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How to Leverage the Power of Roadside Digital Signage

Digital signage is the best way to display advertisements to potential customers. 

Digital signage has many advantages, like being more interactive and dynamic, which makes it more attractive than regular signage.

Outdoor digital signage is one of the most effective ways to reach the public and market your products or services. 

What about roadside digital signage? How do we benefit from it, and how does it compare to other outdoor signage?

Digital signage that’s mounted on a pole or billboard by the side of the road can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used for advertising or publicity. 

You can also use it for security or safety purposes by displaying signs to warn citizens about dangerous weather conditions or road accidents. 

Let’s delve deeper into roadside digital signage!

What is Roadside Digital Signage?

The term roadside digital signage is used to describe large format displays installed at roadside locations such as motorway service areas, tourist attractions, theme parks and shopping centres. 

These large format displays can be used for marketing or as public information systems.

As with any other form of public display, roadside digital signage displays information to drivers passing by. 

Typically, this information consists of images and text related to the business or location where the display is located. It could also include live news feeds or real-time weather reports. 

The size of these displays can vary from very small units with limited capabilities to larger units that provide more interactive features and may even be fitted with mobile phone charging points.

Roadside digital signage in the city. Source: Pickcel
Roadside digital signage in the city. Source: Pickcel

Benefits of a Roadside Digital Signage

There are many benefits of using roadside digital signage whether that is to promote businesses or alert the residents of a city. 

Now, we will take a look at all the benefits that roadside digital signage has to offer.

Eye-Catching and Holds Attention 

Eye-catching roadside digital signage that’s also visually appealing tends to be better at holding the public’s attention. 

On the other hand, a simple digital message will not get people’s attention, which is why roadside digital signage should feature good or relevant content.

Roadside digital signage is an effective tool for creating awareness about products and services. 

For example, some retailers place products in the foreground of their billboard ads so that they can attract customers’ attention. 

Roadside digital signage can also be used to advertise an event or special deal. 

When people see a billboard advertising something of interest to them, they will be more likely to interact with the brand.

Digital signage in a city centre. Source: Mediamove
Digital signage in a city centre. Source: Mediamove

Engagement from Bystanders

Bystanders are more likely to notice digital signage display kiosks if the placement of the aforementioned kiosks is strategic. 

For example, if the kiosks are placed near bus stops or other places with dense foot traffic, the digital signage can gain better traction. 

Take into consideration peak hours or meal times in which there are predictably more pedestrians. 

Digital signage on sidewalks. Source: Digital Signage Pulse
Digital signage on sidewalks. Source: Digital Signage Pulse

High Visibility Rate and Large Demographic

Visibility basically refers to how “easy-to-see” your digital signage displays are. It goes without question that brands want a high visibility rate with regard to digital signage placement. 

Therefore, places with high foot traffic and places prone to traffic congestion might be suitable options.

In addition, roadside digital signage that presupposes a high visibility rate can reach large demographic groups. 

Road users and sidewalk users are basically a segment of the general population. Therefore, if you’re trying to reach out to a general audience, roadside digital signage is what you need. 

Digital signage in Times Square, New York. Source: Blog Peerless
Digital signage in Times Square, New York. Source: Blog Peerless

Customizable and Can Alternate Content

Roadside digital signage is able to display multiple messages. You can display all sorts of content from images, videos, or text complete with customization and company branding.

When you are looking for the right design for your roadside digital signage, you should think about its functionality. 

Your digital signage content should be striking, but readable so that you hold and retain the interest of your potential customers.

Make sure that your digital message is visually appealing. You can use images or pictures containing text for the purpose of making your message more attractive. 

Convey Important Emergency Updates

It can also display other information such as public service announcements (PSAs) or emergency information about natural disasters or accidents. 

Furthermore, this feature gives you the opportunity to create digital signage real-time content.

In fact, smart city digital signage has quickly become wildly popular as more and more smart cities arise. 

In smart cities across Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America, roadside digital signage helps authorities communicate with citizens quickly and effectively.

Digital signage is instrumental in broadcasting emergency updates.
Digital signage is instrumental in broadcasting emergency updates.

Communicate Real-time Traffic Updates

Roadside digital signage is an effective way to communicate real-time traffic updates. 

It can help to inform road users about traffic congestion, accidents on the road, or road work ahead. 

These live updates help road users anticipate what their journey will look like and help them plan alternative routes.

Powerful Tips for Effective Roadside Digital Signage

When it comes to digital signage vs static signage, you will find that digital signage display is much more effective. 

In order to make roadside digital signage more powerful, you can consider the following factors.

Roadside digital signage – food advertising.
Roadside digital signage – food advertising.

Font Type and Size

In order to achieve maximum readability, consider factors like font type, font size, and white space. 

These digital signage design tips can actually make a huge difference in engagement and information retention. 

Some fonts that are highly readable include Verdana and Helvetica. These are appropriate for most digital signage displays. 

Font size, on the other hand, would depend on the size of your digital signage display. 

Resolution and Colours

Generally, digital signage displays will be seen from some distance away, especially if you’re viewing them from the road. 

Images shown by digital signage tend to have higher resolution, higher brightness, and higher saturation levels. 

This ensures that the content is clearly displayed and the colours really pop. 

Visibility Time

Great digital signage ads should also be shown at the right times. 

With the help of a content management system and scheduling, you’ll be able to show your digital signage content at the appropriate times. 

Another factor worth noting is visibility time. Ads – especially carousel ads – should be shown for a certain period of time so that viewers can effectively process all the information before the next ad is shown.

 Of course, this would depend on factors like the density of text, or how “busy” the content is.

Visual ads with the right visibility time can score better when it comes to digital signage dwell time

Surrounding Environment

Depending on the type of business that you run, it may make sense to have one large sign instead of multiple smaller signs because it will be easier to update and maintain. 

However, you might also want to do multiple smaller displays throughout your business area. 

When choosing digital signage, you have to consider some more factors like the sunlight intensity, weather conditions and humidity of the location.

Outdoor signage is always prone to wear and tear despite how durable it may be. Plus, if the sun’s glare blocks the content, it makes for a poor investment. 

Make sure you choose a strategic location that takes into account all these factors. 


Roadside digital signage can be very effective when executed properly. More than just selling products, digital signage can also be used to supply the latest updates and important information. 

If you run a business, investing in digital signage is a great way to scale up your marketing campaign. 

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