Projected Capacitive 2.8 - 10.1"

Projected Capacitive Touch Screen 2.8 Inches - 10.1 Inches


REV Interactive 2.8-inch – 10.1-inch small-capacity projected capacitive touch technology is fast and sensitive, and its shape is framed (optional no-border model) to give a professional and generous feeling, completely customized according to customer needs.

Operation Principle

The surface of the capacitive screen is coated with a transparent conductive layer ITO, the voltage is connected to the four corners, and the electric charge is distributed on the surface of the screen to form a uniform electric field. When the screen is touched by the hand, the human body acts as a pole of the coupling capacitor, and the current is collected from the four corners of the screen to form another coupling capacitor. The pole, the controller calculates the relative distance of the current to the touch position to obtain the coordinate value at the touch 

Support Customized

REV Interactive provides many custom options, such as: screen size, surface glass thickness, double-sided conductive glass functional film thickness and coating materials and surface glass processing technology.

Complete Solution

REV Interactive 2.8-inch – 10.1-inch small-size projected capacitive screen adopts IIC interface to select various IC solutions to match various motherboards according to customer requirements, providing a complete solution from touch screen, controller, IC solution company Seamless docking is available. So whether you are deploying any system we can help you reduce development and on-line costs. 

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