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Elevator Digital Signage Screens for Efficient Communication 

What is Elevator Digital Signage? 

Elevator digital signage refers to electronic displays that are becoming increasingly common in elevator cabins. These modern displays deliver marketing messages and other information to a target audience. 

Elevators see a lot of human traffic, and businesses can use digital signage to leverage this. Businesses can use these screens to market their products and services.

Any digital signage system has four major components: a screen, media player, content management system, and content. 

Elevator digital signage can be found in corporate buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, arcades, and residential places.

Elevator digital signage. Source: Pinterest
Elevator digital signage. Source: Pinterest

There are two types of elevator digital signage: inside the elevator cabin and outside in the hallways. Their purposes may differ slightly depending on the location of installation. 

Digital elevator screens can be integrated with the elevator system or mounted. 

Benefits of Using Elevator Digital Signage 

Technology is rapidly changing, and the future is now! Modern-day digital signage screens have evolved and are more advanced than they were even a few years ago. 

They are more efficient because they capture attention better and allow you to deliver messages suited to your target audience. Elevator digital signage software Malaysia solutions are transformative and worth the installation. 

Here are some benefits of investing in elevator digital signage.

Digital display in an elevator hallway. Source: Pinterest
Digital display in an elevator hallway. Source: Pinterest

1. Active Engagement 

Many people feel awkward standing in an elevator with strangers, and having something to look at helps diffuse the awkwardness.  

Plus, digital signage improves businesses if you place them in building elevators. 

It gets the audience’s full attention, making them effective options for businesses to create brand awareness or market their products and services. 

Since elevator users are normally standing in the cabin passively, marketers can leverage this time window by displaying engaging content. Their eyes would naturally be drawn to the screen, and this helps with information retention. 

Integrating digital signage displays in a space with high traffic, like residential or corporate building elevators can give brands tons of exposure.  

2. Better Internal Communication 

Digital signage for internal communication helps you share information within a particular building or vicinity.

It streamlines information sharing, enhances employee collaboration, and increases productivity. 

Although you will find other communication tools in the business environment, elevator digital signage screens offer a more widespread approach. 

Digital signage is versatile, and that means the same screens you’re installing in the boardrooms can be mounted in the elevator.

Companies can use them to communicate more quickly with employees within the building. Aside from that, they can display brand messaging, showcase updates in the company’s portfolio, or stream the news.

Elevator digital signage may be particularly useful during an emergency or a lockdown situation in which instructions and updates can be displayed.

Previously, organizations used noticeboards and PA system announcements for internal communication, but digital signage displays have taken over. 

They are simply better at gaining attention and require less effort on the viewer’s part. The convenience of being able to switch content easily has also made it a go-to tool for communication.

Elevator screens displaying events. Source: Pinterest
Elevator screens displaying events. Source: Pinterest 

3. Creating Ambiance 

You can transform the atmosphere of a building elevator by creating an ambiance with digital signage. You can connect speakers to the digital signage and display videos or images. 

Corporate buildings can create a calming environment by playing relaxing music throughout the elevator ride. 

When creating elevator digital signage, select the right colours for your display content as colour can influence mood. For instance, soft shades make a person feel good and can positively impact their productivity. 

4. Wayfinding 

Elevator digital displays can help visitors find their way around a building. 

People can interact with signage thanks to multi-touch technology.

If the interactive signage doubles as a digital signage directory, visitors can easily find their way around. They will never get off on the wrong floor!

The digital signage wayfinding tool eliminates the hassle of finding offices or store locations manually. Elevator digital screens can help you navigate a huge building, saving time and resources. 

Apart from that, elevator digital signage can display traffic updates so that building visitors can plan their journeys home.

Interactive elevator displays. Source: Pinterest
Interactive elevator displays. Source: Pinterest

5. Sustainable Advertising 

Customer targeting helps businesses generate leads that are likely to convert into sales. Digital elevator signage can enhance these marketing strategies and is a sustainable advertising tool. 

Elevator displays are practical digital signage advertising tools because they are affordable over the long term. It costs much less funds and resources to switch ads in an elevator.

Traditionally, elevator signage meant retrieving paper notices or flyers from the mounted noticeboard.

Now, the content management software helps store ad content, and no printing is involved at all. 

6. Real-Time Updating 

Elevator digital displays are easy to update and can switch content in real-time to suit your objectives. It can provide information like weather updates, safety or health risks, and emergencies to building occupants.

This might be referred to as digital signage real time content and it’s what makes digital elevator screens efficient communication tools.

Updating content can be done quickly and remotely, and this feature helps with day-to-day practices or emergency situations.

Thanks to the versatility of its functions, you can even personalize the experience by displaying congratulatory messages to employees who have gotten a promotion or welcoming new employees on a first-name basis. 

Types of Content to Show on Elevator Digital Signage 

Here are some key types of content to consider displaying once you’ve installed your elevator digital signage

1. Rotating Ads 

Businesses can display multiple ads in a rotating or carousel fashion.

For example, in a shopping mall elevator, you often see rotating ads of businesses within the building. This shopping mall signage helps retail outlets and eateries gain reach. 

In addition, rotational ads are ideal for launching products and showing limited promotional offers.

Make sure the rotating ads are relevant and location-specific as that will garner the most benefits.

Using the content management software, you can change the rotating ads frequently as you need to. It’s a quick and easy way to circulate ad content.

Advertising mockup near an escalator.
Advertising mockup near an escalator.

2. Location Relevant Offers 

Companies can boost brand awareness by promoting their stores on the elevator digital signage in their building. 

Retail digital signage can direct people to a shop and help new customers find them easily. Again, this is a particularly useful part of shopping mall digital signage.

If it’s a corporate building, companies can highlight cafes nearby or interesting events that employees might be interested in.

When elevator users learn of these offers, they may be tempted to visit or attend since they’re already within the vicinity. This can positively impact conversions.

3. Digital Directories 

Finding your way into a building for the first time is easier if you can access a digital signage directory. A digital directory would contain information about the building layout and its amenities.

Locating an office or meeting room will be easier for visitors using digital guides on the screens. The interactive displays incorporate touch technology and can work as mounted digital kiosks. 

Some versions can integrate with smartphone users, giving them a handheld wayfinding device at the scan of a QR code.  

All this can be integrated with elevator digital signage. 

A digital directory in a mall. Source: Pinterest
A digital directory in a mall. Source: Pinterest

4. Operating Hours 

Enterprises with offices at large business hubs can share vital information about their operating hours.  

For example, a hospital may have numerous doctors. Digital screens in the elevator can display their personal clinic hours. The information is helpful for people coming in and out of the building. 

Since operating hours can change abruptly, digital displays are effective as you can update the data in real-time.

5. Real-time News, Weather, Stock Prices 

Elevator digital signage can show various types of content. Displaying news and headlines, for instance, will engage people as they move through the building. 

Worldwide news is a constant subject of interest, and this is a great way to make sure that the time spent in the elevator is productive.

Weather updates can also be streamed so that building visitors can plan transportation routes. They may want to take alternative routes during adverse weather conditions. 

Businesses can also display real-time data on stock prices, keeping employees fully informed on economic trends.

REV Interactive as Your Trusted Service Provider 

Rev Interactive provides the next generation of technology to all kinds of businesses.  We have digital signage solutions which are customizable to suit their environment. 

Our company is a global leader in innovative products, and our products give enterprises a competitive advantage.  Selecting a reputable supplier when you want to implement digital signage for the first time is vital. 

Rev Interactive has a versatile team of professionals to help you identify the proper digital signage software and hardware for your business needs. 

Our experts will help with the system integration to make it a success. 

Rev Interactive displays.
Rev Interactive displays.

Final Word 

Digital displays are evolving, and their applications are increasing daily. 

Rev Interactive can provide you with elevator digital signage whether you’re looking to mount a screen in the cabin or in the hallway. 

Our representatives can assess your business needs and recommend the best options, so come get your quotation today.

Contact Rev Interactive to explore your digital signage options or learn about digital signage software Malaysia!

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