Adhesive Transparent Crystal LED Film

About Adhesive Transparent Crystal LED Film

The revolutionized strategic outdoor advertising, replacing static billboards one sign at a time. With dynamic digital advertisements, it captivates audiences like never before, offering engagement that static billboards simply cannot match. Embrace the future of advertising brilliance and elevate your messaging with this cutting-edge technology!

What is Adhesive Transparent Crystal LED Film

Adhesive Transparent Crystal LED Film is a revolutionary technology used in digital displays and advertising. It is a thin, transparent film with embedded LED lights that can adhere directly to various surfaces, turning them into dynamic and captivating digital screens. The film allows for crystal-clear visuals and seamless adhesion, making it ideal for creating eye-catching displays on windows, glass walls, or any other smooth surface.

This innovative product has the ability to transform static environments into interactive and engaging experiences. It enables businesses to showcase captivating content, promotions, or brand messages, enhancing customer engagement and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Adhesive Transparent Crystal LED Film is a game-changer in the world of advertising, offering new possibilities for creative marketing and elevating the impact of visual communication. Its versatility, clarity, and ease of installation make it a powerful tool for businesses looking to embrace the future of advertising technology.

Benefits of Adhesive Transparent Crystal LED Film

Light & Thin

Flexible for seamless integration into any environment, enabling creative installations in tight spaces or unconventional settings.

Colorful & Transparent

The structure is extremely simple, the permeability is high, does not affect the glass curtain wall lighting, and the permeability is as high as 90%.

Easy Installation

Easy to install, directly attached to the glass surface. Thus, installation requires no additional steel structure, effectively reduce installation cost.

Flexible & Versatile

It can be bent and cut, no size limitations, can customize design according to project requirement.

Big Viewing Angle

The 140 Degrees viewing angle ensures excellent visibility from wide angles, captivating a larger audience and maximizing the impact of your advertising messages.

Application of Adhesive Transparent Crystal LED Film

Building Facade

Shopping Malls & Retails

Stairs & Elevators

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