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7 Ways To Boost Digital Signage Advertising Efforts by Maximizing Dwell Time

We have come a long way from the traditional modes of marketing, where most of the advertising was always on hard paper. 

This is what you call static signage, and it has been replaced by digital signage advertising. 

As technology improves across all sectors in the digital age, one of the biggest beneficiaries of this development has been marketing strategy. 

Many businesses these days can compete against each other on an equal footing, all thanks to digital signage advertising and other related marketing techniques. 

A digital signage display showing a promotion. Source: ScreenCloud
A digital signage display showing a promotion. Source: ScreenCloud

Unlike static signs, digital signage offers more flexible options and unlimited possibilities at half the price.

We are going to look at how you can boost digital signage advertising by maximizing dual times using the ideal content management system

We will also explore what digital signage dwell time is, why it is always short and how businesses can maximize this to boost sales. 

So read this to the end to find out how you can invest in digital signage the right way.

What Is Digital Signage Dwell Time?

The purpose of advertising is to get the potential customer’s attention for as long as possible. 

The longer an individual looks at an advertisement, the higher the likelihood of developing an interest enough to purchase the item or partake in the service being showcased. 

This is called dwell time.

Digital signage advertising may have changed how businesses interact with customers through advertisements, but there’s a danger of losing the messaging due to people’s low attention span.

On average, people will only devote between 1.5 – 4.6 seconds of their time to look at any media displayed on a digital signage advertising platform. 

This is not a lot of time and definitely not enough for anyone to make an informed decision about a product or a service.

For this reason, retail stores must create a digital signage content marketing campaign aimed at increasing dwell times to boost interactivity.

A colorful digital signage is hard to ignore. Source: leadership-and-motivation-training

Why Is Digital Signage Dwell Time so Short?

The next issue we will explore is why digital signage dwell times are very short.  As we have already mentioned, the attention span among people is getting smaller and smaller as more distractions increase in their lives.

While technology continues to improve digital marketing, the same technology provides many avenues of information for people, and this has begun to counter the benefits of using digital signage advertising software.

People are bombarded by too much information these days, especially from the display screens on their phones and surroundings.

This makes it hard for anyone to focus on a single item. Common distractions include phone notifications from emails, carousel ads, social media ads, and so forth.

This leaves very little time for checking out the surroundings, and in the event that someone happens to notice digital signage advertising screens, they never read everything in detail. 

Most just skim through it so that they can go back to what they were doing. The need for instant gratification combined with fractured focus makes it very hard for digital signage software to be effective because the intended target market is not getting the message.

Public digital signage ads. Source: Dekom

How to Maximize Digital Signage Dwell Time

A business can employ a number of clever strategies to maximize digital signage advertising by increasing dwell time. 

Some of the most effective ones include the following.

Making the most of digital signage dwell time is vital. Source: Oseltech

1. Use Engaging Advertising Content

Nobody has time for boring content or information presented in many words. Every business needs to understand that potential clients are always on the move when they see digital signage advertising around them, making it hard for them to stop and consume what is being displayed.

If you want to make an impression that will be good enough to make someone pause to look at what you’re presenting, then ensure the content you use is attractive, engaging, and very entertaining. 

Use the right colors, fonts and keep things short, precise, and straight to the point.

Engaging content is what keeps people hooked. Source: Wavetec

2. Use Videos

Videos are easier to notice than text or images. The reason is simple; videos can incorporate all the elements needed to convey a product or service message when used with the right digital signage software. 

Advertisers can combine music text and other graphical elements and wrap things up with a good jingle. 

You need to use every tool available in your arsenal to give potential customers a reason to stop and consider your digital signage advertising for a moment.

Video advertising is more effective. Source: SVConline

3. Integrate with Smart Touch Solution

Integrating touch screen capabilities to digital signage advertising software will go a long way in increasing the dual time. 

The principle here is very simple: when clients have to switch from their phones to interactive digital signage with digital screens, then they will most likely take the time to read the ads a little longer than they would have if they were busy with something else. 

Every digital signage advertising network needs smart touch hardware with interactive touch screens.

An interactive touchscreen increases dwell times. Source:
An interactive touchscreen increases dwell times. Source:

4. Make use of CTAs

Call To Action is a very useful strategy for advertisers. It is a way of making digital signage advertising act as a guide for the consumers. 

A good retail digital signage advertising network will use CTAs to ensure that users know the steps they need to take next. 

Examples of Call To Action include things like “Get your free trial!” or something direct like “Sign up now.”

CTAs offer a direct guide to consumers. Source: Omnially

5. Use Strategic Location

Setting up a digital signage advertising screen on a high-speed highway will not be as effective as strategically placing it in an area where foot traffic is massive, and people are forced to move slowly. 

A strategic location is essential when it comes to improving dwell times. 

Therefore, every company and advertisers need to ensure that the digital signages and screens are appropriately placed in multiple locations where someone can take the time to check out what is being displayed.

It’s all about strategic location. Source: Broadsign

6. Get the Timing Right

Running an important company ad during rush hour is not a good idea. You cannot expect a lot of engagement when you display important digital signage advertising network ads in the morning when people are rushing to work.

At that time, no one has the time to look at a digital ad as they are in a hurry. Therefore always display your ads at appropriate times.

Timing is key in maximizing dwell times. Source: pasoroblesdailynews

7. Use the Right Hardware

A lot of digital signage advertising material relies on an electronic media player run by a special operating system for displays. 

Therefore, as a company, you need to choose the right digital signage advertising network hardware that will get the attention of potential clients for a much longer time.

For instance, you should invest in a huge digital advertising screen with remote device management that can display content in its true colors and produce high-quality sound. 

These attributes hold unique advantages that can make the given audience stop in the tracks for a few seconds to check out what is being showcased on the screens.

Getting the right digital signage hardware like a hi-res digital display signage is important.

Using the right screens can help you capture attention. Source: Allsee Tech

How to Make Eye-catching Digital Signage Displays and Screens

So how do you make engaging digital signage advertising network ads that will make someone stop for a few seconds and take note of everything displayed on the digital screens? 

The following are some digital signs pointers that every business owner should try.

Offer Value

Digital signage advertising networks and companies need to create content that offers value to new audiences; otherwise, they will have no reason to spend the available time trying to figure out precisely what is being conveyed. 

Every advertising network should take the time to craft the best advertisement with precise information that adds value. Avoid showing the same advertising content.

Interactive Marketing Content

The advertising content and graphics displayed on the touch screen should be interactive, something that clients can relate to when they look at, pushing them to purchase an item.

Interactive content builds curiosity in customers, and if they find what you’re trying to convey on the digital signs, display screens, and live TV attractive enough, they will give you a call. 

Small businesses and other companies need to come up with dynamic content and graphics. Taking advantage of the immersive experience that an interactive kiosk ad brings is how you grow a business through creative means.

Interactivity boosts customer engagement. Source: MyTechDecisions
Interactivity boosts customer engagement. Source: MyTechDecisions


Nobody has the time to squint their eyes on smaller screens trying to make out the text on your digital signage displays. 

If you choose to use text and creative graphics on your digital posters, ensure they are legible enough from a long distance away when displayed on media players. 

The last thing you’d want is clients making guesses since they cannot make out exactly the message displayed on your digital sign. 

Get the biggest hardware with the right processing power for the best results. 

Big digital signage screens can reach more people.
Big digital signage screens can reach more people.

Motion and Video Content

As we mentioned earlier, digital signage advertising networks and companies stand a better chance of grabbing the attention of clients by using video content on HD screens that incorporates a lot of motion than static material on a menu board. 

When coming up with ad content for capturing consumer attention, ensure there’s more video and sound than static graphical materials.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing using digital signage for retail is where companies use information that people can relate to on a very personal level. 

People spend more time checking out a screen ad if they feel close to a brand when the messaging in the advertisement appears to be targeting them on an individual level. 

Therefore, find ways to personalize every display signage and screen you have to boost your chances of increasing dwell times.

Quality Control

You should never put out stale information when dealing with any digital signage solution. 

Always update your advertising content daily as new information comes in. The audience may not have the time to look at the products and services your company displays in mall screens or bus stops. 

But they are sharp enough to notice an error in the message more than they would notice the product or service is your advertising.

Final Word

Increasing the dwell time when dealing with digital signage screens will go a long way in boosting the chances of your business nabbing a new audience and retaining old ones by using informative content. 

If you happen to be running an enterprise that needs to improve digital signage content, please contact Rev Interactive

We are digital signage and smart solutions providers and will be more than happy to address all your questions and concerns to the best of our abilities.

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