Design Screen With Frames

Digital Signage for Deco & Design

Get two birds with one stone! Design digital signage screens update the looks of you store and create a cost effective communication channel.

Modern Screens with frames fit into any interior design. You’ll manage the content on screens remotely via internet. No need for expensive renovation or print posters!


  • Large digitall picture frame with matboard and real wooden frame in classic design unique on the market.
  • Play image and video files from USB sticks or microSD cards.
  • To support your service, e.g. presentation of floral arrangements, urns, grave stones or the (sequences of a funeral).
  • Size 43”/ 49”/ 55”.
  • To be used in store windows to present photos and videos, e.g nature, flowers, angel pictures, proverbs and sayings or portraits with quotes (buddha, popes, Einstein, Goethe, etc).
  • Professional 24/7 system.
  • Crystal-clear fidelity of reproduction of photos and videos during reverence.
  • Simple operation, e.g. by auto start when power supply is connected.
  • Landscape or portrait.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Easy installation.

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Our business scope includes broadcasting, interactive digital signage, defence, geo-intelligence, education, collaboration, product presentation and gaming. We believes that Multi-touch solutions will bring a new way of interactive among digital device and fingers & gestures. We're excited if you have new business ideas. Tell us and let us plan for you!