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Future of Technology: Reasons Why You Should Invest in Digital Signage Solutions

Although digital signage is ubiquitous, not everyone understands what it is. Could you define the phrase if someone asked you to?

You’ve probably seen it dozens of times, possibly even daily, but you’ve never recognized it as “digital signage.”

So, what exactly is it?

Digital signage refers to an electronic sign used to communicate information to audiences and customers. This form of advertising appears on projection screens, LCD screens or LED screens.

Visual content that is shown on these screens are meant to provide information, educate the public and spark interest.  

Digital signage has a wide range of applications and can be utilized at a variety of customer touchpoints.

Signage encompasses far more than just the hardware. The roles, functions, and technological capabilities of today’s digital signage must all be considered.

Many businesses are hesitant to use digital signage because they believe it is too costly. However, technological advancements have reduced the cost of digital signage solutions such as huge LED video walls, making them affordable to a wide range of organizations. 

Businesses can now use digital signage for a variety of purposes, including marketing, morale, and navigation.

With the different types of digital signage, you can communicate your message in a way that is vibrant, personalized, and fascinating.

Consider digital signage if you’re looking for a means to jump-start your marketing campaigns, energize your workforce, or stand out in any place.

Digital signage is more powerful than ever, and the appropriate sign has the potential to transform a business’s inside and exterior.

These indications are proving to be extremely beneficial to several companies. Take a look at how digital signage is being used in some of the most intriguing industries.

These industries include the radio and TV stations, restaurants, retails, banks, health care facilities, schools, the entertainment industry (concerts and events), military, municipalities, and religious organizations.

In this article, we explore the future of technology on the digital signage solution.

What is digital signage? What is its effectiveness and contribution in the world of technology. What about the reasons why you should invest in digital signage solutions?

Join us as we answer these questions and any others that may arise.

Digital signage entails electronic sign display of information to the audience. Source: Pinterest

How Effective is Digital Signage?

The impact of traditional, static signs is diminishing, while the use and efficacy of digital signage are increasing. When implemented correctly, digital signage can help breathe fresh life into a commercial setting.

Based on the research, digital signage utilized in public places has a larger audience, with up to 10% of Americans aged 12 and up seeing the content, compared to 41% on Facebook and 43% on the internet.

Digital signage, thanks to cutting-edge technology, can capture consumers’ attention and provide messages that will improve their overall experience and relationship with a company.

Digital signage, interestingly, has a 47.7% effectiveness on brand awareness, and digital displays receive 400% more views than static displays.

Large stocks, cheap prices, and highly skilled employees are no longer sufficient when it comes to providing an exceptional customer experience.

The obvious option is to use technology. Even though there are other technology-driven solutions to choose from, none can match the popularity and efficacy of digital signage.

In 2020, the worldwide digital signage industry was estimated to be worth USD 21.49 billion.

From 2021 to 2028, it is predicted to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.5 percent.

The market’s expansion can be attributed to the growing demand for digitized product and service promotion to successfully grab the attention of the target audience.

Effective multitouch digital signage table walls in use. Source: Newatlas

 Digital Signage Compared to Static Displays?

Technology advances at a breakneck speed. In almost every vertical, these breakthroughs are aggressively going towards the digital realm.

While billboards and signage have been around for a long time, digital displays have helped them regain prominence in recent years.

Small and large businesses alike are switching to digital signage as the cost of displays and televisions decreases.

Digital signage solutions provide a lot of advantages over static and traditional print advertising and billboards.

Because they draw more attention to themselves and provide a chance for engagement, digital signage can attract more attention than traditional signage systems.

Static signs will eventually wear out, but with digital signage, new content can be added at any time.

Messages can easily be altered to reflect the time of day or the season.

Outdoor digital signage displays advertising and information in real-time.

You can make the most of your area by displaying a range of messages on a single screen.

Digital signage use is becoming more popular than static signs. Source: Ucview

Reasons You Should Invest in Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage is making a significant impact on the industry. People’s communication styles are rapidly evolving. Not only is it necessary to give consumers information more quickly, but that information must also be more relevant and personalized – helping in promoting and improve business.

In recent years, the widespread adoption of technological advancements has had a significant impact on consumer behavior. Digital continues to grow in importance, and it has become one of the most important factors in consumer purchasing decisions.

We choose to emphasize the reasons you should invest, or rather that have prompted many businesses to engage in digital signage today.

Capitalize on Visual Aspects

One of the benefits of digital signage is that it engages and attracts customers.

Vibrant, high-definition screens automatically draw a customer’s attention, making them a strong tool for creating genuine connections with them.

According to a recent study, 55 percent of people who saw a digital sign or billboard could remember the particular message displayed each time they passed one.

This study used specific ad campaigns and discovered that up to 89 percent of people who passed digital billboards adequately remembered specific messaging from those ads. If you want to make a lasting impression with your message, you should invest in digital signage.

Digital displays attract attention and with digital signage is considerably more exciting and engaging to consumers than earlier forms of display.

People will pay more attention if you employ digital displays to promote a special offer or disseminate information in a patient waiting room.

A visual captivating media display is likely to attract customers attention. Source: Alnwick Castle

Easy to Manage

It’s easy to use digital signage – managing material and adding new content can be done by anyone with minimal to no prior experience.

If you have begun using social networking apps, website connections, travel boards, or anything else that pulls in data from external sources, you’ve already saved half of the effort.

The API automatically updates the content, resulting in a single set-up process and an unlimited stream of real-time, relevant content.

With cloud-based digital signage, all changes can be performed in one system and distributed out to individual screens as needed.

With a single central content management system, it’s conceivable that you’ll have two or more digital signs screens in the future.

This is why, regardless of how many screens you have or where they’re located, having a single central administration system is critical, simple, and easy to use.

Cloud-based digital signage operations can be managed in one system and distributed to different screens.  Source: Landing Page Lunixo

Cost-saving in the Long Run

When you’re running a business, every dime counts. Digital signage is one of the technical instruments that might help you save money.

If you employ digital signage correctly, it offers up a world of possibilities for saving money and winning big by displaying visually stunning content.

To convey a crucial message, while you can go old school and print hundreds of flyers and distribute them, wasting money on paper and time, you can also use office digital signage to accomplish the same thing in a matter of seconds using the screens.

Consider your options and determine how much money you can save by using digital signage.

Because you have complete control over what you show on digital signage, you can now offer a slot for several advertisements. You can also tailor the content to the visitors’ preferences and demographics.

As a result, advertising space becomes considerably more profitable, and your advertising revenue is varied and multiplied.

The ability to change content, unlike billboards, makes it cost-effective to advertise. Source: Digital signage content scheduler

Saves Time

When the time spent on static, paper-produced signs as compared to the time spent on digital content generation, digital content creation always wins.

The digital signage’s fully adjustable material is created using a centralized software control system, and because the business owner is in charge of content creation, we’re talking about pre-made templates here they save money and time!

Another huge time saver is when your software solution provider provides endless marketing templates with drag-and-drop choices, and all you have to do is modify some text and enter in the information of a certain sale.

You can also schedule your promotional materials to any in-store digital screen once they’ve been generated.

You can make your schedule as simple or as complicated as you want. On one screen, ads can rotate while on another, they can remain static.

Digital signage saves time; no need to physically change advertisement display content. Source:  Digital Signage Made easy-Narrowcasting

Targeted Advertisements

The beauty of digital signage marketing is that you can adjust your brand messaging on the fly and generate unique interactive communications for each customer you want to sign up with.

You can also schedule communications depending on each target audience member’s individual preferences using the information you have about them.

The information you gather during the target audience identification phase is critical to creating relevant and effective tailored content.

Content that speaks directly to your audience’s sensibility and preferences is referred to as targeted audience

. Your brand messaging will be viewed by the right people at the right time thanks to strategically placed and timed content.

If a competitor surprises you with a special offer, you have the option to match or compete with them right away.

Another benefit is the option to split test and fine-tune your message before launching it throughout the country.

Job advert for job seekers. Source: Signage

Interactive, Interactive, Interactive

Digital signage is considerably more exciting and engaging to consumers than earlier forms of display.

A touchscreen solutions is one of the most frequent ways to make digital signage interactive.

Because touchscreens are so common nowadays, it’s a safe pick for engagement, as there aren’t many hurdles to most people simply strolling up and participating with the installation.

Smart Touch solutions is frequently used to allow viewers to navigate information on a screen or alter onscreen items.

Gesture control is similar to touch, but with more style and less precision.

People can come up to the sign and wave their hands in the air, with cameras connected to the installation recording the types and speed of the gestures and generating matching onscreen reactions.

Though developments in gesture control may see it become more popular in the future, this isn’t a particularly frequent kind of interactivity in the digital signage space.

Multitouch interactive digital signage experience. Source: Flickr

Creative Liberties

The interactive solution can be customized to fit a variety of corporate goals and market segments.

By investing in digital signage, the company saves time and money, maintains client attention, and promotes customer happiness, and loyalty all of which leads to increased sales.

They also assist customers in making better decisions by providing enough information for them to have a better notion of what they desire.

As a result, the speed of the entire purchase experience improves because personnel spend less time describing product features to clients, and wait time decreases.

Pictogram images can convey interactive information. Source:  GPB Pictogram

Enhanced Communication

Interactivity and two-way communication are also possible with digital signage. Employees might, for example, nominate colleagues for awards or make suggestions to boost productivity. This feedback might subsequently be incorporated into the displays as content.

It’s easy to turn smart signage into a one-way communication tool, but doing so misses out on an important chance for employees to interact with and improve the material.

Employees could, for example, share photos from corporate or family occasions with the rest of the firm. They might also offer smart or humorous proverbs to help folks get through the Monday blues.

The display of images and quotes is an easy medium of communication. Source: Digital signage

Digital Signage Solutions in Malaysia

A digital signage solution consists of several components, ranging from hardware to software, all of which work together to provide the best possible performance from a digital sign.

Video/entertainment, directional/informational, and audio/visual content are the three types of content that are typically exhibited on a screen.

These three applications can — and frequently do — overlap and they are the most prevalent ways that businesses and organizations employ digital signage in their daily operations.

Smart signage uses LED lights, LCD screens, or plasma displays to target customers with dynamic textual and graphic messages. It also features a computer component, or player, that decodes and displays content for the signage on the screen. 

The ultra-wide display format of the Ultra Stretched LCD Display is both revolutionary and eye-catching.

It comes in a range of sizes and aspect ratios. Content such as digital photos, video, streaming media, and information are delivered and displayed by a digital signage system.

In the content management system, the visible content is filed and the schedule information is modified – where the contents are then reproduced and updated according to the schedule chosen for each player.

REV Interactive is a prominent global developer of Multi-Touch solutions, offering ground-breaking hardware and software that will eliminate the need for a keyboard or mouse in future computer applications.

The company’s primary technological focus is on creating the next generation of natural user interface solutions that are widely used in the computer industry.

The required degree of investment is the primary emphasis of ROI. There is an optimal degree of investment in each asset for a specific business unit at a given period in time that helps maximize earnings.

This type of cost-benefit analysis aids managers in determining the rate of return that may be expected from various investment ideas.

In terms of profitability and asset usage, ROI aids in comparisons between different business divisions.

It can be used for inter-firm comparisons if the companies whose results are compared are of similar size and in the same industry.

The return on investment (ROI) is a useful metric since it can be easily compared to the associated cost of capital when deciding which investment possibilities to pursue.

LCD plays an important role in conveying of information. Source: Focus Display


If you’re seeking new and simple ways to engage with your customers, digital signage may undoubtedly assist.

As technology advances, investing in interactive digital signages can have a significant impact on your customers’ purchasing decisions. Contact us in Rev Interactive for affordable digital signage solutions and we will make it happen.

Interactive digital signage is a fantastic marketing tool that allows you to connect with your target audience on a deeper level.

It is one of the most useful tools for you, your employees, and your customers because it can be updated in real-time with crucial information.

Frequently Asked Questions on Reason Why You Should Invest in Digital Signage Solution

What is The Purpose of Digital Signage?

The main purpose of digital signage is to communicate effectively. It’s an interactive portal that lets businesses speak with customers directly and engage them while they’re in the vicinity of the display.

How Does Digital Signage Work?

Electronically controlled signage uses LED lights, LCD screens, or plasma displays to target customers with dynamic textual and graphic messages. It also features a computer component, or player, that decodes and displays content for the signage on the screen. 

How Do You Implement Digital Signage Solutions

There are 5 steps to implementing digital signage: assess your goals, imagine how you will use the system, write a project plan, install and test, and finally, update.

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