

  • Content: This is the information you intend to display to the consumers. It ranges from text, audio, audio-visuals, images, among many other forms. Whatever you choose to go with has to conform to the products and services you want the public informed about, and this means creating everything from scratch going up.
  • Hardware: These include the displays, the platform that you use to present the content you just created to the people. The choice of hardware depends on your financial capabilities and the scope of the advertisement.
  • Software: This is the program that you use to ensure that the content and the hardware work together to bring the idea to life. It is the software that adds flesh to the content through animations, transitions, and motion graphics.
A moving around images on a smart touch live wall display

Where Can You Display Your Digital Signage?

The advantage that digital signage has over all the other forms of advertisements is that it can be displayed on just about anything and anywhere; all that’s needed is just some inch of space.

There are some specific types of businesses that can take full advantage of digital signage, and they include the following.

Outdoor digital signage that conveniently showcase the direction, weather and what’s not for all


Restaurants are all about being flashy to catch the attention of people who are passing by, and digital signage is the best way to achieve this effect. By using a digital menu board, for instance, restaurants are able to display more information using all kinds of styles while incorporating all kinds of images and videos for more impact. This saves restaurants money they would have wasted printing menus every few months.


With online shopping invading every commercial space, retailers who depend on physical visits have had to change tact, and embracing digital signage is the best way to counter this. By using high-quality and attractive digital displays, these retail spaces are able to catch the attention of potential clients and, at the same time, use them to provide information on discount deals and upcoming events. All they are left with is the simple task of updating the information every few days.


Banks are also in the same predicament with retail shops, thanks to online banking taking over. However, they still need a physical location for some inquiries that have to be made in person. Digital signages are the best way to direct customers to the banks. At the same time, they can use these signs to display other important information like the current exchange rate, temperature LED display, among other things that may be of use to their clients.


Promotional events and concerts usually go big on digital signage for many purposes. It could be for projecting what’s happening on the stage to a number of people or proceeding video feed for product launches. The aim here is to ensure the people in the furthest end of the venue are able to see everything clearly. Movie theaters also use digital signage to inform people of upcoming movies and trailers.

Health Care Industry

Digital signage has made work much easier for hospitals when it comes to organising patient queues and directing them where they need to be. On a psychological level, the use of digital signage has been found to induce feelings of calmness, and that’s why they are heavily used in waiting lounges. The display screens project all kinds of information, from important health tips to entertainment.

Religious Organizations

Churches have also moved on with the times and replaced their wooden boards with savvy displays that provide information on service times, the bible parts to be read, the names of the preachers who will be involved and other sorts of information. The signs are also used to bring new members to the church by using targeted messages.

Types of Digital Signage Solutions

There are two main types of digital signage solutions in use today by various businesses around the globe: Indoor and Outdoor.

These two have unique features that cater to various needs, and each choice is determined by the needs of the business in question. 

Indoor signage solutions involve the setting up digital signages outside on buildings and billboards through the use of huge video displays that can be seen from a long distance away. They are very handy when it comes to large scale advertisements as they can be seen by a huge number of people.

Outdoor digital signages are mostly used in enclosed spaces and are much smaller compared to the displays used in outdoor digital signage. They can be used to display all kinds of information and be used as self-service tools in establishments that deal with physical customers like restaurants and hospitals.

Of these two broad categories, there are two digital signage technologies that are very popular these days with businesses and they include the following.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management System is an advanced display system that uses large format displays for commercial purposes and applications.

They come with a range of attributes like great brightness that works even in the direct glare of the sun, great contrasts, and unbeatable resolutions. The following are some of the notable features of CMSs:

  • Multi-touch screens that allow for multiple users at the same time.
  • Customizable screens that can be rotated to any angle for the best presentations
  • Easy to use with high accuracy and great smoothness.
  • Interactive capabilities that can be used even for broadcasting to a wider audience.
Digital menu board solution that enhance consumer’s dining experience

Choosing to go with a CMS for your signage needs brings some benefits to the table that no other system can afford. Some of these benefits include the following.

  • The ability to upload content and store it for future use.
  • The ability to manage sequences and transitions.
  • Addition of actions and triggers.
  • The ability to monitor the status of all the display screens.
  • The freedom to upgrade the software.
  • The ability to add branding elements like logos and taglines.

Smart Signage Products

Smart Signage products involve the use of highly advanced and interactive displays that can be used both indoors and outdoors to cater to a wide range of advertising and presentation needs.

The options under this glass interactive smart display system are so many that it may become hard for someone to make up their minds on what to go with. Some of the options worth mentioning include the following.

Smart Video Wall LEDs that enhanced your advertising in retail display

Some of these options include the following.

  • Indoor wall-mounted displays that have beautiful appearances and solid metallic bodies that protect the multi-touch video wall screens even when they are exposed to the elements
  • Free-standing indoor displays with an interactive glass wall that are portable and can work independently. This allows businesses to set them up anywhere for maximum impact.
  • Interactive kiosk machine like Indoor desk kiosks that offer an all-in-one interactive option where people can go through information packaged in well-designed and interactive formats. This digital information kiosk can be used in in-game centers, cinemas, shopping malls, cafes, among other highly frequented public spaces.
  • Touch whiteboards for conferencing and meetings that are portable and easy to operate with multi-screen capabilities and integration with laptops and mobile phones

Determining the Selection Criteria for Smart Digital Signage

As previously mentioned, the sheer number of interactive digital signage solutions in the market can be overwhelming for anyone looking to incorporate the technology into their business.

As the best way to help you sift through all that and find exactly what you need, the following are the key factors you have to keep in mind.

A multi-touch wide smart video wall display in action


The ease of installation is a very important aspect to consider as that will eventually determine the overall cost of the entire operation. Before committing to anything, your installation partner has to survey the site to figure out what will work best, and they have to be with you all through the entire process to the end until everything works as needed.


Once the survey of the site is done, it would now be time to figure out the number and type of hardware needed. This includes the display screens, the wiring needs, the mounts, the protective frames, and any other supportive structure that will enhance the effectiveness of the solutions you chose to go with.


The software used is a key component that ties everything together. Without the software, all you have is expensive hardware and raw content that cannot be used. You need software that will run the media players to ensure the presentation comes exactly as you envisioned it.


There’s no technology that doesn’t require a network to work, and the same goes for advanced digital signages. You need a strong network, be it through Wi-Fi or hard lines, that will be able to connect all the elements of your content to work with the hardware and the software. A network is what ties everything up into a complete package.

Digital Content

This is what you will display on the screens you just set up. There are unlimited ways that you can use to approach this. You have to figure out what you want to pass on to the consumers then create your ideal content from scratch. This will take time and resources as you will need a team of highly creative individuals to pull this off.

5 Benefits of Digital Signage Solutions

The popularity of digital signage is growing bigger every day, and there’s a good reason for it. Every serious business worth its name has no other choice but to invest heavily in proper digital signage solutions, and the following are reasons why.

1. Decreased Perceived Wait Time

Gone are the days when people used to wait in line with no information on hand. That’s usually enough reason to make someone change their mind about getting what they had come for in the first palace. Setting up digital signage around the business establishment has the psychological effect of keeping people busy to stop them from thinking much about the delays.

2. Improved Communication with Customers and Employees

Digital signages improved the interaction between employees and customers because of the access to information. The customer gets the freedom to choose content on their own and will only need help when it comes to minor clarifications as opposed to the past, where they had to spend more time talking to employees who may not be well informed. Communication is now much better than before.

3. Increased Revenue

Digital signage has two major financial benefits it brings to the table. One, it cuts down on the cost of printing and recreating signage materials every time a business wants to introduce something new. Two, it is attractive in its own right, and this makes it easy to bring in new customers, which increases revenue—every aspect of using digital signage grants the business a new financial lifeline that makes it grow bigger.

4. Easy Content Modifications and Revisions

Nothing is permanent with digital signage. All it takes to make changes is a simple click of a button, and new content can be up within minutes. In contrast, businesses in the past had to deal with static signages that could only be changed at high costs. With digital signage, you can store content for future use, adding modifications and revisions as you wish in perpetuity. 

5. Impressive Modern Appearance

The aesthetic appeal of digital signages is what makes them a very viable option. It is impossible for people to ignore a well-presented signage display. The use of images, videos, audio, and text adds appeal on top of making things easy to understand. Most of the presentations are also straight to the point and short, anyone can get to the flesh of the matter by a single look, and this will leave an impact big enough to make them curious to come back again.

A stretched out smart display in a shoe retail shop that enhanced your retail display

The Future of Digital Signage Solutions

Technology moves at a very fast pace; what is hot today may be old news by the next day, and there’s little that can be done to reverse that. The digital signage space is no exception to the rule. There are three areas that are expected to get a massive overhaul in the future as far as this technology is concerned.

  • Interactivity: All that we have seen so far, impressive as it already is, is just the tip of the iceberg. In the future, interactivity will go beyond touch and involve other aspects like speech recognition, gesture motions, a face recognition system, remote actions, motion detectors, and demographic-based interactions, among many others.
  • Connectivity: Internet connectivity is extensive already, but there’s still more to be done. In the future, digital signage technologies will go a level higher once more people have access to the network, as that will mean a bigger audience for businesses. There will be offline solutions, stand-alone CMS, third-party affiliates, social media, among many other solutions.
  • User Experience: Making the customer satisfied has been the core of businesses for ages, and the future doesn’t look any different. However, consumers in the future will be able to have more control and access to what they want, and this will enhance their experience, and all this will be made possible by improved digital signage solutions.

Why The Rev Interactive Digital Signage Solutions?

Getting the right digital signage solutions for your business is half the journey; what you really need is a trusted partner who goes beyond the mere responsibility of providing the framework.

That is why we, the Rev Interactive are the best digital signage in Malaysia, and the reasons below speak for themselves.

  • We provide the best hardware and digital signage software in Malaysia that are in line with what’s new in the market at any given time.
  • We are innovative, providing you with tailor-made products and services that are unique to you and your business.
  • We have the range to deal with anything that pops up long after we have set up everything for you.
  • We have a team of highly qualified personnel who will deal with any questions and concerns you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions on Digital Signage Solutions Malaysia

Q: What is Digital Signage?

A: Digital signage comprises technology-based display signs that use LED, LCD, or projection screens to showcase digital content such as videos, images, and motion graphics.

Q: Where Can You Display Digital Signage?

A: Digital signage can be installed indoors or outdoors depending on the structure of the sign. In terms of venue, they can be used for advertising in retail spaces such as store fronts, malls and cinema halls. They  are also applicable in other commercial spaces like airports, conference centres, and theme parks.

Q: How Effective Are Digital Display Signs?

A: Digital display signs are highly effective because they deliver an interactive viewing experience that captures your audience’s attention. Moreover, they provide lots of flexibility as the content displayed can be changed to display information in different languages or in different styles that appeal to various audience categories.

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