Facial Analysis Solutions For Targeted Marketing

Face recognition is useful as a means of detecting and identifying an individual, but it is also an excellent tool for learning more about your customers.

With facial analysis technology it is possible to classify individuals based on their physical appearance and then use that information for interactive, targeted marketing.

Our facial marketing solution extracts individual’s characteristics such as age range, gender, ethnicity, use of glasses, and facial expression.

This technology yields excellent performance with frontal or almost frontal faces.

iMarketing provides enormous added value to advertising systems, by assessing the segmentation of the target audience. This way, advertisements are projected to the actual targets of a campaign.


  • Smart Glass Display or any white color wall;
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) recognition functionality that can instantly statistically count the number of people on the scene, gender, age, emotions, expression, and show the designated product advertisement according to the needs of the scene.
  • One touch finger point screen positioning display function, touch the screen with finger to display the specified product advertisement.
  • Global positioning connection, unity system that allow global connection, simultaneous display of the same designated advertisement.
  • Display file (including: text, jpeg image file, powerpoint, video clip, 360 degree file)
  • No one passing by the glass, the glass will revert back to normal glass state; if someone is passing by in front of the glass, the glass will pop up the window according to the specific display effect, including QR code promotion and display products.


  • Market research: Continuous acquisition of customer statistics
  • Targeting customers
  • Intelligent advertising
  • Adaptation of content to the audience

Technical Data

Type of IdentificationFacial, contactless, on the move and at a distance
Video Capture ResolutionUHD
Facial Resolution (Width)Minimum of 24 pixels interocular distance (IOD)
Facial RotationOptimum up to 30°, both horizontal and vertical

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