All-In-1 Smart Board

About All-In-One Smart Board

REV Interactive – All-In-One Smart Board is a smart conference device. It integrates many technologies such as high-definition display, human-computer interaction, multimedia information processing and network transmission, making it easy to write on the conference machine. Annotation, synchronous interaction, multimedia, remote video conferencing,etc., greatly improve communication efficiency in applications such as conferences, presentations, industry command, deployment, etc., and are the preferred solutions for office, teaching,and graphic interactive presentations.

What is All-In-One Smart Board

Multifunctional integration,time-saving and labor-saving,efficient office, let you experience smart meeting.

Integrates the functions of computer,large-screen TV, audio, screen, projection, whiteboard and advertising machine set-top box to simplify the conference.

Smart whiteboard,experience smooth and delicate writing, capacitive 10-touch panel, 0.04s quick response, 1.0mm high-precision writing can quickly write annotations,erase and other operations.

Support PC/Android/Apple multi-device one-key screen projection, support reverse control of large screens, and support four-party screen projection at the same time, making the operation more flexible.

Video conferencing, remote assistance to break space restrictions, remote screen projection, writing synchronization, screen sharing to complete every meeting decision anytime, anywhere.

Product Features

  • Smart Whiteboard ±1mm for fine writing
  • 4K picture quality, ultra-clear display 
  • Stable wireless projection         
  • Multiple presentations:Word,Excel,PDF,PPT
  • Sensitive capacitive 10-point Touch Screen           
  • Conference dual systems
  • Ultra-thin body,extremely narrow side 30mm
  • Diverse applications,effective office
  • Fully fit design,one-piece molding           
  • Hard core configuration

Product Appearance

  1. Aluminum alloy frame,sandblasted and anodized on the surface,iron case back cover,active heat dissipation;
  2. 4mm physical toughened anti-riot glass to enhance the visual effect and enhance the touch experience;
  3. Use international standard OPS slot,integrated plug-in design,easy to upgrade and maintain,there is no visible connection line of computer module outside,and the body is beautiful;
  4. Speaker output front,sidebar gesture menu, front button one-key start,can open and close the screen and the host at the same time,the operation is simple and convenient.

Screen And Host Configuration

4K (3840*2160) picture quality,ultra-high-definition premium original screen,delicate display,true reproduction of every detail.The tempered glass and the screen are fully fitted design,glass hardness is 7H,so the screen can be scratched,writing as you want,and using it more at ease.

Hard core configuration,Motherboard: i5 4200U,optional i3/i7,Main chipset:Haswell-U,Broadwell-U high-speed chipset,CPU: CoreB series, RAM: DDR_8G,Storage:SSD 128G,enjoy dual system experience.Support optional OPS computer module to achieve dual systems,freely switch to use Android 8.0 and Windows 10,compatible with more software applications.OPS configuration is flexible,optional OPS computer module,Win 7/Win 10 plug and play,can be upgraded or customized according to needs.

Product Installation

REV All-In-1 Smart Board is optional wall-mounted bracket, horizontal base, removable bracket for installation and use.

Standard Configuration

Specification and Download

Model: GT-TC-a650CMH
Dimensions(mm): 1487.8×893×81.7MM
Touch Technology: Capacitive
Touch Points: 10 Points
Useful Screen Area (mm): 1428(H) x 803(V)
Data Download:  Download

Model: GT-TC-750CMH
Dimensions(mm): 1709.4 x 1021.9 x 81.9MM
Touch Technology: Capacitive
Touch Points: 10 Points
Useful Screen Area (mm): 1648(H) x 926.2(V)
Data Download: Download

Model: GT-TC-850CMH
Dimensions(mm): 1956 x 1164.8 x 81.9 MM
Touch Technology: Capacitive
Touch Points: 10 Points
Useful Screen Area (mm): 1870.8(H) x 1051.5(V)
Data Download: Download

Model: GT-TC-860CMH
Dimensions(mm): 1956 x 1164.8 x 81.9 MM
Touch Technology: Capacitive
Touch Points: 10 Points
Useful Screen Area (mm): 1892(H) x 1064(V)
Data Download: Download




Touch TechnologyTouch Points

Useful screen area(mm)

Data Download




Capacitive10 Points

1428(H) x803(V)





Capacitive10 Points

1648(H) x926.2(V)




1956×1164.8×81.9 MM

Capacitive10 Points

1870.8(H) x1051.5(V)




1956×1164.8×81.9 MM

Capacitive10 Points

1892(H) x1064(V)


Technical Parameter

Product name: All-In-1 Smart Board
Size: 65″, 75″, 85″, 86″
Model: GT-TC-650CMH, GT-TC-750CMH, GT-TC-850CMH, GT-TC-860CMH
Exterior: Shell Material
Dimensions(mm): 65″:1487.8×893×81.7MM, 75″:1709.4×1021.9×81.9MM, 85″:1956×1164.8×81.9 MM, 86″:1956×1164.8×81.9 MM

Screen Type: 65″,75″,85″,86″ diagonal,16:9,Active matrix TFT LCD
Useful Screen Area(mm): 65″: 1428(H) x803(V), 75″: 1648(H) x926.2(V), 85″: 1870.8(H) x1051.5(V), 86″: 1870.8(H) x1051.5(V)
Resolution: 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz
Brightness (Typical): 350cd/m2
Contrast Ratio: 1400:01:00
Colors: 8 bit/16.7 Million
Viewing Angle (from center): Horizontal (left/right): 89/89°, or 178° in total; Vertical (up/down): 89/89°, or 178° in total

Touch Type: Capacitive touch screen
Touch Points: 10
Touch Drive Mode: HID Free Drive
Touch Screen Glass: 4MM tempered glass
Touch Screen Sensing Method: Finger pad or capacitive pen
Touch Screen Positioning Resolution: 4096 x 4096
Touch System Communication Port: USB 2.0
Detection Function and Calibration: With Software utomatic detection function
Responding Speed: <20ms
Touch Accuracy: ≦±1mm
Operating System: Support Win 7/8/10; Linux; android
Service life: Theory unlimited
Anti-external light test: Full angle resistance to ambient light

Motherboard: I5 4200U
Main Chipset: Haswell-U, Broadwell-U high-speed chipset
CPU: Core series
Storage: SSD:128G
Graphics Card: Core display Intel® HD5500
Network Card: Integrated 10/100/1000M bpsEthernet
USB 3.0: 2
USB 2.0: 2
MIC: 1
WIFI: Scalable2.4G/5G, 150/300Mbps
Bluetooth: Scalable
MIC: 1

Model: DZ-8386PVCI-C0TA-V5.1
System Version: Android8.0
Processor: MSD848(8386)
Configuration: Memory 3G DDR3, storage 32G WIFI2.4GHZ +5G (5G projection hotspot)
Input Port: RJ45*1 (side) HDMI*2 (side) TOUCH USB*1 (side) VGA*1 (side) VGA AUDIO IN*1 (side) YPBPR*1 (side) AV*1 (side) TV*1 (side)
Output Port: SPDIF*1 (side) Earphone*1 (bottom)
Audio: MPEG1/2 layer I/II, AC-3 (customization required), AAC-Lc, WMA
Video: MPEG-2/4,AVS,H.264,H.265,TS,Realmedia
Sound Output Power: 10W+10W
Number of Speakers: 2

Front: USB3.0 (PC USB) front, USB2.0 (full channel shared USB) front
Underside: HDMI IN bottom, TOUCH USB bottom, TYPE-C (USB2.0 protocol) bottom

Voltage Range: AC 110~240V-50/60HZ
Power Consumption: About 200W
Standby Power Consumption: ≦0.5W

Operating Temperature: -10°C – 55°C
Working Humidity: 10% – 90%RH, No condensation
Storage Temperature: -20℃-60℃
Storage Humidity: 10% – 90%RH, No condensation

Product NameConference All-in-one Machine Whiteboard
ExteriorShell materialAluminum alloy frame,black
Dimensions(mm)65″:1487.8×893×81.7MM,75″:1709.4×1021.9×81.9MM,85″:1956×1164.8×81.9 MM,86″:1956×1164.8×81.9 MM
LCD DescriptionScreen type65″,75″,85″,86″ diagonal,16:9,Active matrix TFT LCD
Useful screen area(mm)65″:1428(H) x803(V),75″:1648(H) x926.2(V),85″:1870.8(H) x1051.5(V),86″:1870.8(H) x1051.5(V)
Resolution3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz
Brightness (typical)350cd/m2
Contrast ratio1400:01:00
Colors8 bit/16.7 Million
Viewing angle (from center)Horizontal (left/right): 89/89°, or 178° in total; Vertical (up/down): 89/89°, or 178° in total
Capacitance touch screen parametersTouch typeCapacitive touch screen
Touch points10
Touch drive modeHID free drive
Touch screen glass4MM tempered glass
Touch screen sensing methodFinger pad or capacitive pen
Touch screen positioning resolution4096X4096
Touch system communication portUSB 2.0
Detection function and calibrationWith software automatic detection function
Responding speed<20ms
Touch accuracy≦±1mm
Operating systemSupport Win 7/8/10; Linux; android
Service lifeTheory unlimited
Anti-external light testFull angle resistance to ambient light
Computer host configurationMotherboardI5 4200U
Main chipsetHaswell-U, Broadwell-U high-speed chipset
CPUCore series
Graphics cardCore display Intel® HD5500
Network cardIntegrated 10/100/1000M bpsEthernet
USB 3.02
USB 2.02
VGA output1
Standard motherboardModelDZ-8386PVCI-C0TA-V5.1
System versionAndroid8.0
ConfigurationMemory 3G DDR3, storage 32G WIFI2.4GHZ +5G (5G projection hotspot)
Input portRJ45*1 (side) HDMI*2 (side) TOUCH USB*1 (side) VGA*1 (side) VGA AUDIO IN*1 (side) YPBPR*1 (side) AV*1 (side) TV*1 (side)
Output portSPDIF*1 (side) Earphone*1 (bottom)
AudioMPEG1/2 layer I/II, AC-3 (customization required), AAC-Lc, WMA
Sound output power10W+10W
Number of speakers2
Front interfaceFrontUSB3.0 (PC USB) front, USB2.0 (full channel shared USB) front
UndersideHDMI IN bottom, TOUCH USB bottom, TYPE-C (USB2.0 protocol) bottom
Power supplyVoltage rangeAC 110~240V-50/60HZ
Power consumptionAbout 200W
Standby power consumption≦0.5W
SurroundingsOperating temperature-10°C – 55°C
Working humidity10% – 90%RH, No condensation
Storage temperature-20℃-60℃
Storage humidity10% – 90%RH, No condensation


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