Product Features:

  • Compared with large LED screens, “S-Window” with laser projection imaging technology has characteristics such as low temperature, low power consumption, less space, anti-dazzling and retention of the original glass permeability.
  • Integrated with aesthetic space design, window is TV, and TV is window.
  • Large touch screen module.
  • Product type:
    From 60 inch to 150 inch large screen TV window.
  • Project type:
    No need to change the original glass environment. After attachment of S-film, the window becomes S-Window immediately.
  • Combination of three interactive systems:
    Human body sensor, touch navigation, mobile to provide integrated service solutions.

“S-Window” is a high-end technology product which can actually make concepts in science fiction films come true.

It is a new business model for physical stores to attract more crowds!
Consumers who shop around stop in front of the window and interact with the whole new glass window.

S-Window creates more interesting interactions and topics between consumers and window displays.

Applications of Multimedia Showcase ​

From merchandise displays to glass imaging interactions, “S-window” creates a fantastic experience for consumers.

It can retain the original glass permeability when transparent during the daytime and project advertisement to make money when frosted during the nighttime. S-window can provide e-commerce services to prolong the operating time.

When no one in front of the glass window, the window can be a transparent glass that you can look through; when someone is close to the glass window, the auto-sensing system starts, and a professional and beautiful virtual attendant will appear on the glass window instantly to greet guests.

The virtual attendant of active marketing will lead consumers. The users attracted to watch on the glass window will further interact with the window.

The experiential marketing extends business opportunities of window displays. The passerby no longer just passes through. This kind of active advertising can optimize business potential for the business.​

Commercial / Home Solutions​

The transparent S-Window keeps the light and a sense of space. The entire space will be full of vigour and vitality due to the brightness.

The opaque S-Window can not only shadow the inside space but also avoid the strong sunlight.

It is a glass window and a large-size TV. Providing comprehensive solutions of “100-inch big screen for the business conference room”.


Combination of Smart Film Display and Projection technology, S-Windows Touch is a revolutionary product that can definitely impress your audience.

One click to opaque. One click to display. One touch to interact

Smart Mirror Logo


5-mirror allows you to switch between mirrors, television and windows whenever you want and protects your privacy when saving the space to provide you with an intimate and safe home environment.

Furthermore, the characteristic of zero radiation makes 5-mirror stand out from other electronic products with video capabilities and provide you and your family with a comfortable, environmentally friendly and healthy home in leisure activities.

5-mirror can project on one side and form images on double sides. Through mirror reflection, it can project images with optimum brightness. The images on two opposite sides share the same brilliant, vivid, and saturated color.

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