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How Digital Signage Improves Your Business? 12 Ways Digital Signage Promotes Your Brand

Have you ever come across screens displaying images and videos? Then, you already have an idea of what digital signage is.

Technological advancements are increasing, forcing entrepreneurs to adapt to the new ways of conducting business or risk losing their businesses. 

Digital signage is an electric sign that showcases information; usually, video or images, to the target audience using projection screens, LCD, or LED technology, to convey specific information. 

It is an innovation that has gained popularity over the years, spreading to all regions of the world.

Its popularity comes from its effects on businesses like high customer retention rate and ability to reach a broader audience; hence, more companies invest.

Clients are interacting with a multi-touch video wall. Source: Rev Interactive

Business That Can Benefit From Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage can be applied in any business to improve its revenues; however, the effects of this technology are felt more in the following industries.


Access to fast high-quality healthcare is a fundamental right for every citizen. Incorporating digital signage helps distract patients creating a perception of decreased waiting time.

Patients use digital signage for wayfinding to the correct rooms like emergency rooms, cafeterias, etc.

In healthcare facilities, you may become restless due to the long waiting time.

Therefore, digital signage like the digital information kiosk in waiting rooms and entrances facilitates faster services since patients can fill the required information in these kiosks and get needed information.

Digital signage as an information source in the hospital


Visualization of products in the automotive industry is the key to attracting more serious buyers.

Showcasing the new set of wheels in action for your potential customers may encourage them to place an order.

In the waiting area, car dealers can display their services and new products on digital menu boards so that clients can easily access this information whenever they visit their premises.

Video wall advertising also comes in handy, especially during launching or trade shows, since it will put you ahead of your competitors.

Showcase your new set of wheels on interactive digital signage.


The hospitality industry is always looking for new ways of enhancing guests’ experiences.

The rise of digital signage has made it possible for this to happen since different hotels integrate this technology into their lobbies and entranceways to guide guests in the correct direction.

Setting digital signage at the check-in area reduces crowding, mainly when the hotel hosts conferences, as the guests will book their preferred rooms quicker.

Also, installing a glass interactive smart display system in your entryways captivates customers increasing retention rates.

You can Integrate digital signage in the hospitality industry.


The first thing that runs through your mind when entering a restaurant is the food they offer. You expect the best services and a diverse menu that is inclusive of anyone’s preferences.

Restaurant owners use digital menu boards to ensure that they consider all these elements.

When designing the bar area or dining area, customize the space to fit well with digital screens that will showcase all the delicacies you are offering to have an easy time deciding what to eat/drink. 

Usage of digital menu board in a restaurant.


Visual decor like ‘video wall advertising’ showcases messages/available products, enticing customers to purchase more products.

Retailers need to utilize technology, for instance, digital information kiosks on customer service desks, by inputting content about the store and products. 

You can also include digital signage on the checkout line to reduce the waiting time while paying; this also encourages customers to come again since the services are faster.

For retail shops, incorporating digital signage technology impacts sales and the store’s review.

Retailers use smart digital signage to showcase discounted prices.

12 Ways Digital Signage Helps Your Business

Digital signage promotes businesses into another level of displaying. Here’s 12 ways on how to use smart digital signage to promote your business and increase your brand marketing.

1. Attention-grabbing Displays

There is no better way of attracting customers than visual techniques. Using digital signage instead of the traditional ones lures people easily to your retail store, booth, screen display and more.

Regardless of their age, your customers will retain the displayed information longer, and they tend to revisit your store for the experience they got previously.

To level up your retail display, you need to be creative in setting up the screens to maximize their effect on clients. Additionally, ensure the content displayed on the screens will grab customers’ attention and impact them, making your customers loyal to you. 

Promote your business with attention-grabbing smart displays in a busy street

2. Improve Recall or Retention

To increase your customer retention rate, make sure that your business has the wow factor.

You can achieve this by installing high-quality digital signage at your premises on entryways, waiting rooms, checkout lines, or outside for luring passers-by. 

You can display images, animations, videos, newsfeeds, etc., with very high resolution to capture visitors’ attention from the young to the old. Showcasing details on screens as videos or images promotes recall meaning that your customers might return if they need other products in your store.

3. Instantaneous Promotion and Sales

Versatility is among the significant and most crucial digital signage features used as a promotional tool in business.

Any updates are featured on the LED screens or any other digital signage tool, informing and enticing your target audience to place orders immediately. 

You can also display product promotions and discounts, rapidly increasing sales since people will flood at your store to buy the discounted products.

It generates buzz, bringing in more customers who will feel welcomed by the digital signage’s ambiance. Aggressive retailers who utilize these technologies in their stores enjoy all the benefits of digital signage.

Promote your products and services instantly with digital signage. Source: Creative Market

4. Effective Customer Outreach

Engaging with customers is the primary purpose of digitizing your business since aspects like returns, sales, customer satisfaction, and brand image will improve. All required information regarding your products and brand will reach every customer effectively because they will be exposed to it whenever they visit your facility.

Also, connecting your social media accounts to your signage might help a great deal in reaching more customers. You can gain more followers on social media by displaying your social media comments about your products, stimulating your clients’ curiosity.

5. Boost Awareness

Launching new products is usually an uphill task with no guarantees of success. Employing various methods to ensure that the product sales meet the expected outcome is vital in any business, especially for startups or small businesses that need every penny to profit. 

The utilization of digital signage technologies like the multi-touch video wall or interactive glass displays promote engagement from consumers; in the process, they become aware of your product and how it works.

6. Increases Sales and Revenues

Every brand aims at making profits in their business, with increase sales is the only way of growing revenues.

In recent years, digitalizing businesses are trending, and no one wants to be left behind.

Digital signage is very alluring; hence, more consumers will be attracted to your products, increasing sales and revenues. 

There is several data available on digital marketing. The statistics show that it boosts revenues and customer experience by a considerable margin than traditional, promoting brands.

Increasing sales with digital signage automatically increases revenue. Source: Digital Signage Press

7. Synchronize Multi-Location Signs

Companies with many facilities in various locations have been going through a hard time when it comes to updating advertisements or even when rebranding. The time needed to do changes on these locations required a lot of money and labor.

Everything is made more accessible from rebranding, launching, product promotion, and customer outreach with digital solutions. Marketers only need to consult an expert on digital signage software who will do all the necessary updates by synchronizing devices from these locations.

8. Collect Data

Unlike the traditional signage where there was no interaction with consumers, digital signage offers a way to input their experiences and what they would prefer on the shelves. This data helps business owners in knowing what to include in their stores for their customers’ satisfaction. 

Besides that, new technology like facial recognition AI is being integrated into digital signages to collect data to enhance the content. The data is collected by analyzing customers’ facial expressions for retailers to understand them more and know how to market products more effectively.

9. Cost Saving

If you want to reduce expenses on advertisements and display, digital signage is the way to go. The initial cost of purchasing and setting up might be a bit high, but the maintenance cost will significantly reduce due to its durability. 

Indoor displays can last for very many years since there is no exposure to the harsh weather, saving you a lot of money in the long run. With digital signage, the only updates required are software updates that are not often; furthermore, the more updated the software, the more revenues it will bring since it will be more enticing.

10. Company Visibility & Brand Image

Making your company visible is not an easy feat, especially for start-ups; however, with new technology coming up daily, businesses can market themselves better, promoting visibility. Digital signage is one way of promoting your brand to your target audience by displaying your latest items and services on high-resolution screens.

It also comes in handy when building your brand image; digital signage creates an ambiance that will be the talk of the town, promoting and making your brand popular. When using digital signage, always make sure that it is high quality to promote your brand even more.

11. Improved Digital Connectivity

We live in a digital world where everyone is on social media, meaning marketing your business digitally will increase your sales even more. You can connect your digital signage with your social media so that any updates made on your signage will also update on social media. 

Using this technique improves connectivity with your employees and customers; hence information is effectively communicated. 

12. Reduced Waiting Time

Digital signages help reduce waiting time by allowing consumers to pre-order before reaching the counter, meaning they will have more time to decide what to buy, reducing crowding at the checkout line. 

Moreover,  you can use signages to save time by going to the correct room for services.

Reasons For Switching To Digital Signage Solution for Your Business.

Digital solutions are the way to go for brands if you want to stay on top of the game. Finding the right digital signage supplier contributes to your company’s success.

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