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LED Display Screen Types – Commercial & Transparent

Digital signage is gaining popularity in many industries, including retail, healthcare, hospitality, transport, and marketing. 

The technology is multifunctional and can fit various business needs. Are you looking for a dynamic digital signage solution? 

We will look at various commercial and transparent LED display screen types and their business applications.

What is an LED Display Screen?

An LED display screen is a display that uses light-emitting diode technology to create a visual.  They differ from conventional displays that use cathode fluorescent lamps. 

The LED display screen is superior in video image quality, which is why people embrace them. 

Digital devices utilize the technology on screen and can fit different sizes. It includes laptop displays, PC monitors, tablets, TVs, and smartphones. 

Besides its use for displaying content, users can interact with the screens. Depending on your needs and where you want to install them, they are customizable. 

You can also join several LED screens to create a large, seamless image.

LED digital displays.
LED digital displays.

Types of LED Screens

Businesses can commercialize modern digital signage and benefit from the technology that can fit indoor and outdoor environments. They can display several media types like text, video, and pictures. LED screens have numerous uses, and we can categorize them into two main groups:

1. Commercial LED display screens

2. Transparent LED display screens.

Commercial LED Display Screen

The commercial LED display screen produces light from electric energy. 

You can use the technology for prolonged periods without heating, and it will power up as soon as you put it on. 

They are more durable as the bulbs do not burn quickly. On the contrary, other types of display screens utilize heat energy and would get hot. 

Besides LED displays being energy efficient, they have high-quality output. 

The brightness levels make LED modules easily visible in spaces with lots of light. Regardless of a room’s lighting, they can fit any indoor setting.

On the other hand, outdoor LED display screen services can assist companies in switching to modern digital signage solutions and advertising tools. Below are the types of commercial LED displays in the market.

1.   Indoor LED Displays

LED displays are versatile for indoor advertising. Retailers can appeal to customers using creative visuals and generate more profits. 

It is a valuable investment as you can display information to people visiting your business premise. 

Displaying your logo and colours helps with brand awareness in a mall. Still, you can upload lots of content and change them from a centralized platform to suit your target. 

It can help sales by displaying the products and offering descriptions to buyers. An indoor LED display screen has attractive visuals. 

Combined with 3D advertising, you stand a better chance of generating leads by bringing curious people into your establishment. 

In turn, it will increase sales and profits for your business.

2. Portable LED Display Screen

Portable digital signage is slim and foldable. It consists of a large LED display screen and a detachable stand. 

You can carry them wherever you want. The type of commercial displays are ideal for events and when looking for a temporary advertising tool. 

A portable LED screen is versatile and can perform different functions in an indoor or outdoor setting. 

Installation is simple and does not require special skills or too many people.  Corporations can utilize them to create a brand impression everywhere they are. 

Professionals use them for presentations or sharing educative videos using a walkthrough display. 

Digital signage is engaging to an audience and is effective in showcasing your products or services. 

They can fit different kinds of projects while supporting promotions and marketing campaigns.  

3. Outdoor LED displays

These are outdoor digital signage with enhanced features for its use.  The LED displays are brighter than the indoor LED screens to make them visible in the sunlight. 

They are common in public spaces, stadiums, and events. Its vivid display enables people to see what is on display. 

Still, they are extensive, and audiences can view the content from a distance.  Businesses can market products and services using the signage in open spaces to reach a broad audience. 

Small enterprises can improve their brand awareness using the outdoor LED display screen Malaysia service. 

They can make people aware of their brand and tell their story through customer targeting. 

The system is remotely accessible using the content management system. You can change the content and troubleshoot the hardware without going to the location.

4. Foldable LED Display

LED displays are customizable to fit different house designs. The foldable designs are thin and easily portable. 

Although they are extensive displays, you can fold them when storing or carrying them to another location. 

They are versatile in ìts applications. You can hang them in halls or place them in the venue temporarily. 

Businesses can use the foldable LED display in any space they choose. It can help attract customers and share promotional information. 

They can fit an indoor or outdoor environment and are an excellent investment. With creativity, you can create the right content to increase business sales and profitability.

5.   Curved LED Display screen

Curved LED screen is making displays more versatile. They provide numerous design options, as you can use them around corners. 

You can use curved screens or combine them with straight screens to extend video wall displays around curved surfaces.  The digital signage Malaysia developer can customize the screens to fit your idea. 

They are common in large spaces like museums and malls for advertising purposes.  It makes content more exciting and captivating to the audience with high-definition visuals. 

Curved LED displays offer a wider viewing angle and are visible from any corner of a room.

Transparent LED Screen Display  

The transparent LED display screen utilizes glass that you can see through. They are suitable for a range of environments. 

However, you will need to protect it from external factors that may damage the screen when using it outdoors. 

Its unique features make it popular in the advertising sector. They require enough space to install and do not consume a lot of electricity. 

You can change the content in real-time using an inbuilt digital signage software Malaysia that is cost-effective. 

The glass in transparent LED modules can achieve a transparency rate of 60%. 

1. Conventional Transparent LED Display Screen

It is the type with the highest transparency and the most popular in the market. 

Conventional designs would have a glass screen and aluminum frames. 

The raw materials are bulkier than other transparent display screens but are cheaper. However, conventional displays can either be front shine or side shine. 

The latter’s design does not have many cross beams and will cost more than the alternative. 

Conventional LED screens showcase various media types and allow people to see what is happening on the other side. 

It attracts shoppers into stores and enhances their experience in the process.

2. Adhesive Transparent LED Display Screen

Besides an adhesive transparent LED screen using clear glass, they are thin and lightweight compared to conventional ones. 

You do not need to redesign the room to accommodate the display because you can hang them in any space. 

They can stick to surfaces; it isn’t easy to distinguish the screens if you install them against glass windows or doors. 

They are sleek with a beautiful appearance that will improve a place’s aesthetics. LED displays are energy efficient and are easily visible in areas with lots of light. 

Franchises use digital signage to capture the attention of people passing by and attract them to their stores.

3. LED Glass Display

You can transform a glass display by integrating an LED screen. An LED glass display is stylish and an advertising tool. 

It shows bright images on its surfaces while enabling the viewer to see the other side. 

You can customize the components to suit the type of display you want. It is flexible and you can set the dimensions to fit into a small or extensive room. 

The display will create a lasting impression on its viewers. Businesses can utilize engaging content to give them a fantastic experience. 

The visual is seamless, providing uninterrupted images.

Applications of Commercial and Transparent LED Display Screens

Commercial LED Display Screens

Advertising and Promotions

Enterprises use commercial LED displays on the exterior of their windows. 

The objective is to advertise their products or services and promote their business by sharing marketing materials with people in the street. 

Its transparent hardware does not obstruct those inside s building from seeing what is happening outside. Their bright graphics are visible from afar and can capture the attention of faraway individuals. Still, they aid in customizing a building to reflect a brand.

Commercial digital displays in a sports arena.
Commercial digital displays in a sports arena.

Information Display

Video wall displays in strategic locations display information to a target audience. LED screens have an inbuilt media player which can play video, pictures, and text.

Still, it has a customizable template for information sharing and can manage content remotely with a cloud-based system.

Decorative Solutions

LED displays offer comprehensive digital solutions to franchises and can be decorative in large spaces. 

Malls will place them as a centerpiece in the extensive buildings. Besides decorating the place, they will perform other functions like advertising and communicating with the public. 

LED display is attractive, and you can alter the information it showcases to make them interesting.

Transparent LED Display Screen

Large Shopping Malls

Malls use digital signage in the entrances and high-traffic places to appeal to visitors. LED display screens produce bright light that attracts people. 

They produce high-quality output and have a more significant impact than traditional options like billboards. 

Transparent designs can help with advertising, information sharing, and wayfinding. 

They integrate into the windows and doors, eliminating the need to alter a building’s architectural design.

Transparent display screen. Source: Chenske
Transparent display screen. Source: Chenske

Retail Glass Showcase

A transparent LED Display can help with product showcasing. Showrooms are adopting technology to support their sales and marketing strategies. 

The displays enable entities to share information about the product they are showcasing and allow potential buyers to view the actual item in the background. 

Retail glass showcases can help with product launches and give the audience a unique experience.

Science and Technology Museum

Exhibitions and educational programs are enjoyable if you present with museum digital signage solutions.  The technology will engage people more by investing in transparent LED screens. 

They use them to share information about the items they are showcasing.  Digital illustrations and background information on the artifacts will help learners understand better. 

Still, the displays make it easy for them to retain what they learn during their visit to the museum.  

Final Word

Rev Interactive provides digital solutions to all enterprises.  You can trust the company as it complies with Malaysian authorities’ regulations and is a leading service provider across the globe. 

Utilize the insights in this reading to choose the best displays in the market, and contact Rev Interactive for a consultation today!

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