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Entertainment Digital Signage – Cinemas, Karaoke & Sports!

Digital signage is becoming more versatile with its increased applications. 

Companies offering entertainment services are utilizing the technology in many entertainment venues. 

Retailtainment, which combines entertainment with digital signage, is essential for creating a unique customer experience and brand awareness. 

Some popular signages in the sector are interactive kiosks, smart video walls, and mounted signage. 

Read to learn about sports and entertainment digital signage!

Digital Signage at a casino. Source: Spinetix USA
Digital Signage at a casino. Source: Spinetix USA

Advantages of Entertainment Digital Signage

Businesses in the entertainment industry can monetize digital signage and benefit from their investments. 

Here are the advantages of integrating the technology into their operations.

1. Modern and Sophisticated

Digital signage is more advanced than traditional signs. It uses modern and sophisticated components that give businesses an edge over rivals. 

Entertainment digital signage is customizable to reflect a brand, as you can personalize them to maintain consistency with the company colors. 

It makes it easy for clients to associate the content with your company. 

Statistics show that entertainment businesses using the technology will enhance their brand awareness by nearly 50%

The content management system offers a centralized method for accessing all signage content. 

It aids with digital signage real time content management for multiple displays or locations and changes what to display remotely.

Modern digital displays. Source: TechRadar
Modern digital displays. Source: TechRadar

2. Attracts More People

Unlike other marketing tools like posters and flyers, digital signage content can reach more people. 

The technology is superior and more attractive to audiences than the alternatives. 

Digital displays support different types of content, including video, images, and audio. 

Its application as digital signage for bars/restaurants aids with customer targeting or digital signage for stadiums. 

They have vivid displays with high-quality images that make people curious. 

It is easier to capture and retain a person’s attention when displaying promotional video content than using text.

At the same time, companies can attract more customers through message saturation. 

The strategy entails sharing many advertising messages with the public. 

With the technology, you can choose what content to display at an entertainment venue and when to do it.

3. Elevates Interactivity and Engagement

Interactive entertainment digital signage for events enhances the user experience. It allows self-service while saving time and money on the processes. 

Customers can get relevant information about an event using an interactive kiosk. 

Besides giving the schedule, the signage assists guests with wayfinding, contains a directory, and is an effective communication tool at entertainment venues.

Multi-touch screens are essential in retailtainment. An interactive smart video wall captures attention and turns it into engagement.

Interactive technology. Source: LinkedIn
Interactive technology. Source: LinkedIn

4. Easy Operation for Customers

In the modern world, customers prefer to decide what to purchase based on the information they get. 

Interactive kiosks serve the purpose as clients can learn more about products or services. 

However, it would be impossible to achieve the objectives of users who found it challenging to use them. 

On the contrary, digital signage design does not require the person to have a strong background in IT skills to operate. 

Interactive kiosks at entertainment venues or movie theatres are very similar to smartphones. 

The interface is friendly to the user and is easy to navigate through the pages. 

In turn, customers will spend more time on the digital signage and increase the chances of converting into sales.

5. Increased Efficiency of Information Delivery

Digital signage is more efficient than other marketing tools in delivering information to a large audience. 

They are versatile and can use them in various environments, like shopping mall signage, theme parks, trade shows, and concert halls. 

A digital signage system is a versatile marketing tool. It would be best to choose suitable hardware for indoor or outdoor applications. 

Still, entertainment digital signage solutions are more visible to the public and stand out among other marketing tools like banners. 

Smart video walls’ visual appeal will significantly impact the audience. 

Also, you can alter the information on digital displays in real-time, depending on the target audience and time. 

These attributes make digital signage screens more efficient in information delivery.

Digital display at a sports venue. Source: SNA Displays
Digital display at a sports venue. Source: SNA Displays

6. Cost Reduction

Businesses can reduce operating costs in their marketing endeavours by investing in entertainment digital signage. 

Although it may seem expensive due to the initial money you spend, it will be affordable in the long run. 

The move will eliminate the need for businesses like movie theatres to print media to showcase upcoming events. 

A digital signage system for enterprises can aid customer targeting in marketing campaigns. Besides the printing costs, it reduces expenses on the workforce. 

Unlike banners, You will not need to hire personnel to take down the components when you want to change what to display.

7. Real Time Broadcasts

Digital signage solutions are revolutionising the entertainment venues and sporting scene. 

They ensure people at a sports arena or concert can get a clear view of what is happening. 

It helps fans in sporting events have a closer look at the action or in entertainment events to see their favourite artist. 

Screens can show different angles of the happenings or even replays to give the audience a better experience. 

In addition, some extend to other areas other than the arena, field, and stage. It enables fans to follow the event even when away from their seat to get snacks or go to the restroom.  

Digital Signage for stadiums. Source: KuuSoft Corp
Digital Signage for stadiums. Source: KuuSoft Corp

On the other hand, digital signages support sharing of relevant information effortlessly through live broadcasting. 

They can also help with brand awareness during such events. 

Using banners in concerts and stadiums would be hectic and unsustainable. 

Applications of Entertainment Digital Signage

Businesses in the sports and entertainment sectors can grow their enterprise and generate revenue using digital signage. 

Here are some applications of the technology in the industry.

1.  Cinema

Cinemas and movie theatres use digital signage displays as a messaging tool. 

They will mount the displays strategically to inform customers of upcoming movies and other films to look forward to. 

You will find self-service kiosks for ticketing. The interactive signages are engaging and help businesses cut operating costs on staff. 

In addition, digital signage will display foods and drinks available through digital menu boards. Customers can select what they want digitally.

Outdoor digital signage in cinemas. Source: ITS Hawaii
Outdoor digital signage in cinemas. Source: ITS Hawaii    

2. Karaoke

Digital signage can enhance the karaoke experience for customers. 

It is beneficial in choosing the song to sing and will display the lyrics on the large screens. 

The touchscreen is easy to use and will give you access to an extensive music collection. 

At the same time, the interactive devices will have features to rate a person’s performance on the mic.

Interactive Displays.
Interactive Displays.

3. Sports Arena

Sports arenas use digital signage displays for live-action across the venues. 

A person sitting far from the pitch can follow more closely using the screens. The real-time video feeds will accommodate the audience and will show replays. 

Still, you can find the digital displays in other sections around the arena to ensure you do not miss anything. It is helpful when away from the pitchside to other areas like food stands.

Modern digital displays in sports arenas. Source: Digital Sport
Modern digital displays in sports arenas. Source: Digital Sport

4. Bars

Digital signage can improve the entertainment in bars and pubs. 

Apart from streaming sports events live, it can assist with broadcasting video in real-time for live music played. 

Still, they can enhance the experience with interactive games and hosting trivia nights or posting quizzes for fun.

Digital Signage in Bars. Source: Bar & Restaurant
Digital Signage in Bars. Source: Bar & Restaurant

Rev Interactive as Your Trusted Service Provider

You can revolutionise your entertainment business by investing in technology to support various operations. 

Rev Interactive provides multi-touch and interactive digital devices customizable to fit into small or large enterprises. 

Choosing a leading service provider is critical to get value for your money. 

In addition, you get professionals to help you integrate the systems into your business and train your personnel on the best practices. 

Rev Interactive will have digital solutions depending on your business needs. 

The company focuses on developing functional applications that enhance the user experience.

Final Word

Every business seeks to gain a competitive advantage over rivals. 

Rev Interactive has the hardware and software required to help you get ahead in your industry. 

Consider the benefits of investing in an entertainment digital signage solution and contact us for more info!

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