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Effective Shopping Mall Signage and the Digital Mall Directory

Shoppers are now more impatient than ever.

They don’t have the time to ask for directions, and for business owners and mall designers, having interactive digital signage that directs people to where they want to be is very important.

We are going to look at the key concepts of a shopping mall digital signage, look at the digital mall directory and explore the importance of good shopping mall signage design.

Stick to the end to find out just how vital these simple solutions can be.

An operational digital directory. Source: Shopping Mall Signage - Rev Interactive
An operational digital directory. Source:

Key Concepts of Shopping Mall Signage

A shopping mall digital signage is the go-to option for any modern building structure set with multiple businesses.

Granting people the right directions could be the difference between success and failure, and the following are the two elements vital to a mall signage design.

An outdoor mall signage. Source: Davedesigns - Shopping Mall Signage - Rev Interactive
An outdoor mall signage. Source: Davedesigns


Wayfinding signages are strategically placed signs and boards that have all the information and content pertaining to the direction of a particular shop or office within a building.

It could also be a commercial smart video wall that’s designed to give the public quick directions without any need for asking someone else who may not even be there.

They are clear, concise, have an advanced face recognition system and use very simple language and signs that anyone can quickly interpret.

Retail digital signage are like digital maps that help customers find direction faster. All they have to do is look them up as they walk; most times, they don’t even need to stop as they are usually bold, big, and with vivid, attractive colours.


Another useful application of a good shopping mall digital signage is for providing a retail venture the ideal chance for showcasing a brand logo and what it stands for. They are big most of the time, and the number of ways one can use them to boost brand visibility is too many.

The success of a shopping mall signage design used for branding depends on the level of design creativity applied.

Things like the type of fonts, the colours used, their sizes, and other aspects play a vital role in ensuring that the brand is well seen and understood.

You measure the success of brand signage by how quickly a customer is able to figure it out with the first look without having any more questions to inquire about the sign.

The Digital Mall Directory

A digital mall directory is a public digital display whose design catalogs the details of retail venture locations and a list of other information that will help the public locate the said shop faster without any intervention from another person.

The signage design mostly comes in the form of a smart touch interface that someone can operate on their own to find specific information on something they need.

The content management system comes with an interface similar to what you find in Google Maps, only that it is called down to include the map of a building, showing all the detailed info of every company, shop, office, or service offered within that building.

An indoor digital mall directory. Source: DigitalSignBuilder - Shopping Mall Signage - Rev Interactive
An indoor digital mall directory. Source: DigitalSignBuilder

3 Benefits of Digital Signage: Importance of Good Shopping Mall Signage

Good shopping mall signage carries several benefits that every company located within a big building can make use of to become more accessible. They include the following:

A colourful mall signage display in a busy building. Source: AdcentsMedia - Shopping Mall Signage - Rev Interactive
A colourful mall signage display in a busy building. Source: AdcentsMedia

Brand Image

Digital signage shopping mall displays are the perfect places for retail brand visibility.

A good retail digital signage is hard to miss, and with a strategic location, you can expose your brand images to the public, and this will help increase awareness among the customers who are passing by.


Digital signage offers the best and concise directions inside a building that houses a lot of other enterprises.

Modern malls are not small, and finding your way around can be hard, and this is where a directional signage comes in very handy as it displays everything for visibility at a high place to get your attention.

Media Visibility

The fastest way for a company to notify customers in the world today that a particular building sits at a certain location is through a multi-touch shopping mall digital signage wayfinding option.

This includes malls, hospitals, airports, and the likes that can be seen quickly by any of the drivers and pedestrians passing close by.


As a business or building owner, creating a system of efficiency on the go is important, and setting up the appropriate commercial digital signage to show customers the way is a good step in the right direction. 

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