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8 Benefits of Digital Signage for Franchises

Enterprises can enhance marketing efforts by using digital display signage. 

Utilizing digital kiosks, smart TVs, video walls, and LED signage gives a competitive advantage over rivals. They are versatile with many applications. 

McDonalds and Starbucks are examples of franchises benefiting from the technology. 

We will look at the benefits of digital signage for franchises and how these modern signages elevate businesses as a whole.

Benefits of Digital Signage for Franchises

Investing in modern digital signage software and hardware is advantageous to businesses regardless of their industry. 

Although it involves spending a significant amount of money, there are returns on the investments. Here are some key benefits.

1. Centralized Content Management 

Digital signage’s media player can display videos, text, or pictures. Also, stream social media feeds, show live events, communicate messages to the audience, and help with wayfinding in a mall. 

Franchises can share varying content depending on the target audience and the objectives.

 Previously you had to invest in different software to create a design and print. On the contrary, digital signage solutions offer centralized content management that integrates all the features into one platform. 

Enterprises can create content in-house with the inbuilt and manage the media they share from a single platform.

Outdoor digital displays.
Outdoor digital displays.

2. Branding Consistency

Digital signage improves business with brand awareness. Visuals ensure franchises be consistent with their brand image. 

Posters and videos shared on digital signages in strategic locations on the business premises or in public spaces make people aware of a brand. 

The screens can display the company logo and colours, positively impacting the audience. 

You can customize templates or develop digital menu boards from the inbuilt design app and share them with all stores for consistency.

3. Scalability

Franchises must enhance marketing campaigns when the industry evolves and the market grows. 

Digital is scalable to adapt to the changing environment. Businesses can start with one screen and integrate multiple displays to extend the digital signage’s reach. 

There is no limit to the number of screens you combine; additional hardware will operate from the same content management system. 

Cloud-based applications can help digital signage real time content management in various locations from a central server but require the internet to operate. 

Scaling up the digital signage across all stores a business runs is more affordable than if it were traditional signs.

Scale up and manage digital signage with cloud-based CMS. Source: Startup Guys.

4. Versatility

Digital signage has a wide array of applications and can fit the needs of franchises regardless of their industry. 

Retail stores use it to display products and increase sales. 

Restaurants showcase their dishes on digital menu boards, while healthcare facilities mainly use them for brand awareness and wayfinding. 

Financial institutions integrate interactive kiosks for self-service and improve customer service. 

Government offices use displays to communicate messages and guide visitors on the procedures. 

Any business can implement retail digital signage to promote its products and services or for internal communication.

Wayfinding signage in hallways.
Wayfinding signage in hallways.

5. Cost Effective

Digital signage can seem costly due to its initial investment, but it is cost-effective in the long run. 

Print media is more expensive due to its recurring costs. They are usable for a single event. 

You will need to print new material if you want to change the message on display or the content becomes irrelevant. 

Digital signage display helps franchises avert the costs as they can create new content and share in real-time. 

There will be no expenses on labour to pull down outdated marketing messages or install new materials. 

Digital signage Malaysia service will charge installation costs, but you will incur minimal costs later.

6. Conserves Resources

Besides an enterprise’s marketing and communication, investing in a sustainable digital signage solution is essential. 

Reducing the paper used for communication or sharing information within and outside the organization helps with environmental conservation. 

Franchises save resources by eliminating the need for printing materials with static signages. 

Reduction in paper usage within a business will help save trees. It helps with water conservation as paper production uses much of the resources. 

Also, LED digital signage technology is energy efficient and reduces carbon emissions contributing to climate change. 

Digital signs not only conserve resources; they cut the associated costs. 

Franchises will improve their profits through sales while doing their part in making the world a better place for future generations.

Digital displays at a shopping mall.
Digital displays at a shopping mall.

7. Multifunctional

The versatility of digital signage design goes beyond its applications in various industries. 

They are multifunctional and can help businesses achieve several objectives at once. 

A franchise can use them for digital signage advertising and marketing campaigns by sharing advertising materials with an audience. 

Besides promoting a business, it can help with brand awareness by displaying the company logo and visuals telling their story. 

Enterprises can change them to communication tools or display social media feeds to visitors. 

Shopping mall signage aids clients in finding stores in large buildings and eases navigation through wayfinding. 

Interactive displays ensure customer engagement and improve service delivery.

Digital screens in a clothing store.
Digital screens in a clothing store.

8. Remote Monitoring

Businesses do not have to send personnel to the locations they installed digital signages to change content or determine if they are functioning. 

A cloud-based system can help remotely monitor the digital content and hardware. 

Technicians can troubleshoot to find problems with the digital signage network. 

They can fix software problems or send someone to the physical location to fix hardware if a problem arises. 

At the same time, you can manage content for entertainment digital signage remotely. 

This includes deleting outdated media and uploading new ones to share. 

All the operations are possible using a centralized content management system.

REV Interactive as Your Trusted Service Provider

Technology changes every day, and modern signages have unique features.  REV Interactive is a leading digital signage software Malaysia service provider. 

The company focuses on digital signage interactive display, geo-intelligence, broadcasting, gaming, product presentation, collaboration, education, and defense. 

They can help franchises implement cutting-edge technology and have a competitive edge over rival firms. Businesses can invest in state-of-the-art equipment for marketing campaigns, communication, and process automation. 

With a client-based approach, Rev Interactive will guide you in implementing digital signage strategies and provide support throughout the process. 

The services are critical in ensuring the system you install functions as intended and helping you get the best outcome.  Their interactive devices have powerful tools and provide the best solution to numerous digital needs. 

Below are some examples of local franchises’ applications of REV Interactive digital signage in their respective industries.

1. Digital Signage in CHI Fitness, Sunway Velocity

Gym and fitness centers can benefit from investing in digital signage solutions. 

Digital screens in CHI Fitness Velocity help attract and retain clients. 

They aid in advertising their services, showing upcoming events, streaming social feeds, and sharing relevant information with facility visitors. 

In addition, digital signage can display workout videos to help with the training sessions. 

It eases the workload for instructors and makes their work more manageable during peak hours. Customers can check daily schedules and available classes for better planning.

2. Digital Signage at BaWangChaJi

The business at BaWangChaJi, Sunway Pyramid, uses digital signage to build its brand and business. 

Customers always want to know how a product or subscribing to a service benefits them. 

LED display screens can help with advertising and sharing information with customers. Still, it makes people aware of a business and its solutions to their needs. 

Creative content for the brand awareness initiative will be engaging to the audience. 

You can share marketing messages, customer feedback, and social media feeds on digital screens. 

It will positively impact the audience and influence them to consider your offer. Digital displays can showcase products and services.

3. Transparent LED Screen at Leather Avenue

You can check out one of the trending LED display technology products at Leather Avenue in Lalaport. 

The front screens are transparent and give a view of the shop from the outside. 

It displays advertisements and promotions to the public while attracting potential customers to the shop. 

Digital screens can play videos and display images or text. They assist with brand awareness and influence the audience to become loyal customers. 

In turn, it increases sales and profitability. Besides sharing information about the company, transparent LED screens double as decorative elements. 

It enhances the aesthetics of the Leather Avenue shop, making it more attractive inside and out.

4. Multi-Touch Interactive Ultra Slim Standee in Amway

Interactive signages support a business’s activities and enhance the customers’ experience. 

The multi-touch interactive ultra slim standee in Amway is an example. Clients can interact with the digital signage at the shop to get the best shopping experience. 

It utilizes a touch screen that allows users to access self-service and engage with the company. 

The multi-touch interactive ultra slim standee does not take up lots of space. It does not require additional staff to assist people in handling it. 

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for people to navigate the contents and reduces the time it takes for customers to get assistance.

Final Word

Franchises that invest in digital signage benefit immensely from it. 

However, picking a reputable service provider is critical to comply with industry standards and getting the best results. 

Rev Interactive has a digital signage solution for each business process. You can share your idea, and the company representatives will make it a reality. Contact us now!

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